why do i keep going back?


house and garden circa 1939

to conde nast that is! i want to hate them but every time i’m about to write them off, i fall back in love. damn.


circa 1940

i was just stopping by to wish you a happy weekend and announce the domino book winner when something popped up in my sidebar calling me to their store again. it’s like a drug. beware. condenaststore.com


(elsie de wolfe)

next thing i know, i’m lured back into their exquisite maze history of fashion, icons, decorating, covers, lingerie, designers, accessories and so much more. it’s a giant resource no one can fully explore.


house and garden 30’s hat closet

so with that in mind, i’m posting all the pics i saved on my desktop tonight, not to file away but to share here and now. so they’re in no particular order, just random stuff that came my way.

anyway, now, the best part! the first winner was the creative and talented

melissa from off the wall home


photos by melissa at off the wall home

(for being the first to comment on ny post’s site when they covered it, so thanks melissa, love you girl!). the other winner was chosen by the random number generator and that’s erin from mirkwood cottage!

contrats to you, erin and i’m glad to meet you. going to your site was enlightening! if you get the chance, stop by her blog, there’s a great video by elizabeth gilbert, author of ‘eat, pray, love’. she speaks to creative souls and i think you’ll like it a lot.



ok, well now, back to cleaning the beautiful mess i made on my desktop! have a bon weekend!


cecil beaton’s apartment


vogue 1947


house and garden


house and garden



recipe for a lady’s bedroom


recipe for a mans vanity & bath


house and garden




love the blueprints on the wall!


house and garden how to decorate in a warm climate 1943




she looks nuts but the shoes are so pretty!


by the pool in connecticut

ok that’s it! ~buona notte~

March 14, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. gatherings home replied:

    Hey Claudia. I’m with you on Conde Nast. It is a real love hate relationship! These pics are what makes it hard to write them off though. Beautiful! Hope you have a fabulous weekend sweets!



  2. theparisapartment replied:

    hey carol, love/hate sums it up, it really is a thin line!


  3. Liz Holly replied:

    they make it hard to stay mad at them, but i am still mad, but this makes it easier, ah! thanks.


  4. Vicki Archer replied:

    The best images ever – what can we do? We have to take a peek…xv


  5. Stephanie replied:

    These images are lovely. I love the vintage lawn furniture. It gave me an idea for my backyard.


  6. renee finberg replied:

    house and garden.

    i love them…..poo poo on you
    *how can you say anything naughty about them ??

    for years, they were the magazines that i could never ever throw out.

    thank you thank you thank you thank you
    i adore this post.
    absolutely yummo


    hey girl..let’s go to west palm antique row !!!
    let’s go before it gets nasty hot.


  7. theparisapartment replied:

    i’m there, when is it?!
    and ps i love h&g and wasn’t dissing them at all (just CN)!
    Stephanie, i’d love to see what you do with your backyard this spring!


  8. Kathleen replied:

    FABULOUS!!! What lovely images…they are hard to beat, aren’t they!
    Have a marvelous weekend, Claudia!!


  9. theparisapartment replied:

    merci kathleen, if you can believe it, this is the tip of a massive berg!


  10. Isa replied:

    Congrats to Erin and Melissa! YAY!
    Oh Claudia, I know what you mean – but it all is so beautiful, and it’s impossible to stay away … the makings of a love-hate relationship. Great. hehe.
    xo Isa


  11. theparisapartment replied:

    hey isa! i recommend a visit if you have time :)
    did you get a chance to visit erin’s site? the video is great!


  12. alice replied:

    I can’t believe that first pic is from 1939! Whats old is really new again! Beautiful pictures…


  13. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Love these pics , they are all so glamour …it is hard to stay mad at them


  14. Amy replied:

    I’m in love with those sheers and the Chihuahuas. and that staircase. and that hat closet. LOL


  15. Bonnie replied:

    Those are really pretty pictures! I never saw any of them before either. Thank you so much for sharing! Bonnie :)


  16. Carol replied:

    What can I say but WOW!!!
    I just love the eye candy you bring to us!
    Thanks so very much, you are so inspiring!
    Much love,


  17. Vicki replied:

    Simply gorgeous pics!!!


  18. The Antiques Diva replied:

    With gorgeous pics such as these, how could you not fall back in love again? I’m green over the hat closet!


  19. theparisapartment replied:

    maybe we should have a conde nast web raid and everyone post on the same day! i swear we’d never skim the surface. did you go? search through vogue, vanity fair, fashion under each of them and sub cats of magazine covers, acessories, fashion, animals, charm and mademoiselle magazines! these were all from there too:
    (scroll down) anyway i highly recommend it for some real good fun and inspiration!


  20. Erin replied:

    Thank you!!! I was just having a lovely relaxing Sunday morning, catching up on all my favourite blogs and WOW!! I am toooooo excited :D

    p.s. I love the hat closet. I need one of those!


  21. Tristan replied:

    Claudia you NEVER disappoint! This post kicked A#*!!!!




  22. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks guys, YOU inspire me more than anything!!!


  23. Write Girl replied:

    Beautiful images. I think the lady with the shoes has died and gone to shoe heaven. I love old fashion. Sometimes when I watch TCM, I am in awe. Great fashion back then. Classic adn stunning.


  24. YSLGuy replied:

    Wow, they just don’t do thing as well as they used to. I love that staircase and the hat closet. My favorite photo was the puppies and the high heels. Thanks for those.


  25. Di Overton replied:

    Well I for one am pleased you went back. Fabulous images.
    Still waiting for a date for Paris, Charlotte has decided to move to a village outside Paris so just waiting for her moving date. Be in touch ASAP.


  26. sierra in the rain replied:

    thank you for posting beautiful pictures. such a pleasure reading your blog


  27. Cynthia replied:

    Claudia, what a lovely display…I especially love the bit about how to decorate a place in summer or a warm place…since I live in Puerto Rico. The mood of those images is compelling!


  28. Amy replied:

    Thanks for the great inspiration! I’m saving that red room as an idea for my daughter’s big girl room. That fabric on the wall is to die for!


  29. Laura Ingalls Gunn replied:

    I’m no better. I drooled over each and every image you posted. :)


  30. Chessa replied:

    ah, well…we can hate them for some things but love them for others. such gorgeous photos here. thank you for sharing them.


  31. julie at Bv replied:

    Because classic good style, thank God, never, ever dies.

    P.S. I think you will enjoy a post about French Decor I posted yesterday. Take a look.


  32. julie replied:

    I to still mourn the loss of House & Garden magazine…I loved the style and design of each and every issue- and these vintage images are just so fantastic… if it’s okay with you I think I will create a post about some of the color palettes they inspire…


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