the softest things in the world overcome the hardest things in the world



bon soiree everybody~

i feel like i’m just getting back to earth. it was an endless week and tomorrow’s the last day with liz on the shoot. will i be glad to get my life back. we had fun though, of course!

i love the image above cause it shows how little it takes to make a bed inviting. especially with that color combo. a weakness of mine is turquoise and pink.

anyhow, i was tagged by vanya at endless inspiration to do a post on 10 great blogs. i decided to post about them tonight since there’s too much reality going on and blogging is such a retreat. it’s a real escape and such a pleasure when i get the chance to do it. so here are some beautiful blogs i’ve come across in the last day or two when i had a second to answer an email and skim the wave. i hadn’t been to vanya’s blog but it’s one that i’ll be putting on my daily to do list. go if you dare!

the top image and the one below are via this is glamorous. um, yum!


these are from endless’ blog. what beautiful links and pics to dig into!


she had me at bonjour…


somehow i ended up at the deco detective, a blog i’ve loved for a long time but last night got pulled into her amazing archives i’d never seen. blogs like hers really are the new magazine. not to mention resources and well, encyclopedias!


a comment left by  jennifer led to this adorable slideshow, photographed by

stephanie rausser/ kiki and coco

if you have a moment and want to return to childhood, take a look.



they’re the sweetest dolls, sort of like the a modern version of the antique boudoir dolls. each one is handmade by jess brown from vintage scraps she finds.


i fell way in love with this blog when the author left a comment. above is a shot of her laundry. need i say more?


above, via red ticking

below is a talented mother and daughter, the likes of which are rare cause they work together. and do they make wonderful things…


noel made these books. aren’t they delish? i just love the pic below, also from her blog.


below is a blog i found thru endless inspirations. what a great idea to record each day. she uses tear sheets to make art instead of filing them away.



ok well, that’s not 10 but it’s a start. and didn’t want to forget a very happy birthday to my girl, lynn, a great friend and author of a highly addictive blog, paris hotel boutique. here’s to many more darling! all the best to you~

alors, bon nuit et bon weekend tout le monde!

February 27, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. gina replied:

    I just found your blog from my friend @ charlie’s design diary and I am an avid reader of the deco dective also a blogger friend. but thank you for sharing all the others to. I love the dolls, the linen and the books great post.


  2. meredith replied:

    Not only have I happened upon your lovely blog, but you have sent me off to others!


  3. The Deco Detective replied:

    Wow Claudia. Thank you so much for the mention and the absolutely lovely words about my blog! This really made my day. I’ve been so busy, but things like this gives me new energy! I’m looking forward to checking out the other blogs on the list. I’ll send some people your way when I post my next entry!
    Hugs, Trudi


  4. Noel replied:

    dewy dew! Not exactly sure what that means but love saying it! Thanks SO much for the mention!! Your blog is looking beautiful and I’m drooling over the type writer on the sand and I’m not even a writer! :)
    Wanted to invite you to my FREE GIVEAWAY on my blog! Hope your having a great weekend! Also, lets connect for your web. **


  5. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall replied:

    Thanks for all the divine eye candy Claudia! Checking out these links right away. Wishing you a fabulous and restful weekend:)


  6. Terri replied:

    Some lovely links – I shall follow them all. I love Vanya’s blog, and the Deco Detective has a great eye also. Pretty pics always seduce…


  7. Heather replied:

    I love that quote. And the photo seems to match it beautifully.


  8. Visual Vamp replied:

    What great choices, with so many new to me too!
    Thanks for sharing!
    xo xo


  9. The Antiques Diva replied:

    Wonderful tips… I’m off thanks to you for a lazy morning surfing the net getting to know your blog-friends! I always find something wonderful when I come your way.


  10. Mike replied:

    Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

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  11. Di Overton replied:

    Great links I am off to have a browse around.
    There is an art to leaving a bed unmade and it looking inviting.


  12. Little Lovables replied:

    Wow, I love all of these. So inspiring and cozy.


  13. Pat Mcintosh replied:

    What a great way to spend part of a rainy Sunday afternoon.
    Thanks for the treat!


  14. Kelli replied:

    C, glad to see you back! Can’t wait to see pics from the shoot! I’m off to check out these blogs!


  15. Vanya replied:

    Dear Claudia

    Thank you so much for your kind words, pics and links to my blog, so sweet! So glad you enjoy my blog, its really encouraging; I think yours is fab :)



  16. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Thank you for sharing this list of blogs. There are some I don’t know


  17. Paris Hotel Boutique replied:

    Thanks for the sweet birthday greetings Missy! xo Lynn


  18. sunny replied:

    I love the photo of the little girl and the doll having a tea party. adorable!


  19. Fifi Flowers replied:

    Love the typewriter on the sand… how is the internet reception on it? lol


  20. {this is glamorous} replied:

    Hello Claudia — thanks so much for the mention! Such a lovely surprised and always delighted to find my way here. Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend . . .



  21. ZOOM replied:

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  22. ZOOM replied:

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  23. Freedman S. Ouk replied:

    The softest thing in the world is the water.;
    the hardest thing in the world is the rock.
    The water can cut rock.


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