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architectural digest photo

hi guys! how are you ce soir? i’m ok but a little nauseous about what i saw today. this is no joke. the photo above and below are both from the new Architectural Digest, april 2009. (i got a free subscription somehow. i need to cancel it and save a forest). this is what condé nast deems an appropriate interior that’s supposed to feed our creative souls.


architectural digest photo


at least the cover’s pretty. but it’s true! pick it up and you will see way more than just this. it’s almost shocking, no, it really is shocking!! i hate to criticize but i don’t really even want these on my blog :(

still i had to show you cause only you can truly appreciate the depth of the horror :) sorry to spring it on you without warning.

BUT the good news is the trip to my mailbox wasn’t wasted on AD! the domino decorating books finally arrived!!! hope the following photos help soothe what you’ve just witnessed.


and it does not disappoint. Oohhh i wish i could keep one but as promised i’ll be giving them away!


one is spoken for


but the other is up for grabs.


i’ll use the random number generator on friday to choose the other winner from the comments left here between now and then.


in the meantime, enjoy a few exhales with some more domino shots i got from their site last week searching something random.


their website is truly infinite


what a damn waste


if i ever open another AD it will be for kindling

ooohhhh domino


ok i better go



enjoy and good luck you lucky duck!












PS this just in: i contacted nina from simon and schuster and asked her if i could give her contact info in case  anyone who has a blog wants to do a giveaway of your own and she said sure!  what a doll.  here’s her email:

AND if you’ve still mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore, write about it here or swamp condé nast!!

Conde Nast contact info:


Corporate Communications
The Condé Nast Publications
4 Times Square
New York, NY 10036

call, write, email…anything you do will send a message, doing nothing looks like we’re ok with the AD style!!

March 9, 2009. Domino.


  1. Lisa Golightly replied:

    Oy … my eyes are bleeding on that 1st one !


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    i bet! it’s ghastly!


  3. Isa replied:

    Egads!! I’m going to pretend I didn’t see the first photos! OY!
    Now, OH DOMINO is right! L-l-lovely! Who won the first one? Congratulations, lucky person!
    Thanks for all these great photos, Claudia, and for the drawing!
    xo isa


  4. hazel replied:

    Me Me Me jumping up and down Pick Me! AD is ugh! I haven’t looked at one in years. Would love to have this book to help me decorate a new OLD home we’re hoping to buy.


  5. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall replied:

    Oh my goodness. They are serious about those features?!?!?! Well, the roses are pretty:) I go to ALL THE TIME for design inspiration. I hope the website never goes away, I really don’t know what I will do. I am doing a post tomorrow on decorating with blue and the effects the color has on mood and personality. Half the pictures I used are domino’s.


  6. theparisapartment replied:

    melissa, you’re the winner of the other book from when you were the next person to comment about domino on ny post’s blog. i didn’t forget but just got the books today so congrats girl!


  7. cityfarmer replied:

    any one of our homes from blogland is more architecturally digested.

    I am, however, in a love affair with “Veranda”…if they go bye bye, I quit.


  8. meg manion silliker replied:

    it’s like palm beach cira 1974 gone bad – gone really really really bad. so disappointing eh?! yes we all need to save a tree and ignore AD this round. thanks for saving me a trip to store.


  9. Spencer replied:

    I LOVED the blue house…..don’t know where that is….but I’d love walking by and enjoying it’s blueness……

    Warm regards,


  10. Joy replied:



  11. a la parisienne replied:

    Well…Unfortunate for me I didn’t really know about Domino until I started reading your blog- right when Domino released its final magazine! Yeah, it seems like when you finally find something you like (like the best flavor of Twining’s tea) they discontinue it! Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful images you have saved from their site!


  12. alice replied:

    Those Domino pictures were beautiful! Made up for my speechlessness at the AD ones!
    I’ve been meaning to call Conde Nast and request a different subscription- guess I better do it asap!
    I love your blog- you feature some serious eye candy!


  13. Gretchen replied:

    Hey – that first photo is my living room. Can’t believe you don’t like it. I’m not even displaying my needlepoint cushions with cute phrases about Yorkies and golf. I can’t remember what that little troll is doing on the coffee table, though. Guess I just wanted to convey that with all my money, I still have a touch of whimsey.


  14. cathy replied:

    i’m glad you added the photos from domino at the end to cancel out the first few! thank you for sharing :)


  15. Chari replied:

    Ohhh my…what could AD be thinking? My 13 yr. old liked the room…but then she’s into all things “gaudy”…hehe!!! The following photos made up for the really bad ones though, so very inspirational!

    I’m fairly new to your blog…I added you to my “follow list” awhile back and have thoroughly enjoyed all of your posts! Thank you!

    Warmest wishes,


  16. jenny replied:

    for fuck’s sake woman!!!! sorry, pardon my language. but a warning would have helped. now my eyes are crossed FOREVER!!!!!!! somehow i wasn’t offered AD (thank christ)
    in lieu of my domino subscription.


  17. jenny replied:

    oops. link above to my site is incorrect.


  18. theparisapartment replied:

    you guys are killing me! i am still giggling, you’re so silly! Gretchen, is that a miss kitty/pokemon hybrid sculpture? way to ‘keep it real’!


  19. Holly replied:

    It is such a waste~ Congrats to whomever got one of the copies!


  20. Judith replied:

    Okay I’m signing up for a chance to win the AD…oh wait just kidding the Domino book! :)The 80’s called me just now and they want there cheezy flower prints back from AD! And that track lighting! It makes me want to pull it out and replace with one of your to~die~for chandeliers!


  21. Sharon in Chicago replied:

    Your last phrase, “sigh”, says it all — Sight Instantly Gone Haywire from the AD pics!


  22. Kate Coveny Hood replied:

    Those AD pictures are bizarre. Reminds me of my old rich neighbors’ apartments in the 80s. (I used to feed cats when they were vacationing). How about those pillows!?!

    I have to be honest – I don’t love EVERYTHING I’ve seen in Domino – and I’ve even found some of it kind of hideous. BUT it’s always inventive and original. And most of it makes you rethink your current design perspective.

    Still recovering from the AD pics.


  23. theparisapartment replied:

    LOL! i think we’ve all visited a sick aunt in the city with the same apartment. what IS up with the pillows? they look psychotic.
    as for domino, of course it’s not all rainbows but the majority was really good work. would they ever show this? AD looks the same today as it did in ’82. they probably think it’s timeless.


  24. Kim replied:

    The only thing that’s come close to filling the void left by Domino is Elle Decor~~not as ridiculous as AD but still not as budget friendly as Domino. But at least the april issue has several pics from paris apartments! thank goodness all the design websites on my blogroll are like mini-magazine subscriptions.


  25. maison21 replied:

    that first photo wouldn’t have even been cool if published in 1972. are they for real with that quilted upholstery? it’s like a tour through somebody’s dead grandmother’s house.


    love how the stylist tried to make the gramma design “edgy” with the koons puppy and hello kitty. puhleez. and they killed domino and saved that? do they really think the next generation of magazine readers will read that crap? oy.


  26. Carolyn replied:

    My sadness that Architectural Digest can survive in a world where Domino is no more can only be diluted by that big ol’ Domino book of wonders. Please sign me up for a chance to win!


  27. rachel replied:

    i am an interior design student and going to places like this blog and domino’s magazine has given me great inspiration throughout the years. having stubborn, minimalistic professors, they have never agreed with my taste and eye for design. it has always made me feel better to come to blogs like this and to leaf through magazines like domino to let me know that what i am doing with my projects is worthwhile !! thank you very much!


  28. Vanya replied:

    those first two pics are just so wrong, all the worst of the eighties in one place, no soul or depth – YUCK

    Oh RIP Domino


  29. Di Overton replied:

    What has happened to AD? Truly awful!


  30. Erin replied:

    Like you, I’ve spent hours trawling the domino website soaking up inspiration (and saving it for a rainy day in case the site disappears). The book looks amazing and inspiring :)


  31. Bonnie replied:

    What’s up with the blue pac man mobile in the second AD pic? Those two pics hurt my eyes so much my mouth can’t stop complaining. YOUR pics are the bomb! Fab as always!!!!! Looks like there’s gonna be a cat fight on here for the Domino book! So if I leave a hundred wonderful comments will that help my chance of winning it? I’d like to try the kindness route… first. Bonnie :)))))


  32. Emily replied:

    I can’t believe that first picture either. Yuck. I’d say thank goodness for Domino, but who knows how much longer we’ll have their website. I’m thanking my lucky stars I kept all my back issues.

    Would love the book. Love your blog.



  33. Candi replied:

    I have been a domino subscriber since day one. Every Christmas I gave domino subscriptions as gifts to friends. I am so dissappointed in CondeNaste for discontinuing. Thankfully, I have saved every single issue!!!


  34. Tara replied:

    Please enter me! Thanks for the contest.


  35. Ghana replied:

    You saved me the almost $10.00 for AD, but then I became sad about the loss of Domino. I need to go out and buy all the copies I missed, and a second copy of the last one.


  36. theparisapartment replied:

    well it’s worth having those two hideous pics on the blog for your comments alone! I’ll post the winner of the drawing on friday, i wish i had a copy for each of you!


  37. Katy replied:

    Ooooo pretty pretty! Just in case I don’t win, how does one acquire one of these gorgeous books? Should I go to the Domino website?


  38. Mary replied:

    Claudia, They are sending you AD as a REPLACEMENT for your Domino subsciption!! Can you imagine? That’s why you’re getting it. What should we do? Remember when stacking mags and putting a glass top on it was cool?


  39. Amy replied:

    wow, those are some hideous pictures. good gravy.

    I really really hate when magazines stop publication, but they send you ‘another magazine you might like!’ what the crap? If you WANTED the new subscription, you would have ordered it from the get-go! Gyahhh…..(this has happened to me twice already)


  40. sunny replied:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly.
    Any word if Domino is going to let the photos on its website remain?

    In the first photo, I rather like the painting with all the colors in it….I can picture it with more simple surroundings.

    I would ADORE the Domino book. It would lessen the blow of the magazine ending. (I’m still in denial that it’s ending.)


  41. hallie replied:

    Oh holy cabbage rose hell!
    And don’t think that putting a white ceramic something-or-other in the center of a room catapults it into modernity. It’s still crusty AD!


  42. Carol Rochon replied:

    Hi Claudia! I guess I’m a little late to the party…better late than never, right? Anyhow, I am still hanging on (this roller coaster is making me nauseated). It sounds like you have a lot going on! Good for you. I’ll be a lurking around in the meantime. Thanks for the heads up on AD. I haven’t gotten my new one yet. I think I will have to look though. Kinda like a train wreck.



  43. Zoey replied:

    Maybe the AD was trying to show some ironic design. I mean, apparel is light years ahead of interior decoration when it comes to humor– maybe AD is trying to catch up. Or maybe they just want to see if anyone is even looking. Hate mail is still mail. Anyway, I talk a good game, but when it comes to decorating I just get confused and run away I need help. So I hope I win that Domino book.


  44. lora replied:

    Somehow I came late to the Domino party. Shocking I know. I had no idea it existed. I don’t hang in the right circles evidently. But just as I was falling in love – it’s leaving. Isn’t that always the way. Dang!! I’d love a copy of the book. I’m in serious need of some inspiration for my 23 year old pad. I might just start with that fabulous faux fireplace!


  45. Christopher replied:

    Hey C –
    It has been a while! You’ve probably forgotten me – But, had to comment this time –
    I had THE SAME REACTION to the new A.D. – OMG. Even parts of Lee’s places were hideous, the wallpaper with matching fabric on EVERYTHING. UGH. Anyway – hope all is well with you! And your posts / pics from Domino are beautiful… I love Miles Redd, and his townhouse – wasn’t that right around the corner from your old store front? pretty close by, I think. Anyway. Cheers to you.


  46. theparisapartment replied:

    hmmm, interesting theory, AD’s new angle of having a sense of humor. i guess you could call it ‘ironic’?
    i think you can also get the books on amazon and i don’t know how long the website will be up. i’ve written, emailed and called conde nast myself but we all need to bombard them to keep the site up if you still want it!


  47. candice replied:

    Oh my, seriously I opened up your blog and saw that first photograph and all I could think was “What happened”? I normally love all that you post so I was so glad to find that you were posting about AD as being bad. Because it is! It really really is!
    I’m so sad that domino is gone! I walked by Conde Nast the other day and all I could think was that they killed my favorite magazine! I would love to get this book!


  48. Create a Unique Look replied:

    Okay I’m signing up for a chance to win the AD? oh wait just kidding the Domino book! :)
    The 80’s called me just now and they want there cheezy flower prints back from AD! And that track lighting!


  49. Elaine replied:

    ACK! Floral overload on the first photo! Love all the Domino photos. I keep readng the same Domino issues over and over again. Everytime I open them I see something new. Would love to win your giveaway, fingers crossed!


  50. theparisapartment replied:

    ain’t it the truth! did you send them an email?


  51. Indie.Tea replied:

    The AD pictures make me think of cheap uncomfortable hotels…ewwww.
    I’d love to be entered in the Domino book contest, please.


  52. Terri replied:

    Wow, those AD photos are pretty horrendous. They publish some really ugly shit as far as I’m concerned. Of course there is amazing stuff, and obviously i know NOTHING, but I just know that I see a lot of ugly homes in there from time to time. Some issues are wonderful, others….I wonder if I am the only one who doesn’t get it.

    Have you seen the horrendous spread of Anjelica Huston’s house. It’s great she has such wacky personal style, but it didn’t belong in AD any more than the millions of people who have amazing homes. At least hers was interesting compared to the spread they did on Christopher Meloni’s (Law & Order) hideous apartment. Bad taste but just because you’re rich you get a spread. Oh well…I am clearly not enough of an aesthete to get AD sometimes, even though I read it voraciously trying to develop my “eye” (and a strong stomach, apparently).

    : )

    xo Terri


  53. Kelli replied:

    Oh wow… the first 2 photos made me literally nauseous!
    I would love to enter the contest to win the 2nd book! I have 2 that I am giving away as well, I am SO tempted to keep one for myself… but that would not be good. I couldn’t agree with you more… Nina is a complete doll!
    I will email Conde Nast again letting them know that AD is NOT an acceptable replacement of Domino and that those images are hideous!


  54. maggie replied:

    i have no kind of trained eye at all and i could see that the first photos were some kind of horrible blend of new money and grandma’s old fabric. :( lacking any personality or warmth.

    i am SO SAD about Domino. i have their book and it is lovely beyond lovely for me, so eclectic and the COLOR!


  55. Sarah replied:

    Ooooooooh. Not up your alley at all :( You are so sweet to constantly post inspiring eye candy! I check in everyday :)


  56. Megan replied:

    Do you know how long the domino web site is going to stick around? I see the blog contributors have signed off, but thankfully we can still get to the site for now.


  57. Gina replied:

    I hope they archive the Domino website as it is a glorious resource. I use it as a bit of therapy — looking at pretty rooms — when I need a pick-me-up. I’ll have to check out the Domino book.


  58. Nikita replied:

    I just discovered this blog, and as I was viewing the random Domino photos, I found myself smiling at my computer screen…it truly does feed the soul!


  59. Sondra replied:

    It’s a good thing I had chocolate in my mouth or I would have “tossed my cookies” at the Arch. Digest photos. As you say, the cover is lovely. And, of course, the Domino’s are the best.


  60. kayellen replied:

    Hey Claudia!

    You are making me laugh today! Have to agree…looks like an eighties re-do.

    I am all for re-use and re-purpose things…but this is Victorian meets Contemporary? Doesn’t really work..and whats with the stuffed animal on the table? lol

    I am looking forward to checking out the Domino Book you mentioned!

    Have a great week! Off to purchase Veranda!!!not AD ;-)



  61. YSLGuy replied:

    I agree with you 100% on the that first pic. bleh!


  62. petunia replied:

    As if that is any replacement at all! Maybe it’s just an expensive joke??


  63. Rosemary Plunkett replied:

    I would love to have the Domino publication. Looks great! UGH to the other!!


  64. natasha replied:

    Good heavens, those AD photos are truly hideous, ack! Thank goodness you balanced them out with some lovely shots from Domino. I don’t know if I can get the book in Australia :( Boo!


  65. Lady T replied:

    Did AD visit my Nanna’s house without me knowing?! OMG those interiors are positively vile. Although it does make me feel like my little place is almost Domino editorial worthy.. actually I’m dremaing, but it could be with a little help from the Domino decorating book!! ;)


  66. elizabeth replied:

    I hope you pick me. I love Domino!


  67. emma replied:

    Wow, that’s ghastly! Sometimes I fear that the simple concept of TASTE is slowly – quickly! – disappearing from our world. How sad. And Domino is gone, too… cry!


  68. theparisapartment replied:

    money may dwindle but taste never will! who needs conde nast anyway? it was all deborah needleman’s brainchild. anyone know what she’s up to these days?


  69. Laura Ingalls Gunn replied:

    I am STILL crying over the loss of Domino. I imagine I will need this book to comfort me.
    How generous of you to share.


  70. Virginia Smith replied:

    The first picture hurt my eyes, it was bad even for the eighties. Not even the “prince of chintz” Mario Buatta quilted chintz for upholstery. I comforted myself by thinking about the Domino article on touches of chintz in a contemporary eclectic room. How I will miss Domino. It was a refreshing look at mixing so many things in an up to date way. Looking at magazines with out of touch crap like this issue of AD makes me wonder in a recession, what are publishers thinking? What are advertisers thinking? It’s the blogs for me to inspire me and nourish my design loving soul.


  71. The Deco Detective replied:

    You have got to be kidding me. This in Architectural Digest?? I thought they were a bit more, well, architectural. Haven’t read the thing for ages though. The first photo is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen since the 80’s. Maybe it is from the 80’s? The second one I don’t understand at all. But if someone gave me a dog like that I would kill myself. Is it actually a vase? Or is it just the angle?

    Love the header of this post, very clever lol.

    (I know this is a giveaway-post, and yes, a Domino book would be lovely, but the main purpose for my comment is actually the AD shock.)

    Trudi xo


  72. Philicia replied:

    If I can’t have Domino magazine, I’d love a book! Thanks for your blog!


  73. Jennifer replied:

    It is tragic that Domino is closing. :(


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