the domino effect



thank god another crusader! please visit this site that was set up to try to show conde nast what we want and what we will pay for. bloggers have great power in so many arenas. speak out if you won’t let Domino go!

what’s up with my new obsession with domino? it’s beyond my control and this is the only place i can let my love for it out! falling into their website has been like going on a shopping spree! i can’t stop trolling the images and can’t believe i never did it before. search anything from curtains, to diy to dressing rooms and they’ve covered it. not just skimmed it but nailed it with stunning pics and great info.


domino mag is pretty special to me because they helped me launch a branch of my biz, the lucite handles. one tiny knob they featured got the whole thing rolling.


they have a platform where people like di overton could write,


small biz owners could be exposed to readers


and ridiculously talented design team and photographers could be featured.


it’s something of great value and i just can’t help it, i don’t want to see it go! petunia is putting a poll together that will track whether you’re willing to pay more for a subscription (and how much) and whether you’d pay to access the website. would you? have you been there? go soon cause it’s coming down! this is the tip of the iceberg!



ok well back in real life, things are good, i’m working hard. monsieur is taking a nap.


he’s where liz and i worked yesterday trying to jazz up every single corner and vignette in the house. she got 2 orchids and i got 4 bouquets including tulips and lilies along with a couple others for $9 each at whole foods. having flowers in the house is such a luxury we had stopped doing!


anyway there’s an eyesore air conditioner outside one of the windows so we hung these ikea natural rings and covered it with lots of palms. it’s obviously not done so i’ll leave it dark and mysterious :)


i was definitely trying to channel energy from you know where while shooting, thinking about their photogs and stylists. they have to be complete fanatics and perfectionists!

we were finally about to do the shots and send them to o magazine after all these months of procrastination. almost didn’t have the heart to break it to her when i remembered they just folded too…


but what the heck, we decided to shoot a little anyway. funny thing is i kept putting it off cause shooting is really tough for me. it’s the ultimate art of detail. there are a million shots before you get one you like. unless it’s polaroid somehow. i just didn’t feel confident with what i had so far.


and i’m learning more each day. my angles are way off but i’m ironing out the wrinkles and crisping the edges


of course then there’s lighting to work on but that’s another art. these are some shots from yesterday:


so i have to give credit where it’s due, back to ‘that’ magazine


that made me see things in a different way, and gave me a little more incentive to capture simple things in the day


and inspired this uninspired and accidental and just barely so so photographerto at least try to get better at it. especially since it’s a pretty handy skill to have if you want to travel and write. shooting great shots takes tons of practice.

of course there are still more than a few elephants all around like this mantle.


what would domino do? i’m still not sure there’s hope but now i’ll just embrace them!


and anyway, some things are just right when they’re not perfect ;)


ps i just found this cool site

where you can make a poll and ask your readers and friends what they think. maybe if there’s an uproar and good numbers they may actually listen. stranger things have happened, oui?

it’s a little annoying cause you can only choose one answer but give it a whirl if you don’t mind!

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  1. Kathy Delgado replied:

    I’ve clearly been out of touch…travelling far more than usual (paris, england, san fran, vegas, chicago, nyc, st tropez, canada) and far busier than usual. I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT DOMINIO and am sick, sick, sick to hear this. So many going away….Country Home (where they had just such lovely editors–truly the nicest people) and now Domino (ditto on the editors). They featured some of my stuff way back when and I STILL get orders on it some 3 yrs later! They look out for the small businessess like no other…..whaaaa.

    Sad in Los Angeles


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    hey kathy! wow girl, you’ve been jet setting! one of these days we’ll have to rendezvous in st. tropez, ok?
    as for this horrible decision by conde nast, all we can do is tell then what we want, not just what they offer (they have 3 bride magazines and two for golf)! they’re losing their home furnishings market and got rid of instyle home, h&g and now this. how out of touch can you be?!


  3. petunia replied:

    Claudia! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Your shots are wonderful and your place certainly should be Domino’s first shoot when they make the big come back they’d better be gonna be making! Did you forget to mention that the mirrored furniture is from your collection? To anyone who is interested: I saved the links to Domino’s “Favorite Sites” on my blog just in case…


  4. Laura replied:

    Such beautiful images…I firmly believe that fresh flowers in a house are an absolute must!


  5. theparisapartment replied:

    geez pets you’re the best! it’s liz’s house, she has great stuff. these shots are not even worthy to be up but at least i’m hungry to try now. and laura, that’s my new mantra, i won’t let it happen again!


  6. kasey replied:

    i know, i hate to see them go…..


  7. Chessa replied:

    I’m going over there right now to sign the poll and I’m sharing this post on my blog stat! I know there are people who would sign this. Everything you say about Domino completely resonates with me. I love it so. these images are so inspiring. I always take so much from those pages and the website and apply it to my home and personal style. I’ve bought things from so many websites they’ve featured. I go shopping and find myself thinking about their layouts. I love that they say that renters are not second-class citizens! that inspired me to buy fixtures for my rental in Manhattan! long live Domino! I sound like I drank a lil bit of the kool aid but whatever. I love that freaking magazine and Deborah Needleman is a genius.


  8. theparisapartment replied:

    i know what you mean about the kool aid. i feel like i’m saying hey you should see this great movie ‘star wars’!


  9. Sinead replied:

    Oh my gosh, I cannot believe that I have found your blog! I am a big fan of your book — which I didn’t discover until after I moved back from Paris. (I spent more than 10 years there.)

    In any case, I am just heartsick to learn that Domino has folded. I would most definitely pay to access the website and I would have paid more for my subscription, as well. It was an absolutely wonderful magazine and the day it arrived in my mailbox each month was always a jour de fete!


  10. Mimi replied:

    Beautiful images.

    PLEASE be careful with lilies around cats- if ingested, it damages their kidneys and they don’t stand a chance. My vet is adamant about not having them in the house. I love your little kitty- he is too cute!!


  11. Amy replied:

    Those wall coverings in the top photos are phenom! I wish I was brave enough to slap something up like that….


  12. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks mimi, i had no idea
    he was smelling them earlier and we moved them, thank god!

    sinead, i’m glad you found me in person! (virtually :)
    you never know what will happen with domino. maybe the brass will come to their senses…i don’t know why but i still believe it can happen, then again i believe in magic!


  13. renee finberg replied:

    bravo !

    nice shots there ‘miss avadon’



  14. theparisapartment replied:

    you can do it amy!
    hey renee, how’s the north? should we hit palm beach this week for some inspiration?


  15. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall replied:

    Oh, I know. It’s really a sad time, seems all my favorite inspirational mag’s are closing there doors!


  16. Isa replied:

    Your shots are fabulous, and I agree, they should be the first spread in the newly saved Domino!
    All these photos you are showing are making me wish I had paid better attention while I could. While the site is still up, I’ve started a file on my computer that is evergrowing.
    I’d definitely pay more per issue and to access the site. Go, Claudia, go!
    xo Isa


  17. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    I didn’t know how much they were looking for “small” designers and decorators , but anyway they will be missed


  18. Joy replied:

    Y’know, I am really getting more and more bummed about the demise of domino. And it wasn’t a mag I bought, really. After doing so much searching on the internet for moggit I have come to realize that they were really genius – whether you liked it or not, they had “it”. I would pay $5.00 for the mag…



  19. Irene@The Happy Turtle replied:

    ‘Domino’ effect pictures, Claudia! Great! I especially like the candlestick ones. You can do great shadow/light effects with it: from goth to hispanic to jewish, all sorts of decor connotations.
    I also liked the yellow pillow with buttons. Again great for shooting. Apricot would go well with it.
    Nice to know things are running smoothly. Bravo.
    As for Domino, I got word from Petunia, and I do find it sad to see Domino go. Mind you we first saw the Greek edition go, a year ago. Fortunately I have the past volumes, so I thought I’d share the love with style lovers who’d like to join me every Tuesday starting next Tuesday at a “Love Domino Style” meme, sharing a favorite feature, idea, retailer, a bell that rung and made Domino such a trendsetter.
    Keep up the good work.
    All the best,


  20. theparisapartment replied:

    love it! i was wondering what should be ‘domino day’…maybe that’s everyday till they wake up! if they would charge a little more then people would treasure the issues and save them as resources instead of chucking them!


  21. theparisapartment replied:

    hey joy, coming from you that’s a pretty big compliment! to tell you the truth i had a subscription but never even had time to read it. i sort of liked it, thought it was a bit kitsch and never studied it at all. but going through the website archives i was floored! it’s an enormous and exquisite body of work!


  22. Carolyn Green replied:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else could step in and do a similar magazine.

    Nice shots and your kitty looks so cute.



  23. petunia replied:

    Oh! I love Domino Day! I’ll participate! Maybe everyone who is willing to can send their blog link to savedomino.blogspot and she can post all our links in a post on that day? What do you think? And maybe we need to advertise that idea on the new blog?


  24. Joy replied:

    Hey C,
    Just wanted to tell you, we’ve uploaded a poll to our blog – please come by and vote.


    Joy and Janet


  25. {maison classique} replied:

    I’ve posted about this too…and I wondered if they would at least keep the site up. Why ON EARTH will they take down the site?! They can’t afford to run a WEBSITE?! Seriously?! I would think keeping the site up would be a no brainier. And, if they wanted to relaunch once the economy is “better”, then they would still be in touch with their audience. Plus…they just published a book. Can things really be *that* bad that they just have to TOTALLY fold? I’m still pondering this whole situation. I feel a disconnect somewhere.

    Being the business person that I am, I am starting to think that we bloggers have way more power and influence….could design blogs be replacing magazines? I read that their readership was still strong, but is print still the chosen method of advertising for companies?

    Think about it….each blog has its own view, its FREE to look at, fresh content, up to the minute content, and content that is backed by either a design view point or design expertise (in my case, since I am a real life designer). We bloggers have a major opportunity to possibly band together and make one powerhouse directory of all design blogs as a substitute for something many will be missing! (I’m putting this out there because I hope someone will take the idea and run with it, I have zero time to develop an idea like this!). I am a great big picture thinker- so if someone wants to dish….let dish!

    Could blogs be the mags of the future? Should publishing houses get used to this format and offer it…or at least adjust to it? Why not go online with it! Save alllllllll the money in printing! There’s more revenue right there!

    My mind is just racing at all the ways they could still go on, and all the things that we designers/decorators/bloggers can do to fill the void.

    Lets all get thinking!!!

    At this point, their offices are packed and Im sure the direction has come from the higher ups. If anything, they could probably still salvage the website.


  26. theparisapartment replied:

    you’re so right, if the publishing houses can’t figure out how to make it work then they’re just going to go the way of the dinosaur. i mean one boycott and we’d pull the rug out from conde nast from the way they sound. it’s pathetic cause you’re right, it’s nothing to keep the site up and even let the columnists keep their columns and careers. what gets me is that it’s about some phantom bottom line. conde nast is completely out of touch to let this happen. who is in charge??!!
    by the way there are still a bunch of pitbulls who are not letting it go without a fight!


  27. banzy3 replied:

    It’s an inspiration and makes me realise I really most do something with my own place at some point!


  28. Monica Furniture Removal replied:

    What unbelievable photo’s, they really are and they should be shown off too everyone to enjoy. The little extras that you add to a room really make such a difference I wish I had such an eye for detail. I just love your work its amazing.


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