the fine line of fine arts


i got this in my email this morning and it was pure eye candy! (even tho the fur looks real)…

it’s from what i thought was a kooky art gallery-slash- furniture store i stumbled into last october in paris. it’s art and it’s furniture and it’s tres cher.

it got me thinking about furniture as art. it really is such a great canvas, especially if it has classic lines.


this is another of their designs, tufting with feathers painted on the fabric.


maybe it’s your cup of tea and maybe not, but it’s a fun way to play with furniture and turn it from trash to treasure as we all so love to do…


here they lacquered a piece and added a lucite top.

it reminded me of one of my idols, serge olivares. he’s a furniture artist also from paris, with a great sense of humor and style. he makes limited edition chair and tables and uses special details like vintage fur on the bull’s head, and swarovski crystals as embellishments.


i’ve seen his stuff in paris and in ny, and it’s truly amazing. the loveseat below he made for chantal thomas. i think the key is restraint…


so anyhow, just a little food for thought, i know you guys see a lot of great furniture out there so keep an eye out for some fixer upers that could become your works of art! xoc

cheryl ekstrom


February 21, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Lucy replied:

    The hot pink love seat is great!


  2. petunia replied:

    I think our black and white furries would look LOVELY on the pink sofa! Don’t you? All of the chairs are so wonderfully unique. I have never really thought about chairs much. Maybe I should. I had to laugh at the last image. Way to end this post! So perfect.


  3. angela replied:

    Restraint? I say, “Go for it!” I don’t mean to sound mundane, but those pieces are awesome! (I really don’t use that word loosely…)


  4. Lauren replied:

    I’m in love with the hot pink couch. I am totally trying to break into refurbishing furniture. My mother does istso well and I am attempting a few projects. But how amazing would a pink couch be!?


  5. zelda replied:

    ok – it’s just for fun, and will not last. those corrida thing are hilarious.


  6. Charlie replied:

    The Baroque sideboard with the Lucite top is interesting but the satin settee is stunning I can even see it in white satin.


  7. isa replied:

    Three cheers for that that think outside the box! I love these. The tail is what really makes the first chair, it made me smile and the bull and matador are hysterical. I think there should be a design challenge for the little black beanbag. LOL!
    xo Isa


  8. theparisapartment replied:

    geez to tell you the truth i didn’t even see the tail! that’s a little much, but then again it’s fantasy. i would any one of these is a conversation piece and by itself would be fabulous. the restraint would come in the rest of the room!


  9. Anne Marie replied:

    Cityfarmer told me come visit….and can’t wait to look around your “webspace” here…
    So nice to meet you!


  10. Pamela replied:

    That feather tufted chair. Be still my heart!


  11. Iheartfashion replied:

    The trompe l’oeil feather chair is spectacular!


  12. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage replied:

    Oh wow! Do I LOVE that pink olivares loveseat!!!!! So yummy in every way. And I have to say that I’m quite smitten by the canvas painting of the tufts and feathers as well. I LOVE coming here and discovering new things to enjoy.


  13. YSLGuy replied:

    I love that first chair and the loveseat is to die for.


  14. theparisapartment replied:

    glad you enjoyed it! i have more on the subject, especially bloggers who do turn trash to treasure and hope to post about that soon. right now it’s 4am and i’m getting up with liz to shoot for the next few days so it will probably have to wait til i recalibrate this weekend!


  15. renee finberg replied:

    i think the first chair is very cool.

    the rest are too freaky for moi



  16. Felicia replied:

    Totally groovy feather tufted chair :)


  17. Katina replied:

    Hi Paris,

    Fabulous chairs! They are so stylish they come with their own accessories and jackets. Love it! That would give me an excuse to shop for all my chairs. Your apartment is lovely as always

    P.S. Thanks for visit on my blog this wknd.


  18. Ulla replied:

    Always wonderful eye candy when I come visit you! Love those tufted feather chairs – how clever! And a bull-fighters dining room set- now that is pure fantasy! Great post!


  19. Chessa replied:

    I LOVE that first one! The back is divine…it looks like lace. I love it. This reminds me of that magazine feature: Turn this outfit into a room…except this is the other way around. I just see a gorgeous coat when I look at that chair with a (faux) fur collar and beautiful, rich fabric with highlights in that goldish. aaah…my office chair looks a little like that animal black one…except mine has arms…and no horns or tail….or animal face! haha


  20. theparisapartment replied:

    hey gang! sorry i’ve been away for sooooooooo long, feels like eternity! glad you liked them. has anyone made one? if so email pics to and i’ll post them!


  21. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    the armchair with feathers on it is lovely


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