lazing on a sunday afternoon


bonjour guys, hope the sun is shining wherever you are! not a lot going on today except getting some soleil, the sunday paper and a bite o brunch. i found this amazing site and just wanted to pass it along. it’s pretty wild and good fun for the whole family!

have a great sunday!


this just in from patricia gray thanks for turning me onto this site amazing site. i’ts food for thought. it’s great news for any of us who feel guilty when we blog or like it’s just a hobby that takes away from our real work. i love blogging and hope to do more of it and bet you probably do too… check it out!

March 29, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. maxime replied:

    Hi Paris Apartement
    Really like your blog. But please work on your French ! There is almost not one word written correctely in our beautiful language…


  2. meg manion silliker replied:

    pouring rain here but it is delightful drinking tea in bed and visiting all my favorite blogs! hey isn’t that a queen song?! enjoy your day.


  3. theparisapartment replied:

    oh i do apologize! i only try to be playful with the french language as i did learn it from a 3 year old when i was an au pair. i know the french are very protective and am sorry if i offended you! where did i make le faux pas?


  4. Joy and Janet replied:

    Happy Lazy Sunday to you too C!


    P.S Life is too short too take it too seriously we say ;)


  5. Anon replied:

    So you spelt ‘sun’ wrong – WHO CARES????!!!!!!!
    Claudia, you rock!


  6. theparisapartment replied:

    merci anon…come on who are you? DAD i bet!!
    no but you wouldn’t say spelt…


  7. Bonnie replied:

    I only know enough french to get me in trouble! Actually I also remember “Bain de Soleil for the Saint Tropez Tan” cuz my friends and I used that sun tan lotion to get as tan as possible which worked really well. Wouldn’t know it now cuz I’m fair as casper but I’m ok with that.

    Those sites are really cool and informative. I made two more big posts on my new blog, a contemporary beach house and a Barbie post if u wanna come by and see… I hope you are having a beautiful weekend. xoxo :)


  8. patricia gray replied:

    Hi Claudia
    Thanks for mentioning Technorati.
    To get your Blog listed on Technorati search engines is easy. Go to this link and fill in the blanks>

    Happy Blogging


  9. Judith replied:

    Hi Claudia, Have fun in the sun today! My French is terrible as it has been so long since I lived there! I give you props for even putting it out there! I think it’s great to know more than one language even if it is our own take on it! It’s just flavor :) Who really knows every language perfectly, I’m sure I spell things wrong in English let alone French! LOL! Anyway, have a beautiful Sunday!


  10. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks judith, that actually makes me feel better. honestly that’s like a pet peeve of mine in english so i can imagine how it would torture someone french! it’s ok. now i won’t forget to check myself before i you know what. ;p


  11. cityfarmer replied:

    we were lazy ALL day…..sigh…felt soooooooo good.


  12. a la parisienne replied:

    Wow, I was going to leave a comment about that interesting site about the blogosphere (thanks for sharing by the way!) and I read the first comment from Maxine- OUCH! I am a former French teacher and I understand that they love their language but OUCH! I have been planning on doing French Lesson Fridays posts where I give a broad variety of French lessons for bloggers who love French but are out of practice or have never had the opportunity to study it. I will begin this Friday. I think that it will be quite accessible and fun!


  13. a la parisienne replied:

    Oh, and your French words in this post “Bonjour” and “soleil” are spelled correctly. I wonder what she was referring to?


  14. Di Overton replied:

    2 great sites, thanks.
    I just love that staircase. I have a spiral staircase, my favourite thing in the whole cottage.


  15. Dana replied:

    Hey! thanks for sharing it with us.


  16. gatherings home replied:

    Sorry, I just couldn’t help but notice that the critique of your French spelling included a misspelling of apartment. Perhaps this may be the French spelling of the word but she is replying to you in English which in any case would mean that she should be using the English spelling of the word. Am I wrong? (correctly is also incorrectly spelled)


  17. theparisapartment replied:

    LOL you are freaking hilarious! and right! thanks for having my back :)


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