one last hurrah for domino


please go and be heard if you still care about domino!

buona sera a tutti!

i’m working late tonight, it’s close to 1am now, and i’m, getting up early to assist liz on a commercial. the last thing i want to do is keep posting about domino with so much going on in my world and the world, but i just had to get in a quick hello and pass along the surprise i received from Nina Schwartz at simon and schuster. she also contacted petunia when she found our comments on NY POST’s blog.

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Dear Claudia,
Here at Simon & Schuster, we’re all mourning the loss of Domino magazine, and it’s clear you feel the same pain. Not long ago (October ’08), we published Domino: The Book of Decorating, by the editors of the magazine, and we’re happy at least that their innovative and gorgeous ideas can live on in this book. We’d love to offer you two copies to give away on your blog to your readers who are no doubt as heavy-hearted as we.
Please let me know if you’d like to participate, and I’ll send you the books!
Many thanks,

Nina Schwartz
Associate Marketing Manager
Simon & Schuster

how cool is that?

if you’re the next one to go leave a comment about domino on the ny post blog, the first book goes to you. we’ll go random for the second!

if you have a blog maybe you want to contact them to have a giveaway too…

thanks so much Nina, i’m honored!


so now i’m fired up again!…conde nast is New York based and the New York Post is in NY’s face! please go and be heard if you still care about domino!

the domino fans cared last week…if you have a blog or site, spread the word about this opportunity! (if you’re not sure what the heck i’m talking about, go to my last post). anyway this is my last attempt and rallying the domino fans after only recently discovering their site. if you’re interested in winning one of the books, leave a comment on the ny post site! did i say that already? well never again so bon nuit, and suite dreams!

i know it’s like who cares already but don’t you want your domino or will the next magazine that’s like domino be good enough? only you can make it happen! ny post

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  1. Lisa Golightly replied:

    I am so happy to see this book on here … went to the Museum of Modern Art here in SF and realized my daughter needs this book for her birthday ( ok maybe a little of bit of me is talking here ! )


  2. isa replied:

    I was surprised to see so few comments on the Dominos/NY post I rang in. It makes me so sad and it also makes me feel like a feather trying to hold back a tidal wave — it’s very clear that CN doesn’t give two hoots about their readers — I cannot believe that they didn’t reach out to their readers by at least feeling out if people would be willing to pay more per subscription. It’s so disappointing. If the magazine and website really do go the way of the dinosaur, I am going to protest by not supporting CN in any way in the future. I’d rather put my money where as a reader I am valued.


  3. Bonnie replied:

    The more I read about the loss of Domino Magazine, the more I miss it. I wish they would continue the publication, but if they just can’t, perhaps they can keep their website going. At the least, if the economy ever gets better, perhaps the magazine can return. If Conde Nast would only check the completed listings on ebay they would see people are willing to pay a lot of money for this magazine, and continue to bid on the current listings. I added a comment to the NYPost article and hope it helps.


  4. Nadine Bouler replied:

    I am frustrated by the loss of Domino and wrote about it on my design blog as well as on a blog in Hudson NY. Then I found your suggestions, so I wrote to Conde Nast and received a curt reply. I also posted a comment for the NY Post. And now it seems as if I am going to have to content myself with savoring my old issues. I believe this mag is even more relevant as renewable resources become more appealing and people will turn to their nests for comfort in times of economic crisis. I was first amazed the mag existed, and now I’m amazed it’s gone.


  5. My Melange replied:

    Love this book!!! I have seen it in TJ Maxx- bu never bought it. Perhaps I will win…

    Thanks C! Bye bye Domino :(


  6. Lisa replied:

    I wish I had found the magazine sooner! I’m only new to it and now it is leaving. Maybe it will be like Victoria and come back in a few years!


  7. All fired up about Domino « C h i c ~ A f f o r d a b l e ~ L u x u r i e s replied:

    […] Please read Claudia’s post “one last hurrah for domino”. […]


  8. Carrie ~LoLaEnChAnTeD~ replied:

    Hello dear! I thought I should stop on by to say hello and see how your doing! So many magazines are going down, it’s really sad. You excpect these things to read every month and then POW gone…. It is tragic.

    Take care!!!!!


  9. Kelli replied:

    So wonderful they contacted you! I would love to win a copy of the book and I will get to emailing them right away. C, thanks for caring so much! We will all miss Domino, but I am happy to have a support group and others who will miss it as much as me!


  10. angela replied:

    I voiced my opinion on NYPOST. Why do we have to lose the things we love most?


  11. Charlie replied:

    What I find surprising is that they don’t even acknowledge receiving our emails, letters, calls. This definitely bad buisness practices. I really hoped that they would at least acknowledge the void Domino would leave behind and reconsider. I still keep my fingers crossed that last minute they will reconsider.


  12. ArchitectDesign replied:

    I have the book already, but I just wanted to show my support here as well as at the NY post!


  13. kate (pm) replied:

    Domino really did freshen up the look and more importantly the approach/thinking of decorating for the “average” person (that’s me) and certainly the shelter magazine. I hope it returns. I’m prepared to pay more for it.


  14. the moggit girls replied:

    Hey C,

    So great that you’ve been tapped to do the giveaway! We’d loveto get out hot little hands on a copy…

    Have you seen this blog? It’s totally dedicated to saving Domino… We did a guest spot– you should do one too!

    It’s here:



  15. Chessa replied:

    I wrote a letter to conde nast to the people whose names you listed here…they wrote back rather quickly but of course not with any good news. Then I was contacted by customer service. sigh. I’ve LOVE to win a copy of this book. It’s been on my list of “to buy” forever! If I don’t win it, I’m definitely going to get myself to B&N tout de suite!


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