what am i doing here?


when i should be working? saying a quick hello. hello!



hey guys! i’ve had guests for a few days so it’s been beyond hectic. in those four days everyone’s changed their travel plans!




trying to book this trip has kept me on my toes to say the least.



at first the search was for a 4 bedroom, then 3


truth is i was worried more about the other people’s accommodations than my own!


so now i’m the one without a home in paris yet. how typical is that. i’m like the cobbler cliché.


well these are a couple of contenders but it’s still up in the air. with april in paris still so popular, i’ll probably still have to switch apartments. that part i don’t mind.


i don’t mind any of it, the search, the book research, the pics! but it is cutting it close and i do have the rest of my life to live.


oooh i get weak over turquoise as you know!


these are some more of the apartments we’re going to shoot for the book.


this is the one i’ll most likely get, god willing:



don’t ask me why but i love this room. i’ll get linens at the flea.


this wonderful site is one i’ve recommended over the years on my shopping page. they’re going to be selling the apartments so i’m not sure how much longer this will be up.


going through the pics tonight reminded me how beautiful this place is.





well, i just wanted to check in and share some pretty pics of my cyber excursions.

the days are passing quickly so it’s back to work on itineraries, the sample chapter, arranging the girl project and countless other chores on my self imposed to do list including finding something to wear!

if you’re free to kick back and surf, have a great night and happy sunday!

April 5, 2009. Bedrooms, Paris Apartments, Paris Hotels, Paris Trip, Photography, Press, Projects, Real Estate.


  1. YSLGuy replied:

    I love the first one with the little cafe table on the balcony. What an amazing place for tea and scones or croissants in the morning.


  2. a. replied:

    Great pics as always. Can’t wait to get my hands on some linens!


  3. theparisapartment replied:

    can’t you just imagine us there YSL? it’s the simple life at it’s finest :)
    i wish you were going!
    oh and alyssa, the linens, the linens!!!!


  4. Nadine Bouler replied:

    One of the happiest places of my life was a balcony with a view of the Sorbonne. Though I love those interiors, it’s all about the balcony. I’ve just told my husband that for my milestone birthday (I’ve got another nine years) I want a month in Paris. A girl’s gotta dream, no? ’til then, I’ll live vicariously through your pics. Thanks. Nadine


  5. Revisionista replied:

    oooo la la ~~ so wish i was going to paris. i had an unforgettable trip there last may. so glad i can pop onto your site to get a paris infusion. the apartments are lovely!


  6. theparisapartment replied:

    absolument, nadine, i dream about it all the time :)
    i know it’s a lot harder to do it when you have a hub and kids tho…
    and revisionista there’s gonna be a lot of infusions coming up so i’m glad you’re checking in!


  7. Isa replied:

    Claudia, I want to go with you! WOWSAS so beautiful!
    Absolutely dreamy.
    Happy Sunday busy girl!
    xo Isa


  8. Things That Inspire replied:

    What beautiful pictures, they look like the ideal places to stay in Paris. I love the ones that are all creams and golds with French doors opening onto little balconies.


  9. theparisapartment replied:

    isa, your latest post is magnificent! i have to grab a photo and share it with the gang.
    and tti, isn’t it amazing what the french windows and doors do to the room?


  10. Erin replied:

    Oh, my heart just beats with delight at these visions of Paris! I’m planning a trip to Europe some time in the next few years… renting a Paris apartment is on the top of my list, I think! :)


  11. Bonnie replied:

    Oh I like the ones with balcony’s too! They are all pretty and special.
    I just noticed the two little ads on the side, Paris Hotel Boutique and French Blue. The flashing pics are wonderful. That’s an excellent way of displaying an ad. Wow… Paris, and this time you won’t have to rush back in the middle of the trip. You must be so excited!!!!! Im excited for you! :)


  12. gatherings home replied:

    I have been reading and lusting over all the beautiful pictures Claudia! You never, ever disappoint. I so wish life were easier and I could just drop everything and go too! It may not be my turn this time, but I know it will be…someday. Have a beautiful, worry free time. For now I will enjoy Paris thru your eyes!



  13. zelda replied:

    whouaa french have test !! I’m now in Damas in Syria trying to find an appartement !! yak! you have no idea how ugly dirty testless depressing and EXPENSIVE the chiken box they call appartments are ! … have a frenshy-lovly-stay >!


  14. Karen Otto replied:

    The spaces you show are tres magnifiques, P.P., but when will you show the truly IMPORTANT things…. you know, like Napoleons, Crepes, Macaroons, Fromage trays heaping with the most fabulous smelly cheeses…. You know what they say, mon amie… A girl cannot sleep well on an empty stomach (or without great shoes in her closet…but that’s another post, non?)


  15. Vitania replied:

    Mmmm.. just lovely. Especially images 3-7. The bright open windows and french doors are fantastic. I can almost feel the breeze..


  16. theparisapartment replied:

    hey guys! zelda, you have to show us pictures! i’m sure you could make any place beautiful tho! erin, i think apartments are so the way to go over hotels. bonnie, i’m glad you like the ad cause you said you didn’t like too much stuff on a page and i listened!
    gatherings, nothing would make me happier than if you were coming. next time in august and sept :)
    as for you karen, that reminds me, i have nothing to wear! and definitely don’t have shoes i’d lose sleep over. Yet!


  17. Ivory Pearl Interiors replied:

    I love the yellow and white canopy!


  18. {this is glamorous} replied:

    These are beautiful! Love the balconies and the incredibly dreamy first bedroom.


  19. renee finberg replied:

    whining……….i wanna go.


  20. The Red Velvet Shoe replied:

    You could give me a pillow and I would gladly sleep in the closet of any of the above~~oh to be in Paris! You are so very, very fortunate, Claudia!! The light is so beautiful there, so elegant. . .



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  22. Carolyn replied:

    I´ve seen the paradise on your pics, it´s the most beutiful apartment that I´ve never seen……!thank you,i´ve save in my computer for watch again and again:)

    Best to you,


  23. Irene@The Happy Turtle replied:

    oh-my-God! I can’t believe all this beauty! You have captured the Parisian style so well! Thank you.


  24. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    I love all these places for different reasons


  25. Milda replied:



  26. dagmar replied:

    Wow, it is beautiful! Where did you book? Trying to find something with a balcony for september


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