it’s not easy being fabulous


not for me, anyway! i don’t know what it is about city life but whether it’s new york or paris, it’s on as soon as you step out the door. i wish i were one of those women who looks put together all the time but truth is it’s a lot of work just to get by in paris!


being home for the past day has been a real recalibration that was not a nano too soon! it took 2 trips to the beach and 3 showers but i’m finally unwinding.


this is an old photo but it reminds me of the cross between my two lives and how they complement each other. paris and miami couldn’t be more polar opposite and i love both so much.


the good news is that i don’t have to think about fashion, except what bathing suit to wear


in 24 hours all has changed, and this is my champs-elysées


and the infinite world of detail has given way to a different kind of infinity


now just zoning out and trying to slide in between the two worlds. the sound of french accordion music in the metro has been replaced by the buena vista social club, and watching the sun go down will be on lincoln road instead of from my parisian balcony on rue des ecoles.


the best part is knowing that paris is not very far, and all happening right now, there for the taking whenever you’re ready to go! i’ll be going in august and/or september. you know i want you to come too!

ps: just found these great resources for next time!

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au revoir paris, à la prochaine


well, c’est tout! 3 weeks and a lifetime of experiences.


this last day was filled with a wild cast of characters with just about every personality imaginable. it was a long road and a trip i won’t soon forget.


now it’s off to bed, i’ve had my fill of pretty things and will leave tomorrow with a new outlook. next time i come to paris i’ll be sure to make time to savor the treasures of this wonderland.


i can’t really get into it now cause i have to pack but i’ll share my thoughts on it all soon.


right now i have a slight sense of ennui tonight so will bid you adieu.

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i never knew the charm of spring


i’m going to miss these hearty morning breakfasts in the sunshine. i don’t think i could eat this much bread and this many croissants anywhere else in the world and not be rotund by now. tomorrow’s my last full day in paris and it’s going to be jam packed from the crack of dawn till sunset. it’s hard to believe it went so fast.


today was long hard work but we made some major moves! running around at clingancourt proved to be an all day endeavor. it was the first time i’ve ever covered the entire marked in one fell swoop and it took a good 8 hours. my clients had incredible taste and were sure about what they wanted which made all the difference.


among other treasures they got these chairs but this picture doesn’t come close to doing them justice (they’re chartreuse mohair with an incredible patina).


this chandelier was too tall but we fell in love with the amber and turquoise beads circa 1920.


we scored great beds in the way back where no one dares to go…


and found hand carved pieces throughout this incredible market. quel candy store it is! this is just a sampler, i didn’t take a lot of shots cause i was mostly running around like a nut, but you get the drift.


tomorrow a travel and leisure writer is coming to trail us and anthony is shooting the gala as we’re meeting with toma and, well, it’s going to be another major soiree!


there’s still so much to see and do and experience here in paris, i really want to hit this last exposition but don’t know if it will happen. we’re headed to vanves and then to some local brocantes in the 12e and 16e for starters. i’d love to have this sconce for myself.


if i have an ounce of energy left tomorrow i’ll recap our day, but it’s supposed to rain and i have a feeling i’m going to need all my strength to push it one more time. if i don’t pass out now there’s no telling what will become of me. so more tomorrow and hope all is well on your end. i’ll be stateside by monday night, so for now à bientôt!

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