behind closed doors


hi friends, hope your week is going well and that you’re seeing lots of signs of spring.


i’m still at it, searching for the right apartment and also collecting listings for the book.


i have to admit it’s one of my favorite hobbies, looking through these places.


all of these images are from bonapart consulting who’ve been helping me a lot. they have an extremely wide range of places available for rent.


some are so serene and simple


i’m a sucker for turquoise.


and chartreuse! this is one of their less humble listings. the site is a candy store and i can’t get enough. ok that’s enough. just wanted to share these and will keep on truckin’.

have a wonderful night and i’ll be by to visit soon i hope, miss you!


April 2, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Bonnie replied:

    Hi Claudia!
    Those places are so beautiful! How do you even begin to choose? I love the angle on the one with the open door looking into the room with the big mirror. And the pretty green chair in the first one is sumptuous! I hope you are having a relaxing evening… :)


  2. Noel replied:

    Owww Claudia! Put me behind those doors! These are GREAT! I am feeling lots of Spring today.. but your post just made me feel a lot more!
    xoxo – Lil Dew


  3. meg manion silliker replied:

    they are all lovely – how can you lose? your trip sounds wonderful – oh how i long to be one of your clients, searching for antiques in a parisian flea market or trying to find the perfect first edition. such fun.


  4. Judith replied:

    Hi Claudia! Oh, those look incredible! We have the exact same taste when it comes to apartments and fun stuff like that! It makes my heart ache just a little to see the pics and not be able to go :( I’m gearing up for September though! I love your choices and I cannot wait to see what magic you create with this book!


  5. emma replied:

    LOVE the table lamp in photo #5! And I, too, think the turquoise is fabulous, in this setting.


  6. Nicole replied:

    I’m heading back over to Paris in Jan 2010. Your posts make me want leave sooner!!


  7. Vicki Archer replied:

    the last image ….heavenly, xv.


  8. a home far away replied:

    Hi Claudia! I feel happy for you that spring time is near:) after a loooong winter!

    Hugs Gunilla in Singapore


  9. Judith replied:

    Hahah! I just had to share! My husband was looking at these apartments with me just now and he said “they look nice and all but the furniture looks so uncomfortable, I would put a lazyboy in there” Oh my God! I’m so appalled!…MEN! :) I love him for it though!


  10. alyssa replied:

    They are all beautiful images. Any news on an apt?

    I have some info. for you on my research that I will e-mail you today.


  11. YSLGuy replied:

    Great options so far. I absoulutely love the chair in the first picture. I am on the hunt for something similar for my living room.


  12. renee finberg replied:

    i’m dying !!!
    i have the same hobby.


  13. Foley replied:

    Amazing rooms, they are so peaceful. And the tourquoise stairs! Gorgeous!


  14. theparisapartment replied:

    it’s so much fun when you guys enjoy it too. i love to share such a passion for it with you!


  15. Di Overton replied:

    They are all perfect.


  16. Heather replied:

    They look absolutely lovely!


  17. Pamela replied:

    Jeepers. They all look like serious contenders to me! Have fun on the hunt!


  18. Isa replied:

    OoooOoo Claudia – these are all so lovely – how can you possibly just choose one?! Just dreamy! I love that torquoise, too!
    I’d move into any one of them! YUM!
    xo Isa


  19. cheryl chotiner replied:

    The first time I was Paris… I only wanted wanted to know…. What beauty was behind the doors ??? If these photos are any indication ,my Question has been answered


  20. judy Aldridge replied:

    The turquoise stairs place is for rent? OMG–it looks like something out of a fairytale! Move in! Move in!! judy


  21. maureen replied:

    they are all adorable…which one to choose? i love the one with the hardwood floors in a herringbone pattern.thanks for sharing these wonderful spaces!


  22. theparisapartment replied:

    none of these is available! i’m still searching, it’s tough cause there are 4 of us. i’m hoping to have these in the book though!


  23. anna r replied:

    Loved all of your photos especially the bedroom with the chevron wood floor.


  24. Vanya replied:

    Dear Claudia

    Congratulations on your latest adventure, I’m really excited for you. It’s so inspiring to see someone following their dream, well done you.

    I’m actually going to be in Paris for Easter 9th to 13th, if you not to busy, which I’m sure you are, I would love to meet for a pain au chocolat.

    Best wishes



  25. Rebekka replied:

    Those are all SOOO beautiful! I love your blog and book so much. My husband and I are planning to buy a historic loft here in Nashville pretty soon…it’s very old, and definitely has a Parisian apartment-ish feel. My decorating inspiration is a bottle of Saint Germain elderflower liquor…have you seen it? It is the most BEAUTIFUL bottle…robin’s egg, deep blue, gilded scrolls, and crystal. The last photo you posted is giving me ideas!



  26. maggie replied:

    Those stairs are heavenly


  27. Sam replied:

    What a beautiful post. I love the bedroom with the clean, crisp, white sheets….


  28. The Antiques Diva replied:

    The last image is positively palatial, but yet so fresh and springy!

    Two weeks ago with a guest visiting me, I toured Schloss Sanssouci,in Potsdam (Germany) and I must confess I actually liked it better than Versailles – finding it, much as is the later room in your images, fresh and springy, light and airy and yet still maintaining that royal refinement! One of their rooms was done with white walls, gorgeous gilt detailing and turquoise and fuchsia furniture. My family room at home in Berlin is done with white walls and though far from palatial is done in a similar style to this room at Schloss Sanssouci. It’s furnished with turquoise gilt rococo canapé, paired with an English Victorian turned pedestal leg tea table, and 18thC yellow silk French bergers. This color combination is a major departure from my typical tastes (in fact the turquoise couch was bought for a song with the intent of recovering in a neutral) but after getting it home, I fell in love with its quirky bohemian feel.

    What I loved about the last picture you shared was the same mix – it was such a refined room and could have seeemed intimidating, yet, maybe it was the lamps, or the lines on the chairs, but there was something so inviting and warm and bohemian about it, in midst of the elegance that educates the eye.


  29. FrenchBlue replied:

    I think my favorite is the aqua door with winding staircase…looks like a Tim Walker setting!


  30. s. Stockwell replied:

    Love this color pallette! love your posts so much.


  31. theparisapartment replied:

    merci, merci, merci! i do it cause you appreciate it!!!


  32. Bonnie replied:

    Wow Claudia!
    The pictures are soooo beautiful! I love the green chair and that view! And that big freestanding mirror… oh la la! Each photo has something unique and intriguing. You always find the best!


  33. Irene replied:

    Oh..mon…Dieu! J’adore la porte! I love love loooove turquoise! My goodness, this is really making me want to move back to Europe. You have the most amazing pictures!


  34. Trendy: Chevron Print replied:

    […] chevron floors: The Paris Apartment […]


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