what’s so great about domino magazine?


only EVeRy single THiNg! and conde nast has no clue.

hey guys, happy saturday!


i’m not sure why the domino mag closing really got to me. i spent an hour looking for the shot of the pink daybed, and ended up hypnotized by the sheer magnitude of such a beautiful body of work. (can you believe it was the absolute last photo i found)?

i went to their website, glad it’s still up, knowing it will all disappear at any moment. i’d actually never been before and was incredible to dive into so many layers from the galleries, before and after projects, their blog and columnists, approachable decorators and real people at home.


not to mention inspiration for as long as you can click. it’s hard to believe they only put out 28 issues and made such an impression but going through these images i really see why. having editor deborah needleman’s impeccable point of view obviously helped. these shots are of her apartment as featured in the ny times. but that was then. this is now. her own designs are classic monochromatic but luckily her alter ego went to work and let domino be bold and whimsical, playful and luscious.


what is it that made domino so inspiring (i think) is that each place is shot so beautifully, with the right angle and light, and a perfectionist stylist plumping the pillows perfectly. but they always have a sense of humor and aren’t stuffy like every single other magazine.

collecting these pics got me really studying the angles of the shot, the perspective and seeing that you don’t have to include everything at once. something about domino’s style is completely recognizable, and accessible. it’s definitely inspiring me to work on my photography eye.




so here are a bunch of my faves. i hope that the if mags are going we’re gonna see a lot more of each other’s homes. i know you have great stuff and can whip up curtains and pillows in an hour, not to mention thrift and flea…


so simple and sweet


the above is do die for gorgeous but you can break it down , most are simple looks to achieve is what i’m saying


and lots of this is easy to do with fleamarket finds


or stuff you may already have


well some are a little more involved




(our table)!



things can be even more simple if you get rid of some ahem, accessories you don’t need. and make your own headboard


or use vintage linens


or paint a door turquoise


kelly wearstler’s before and after kitchen is easy to do


and of course use color, color, color!




love the curtain




















this was the reader’s choice winner (above)




thanks domino crew.


this had to be from the marie antoinette shoot they did at alder manor:



it’s really all about the domino people isn’t is? hopefully they’ll be out passing on their talents on blogs and other forums. one of the best parts about the collective was their philosophy:

Domino’s Manifesto

  • Home Should Make You Happy!
  • We swear by the 3 R’s: repaint, repaper, reupholster
  • Steal ideas from other people’s houses
  • Even the insides of the closets & cabinets can be beautiful
  • It’s ok to NOT BE finished
  • A chandelier is as timeless as a black dress
  • Renters need not be second class citizens
  • Sometimes your mistakes become your greatest inspirations
  • DON’T BE AFRAID TO MIX STYLES (Louis XIV and Eero Saarinen should hang out more often)

and this was their website’s mantra, when they believed in paper and ether:

‘Through multimedia and interactivity, the site does what the magazine can’t. It brings to life decorating ideas and personalities with top-notch video house tours. It provides a constant design feed for avid fans, via the Daily Dose, our product-oriented style blog. It reacts to user feedback immediately, and it takes a long view of trends and patterns, bringing a sense of humor and irreverence to our shared obsessions.’

come on conde nast, snap out of it!

January 31, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. julie replied:

    I couldn’t agree with you more…as I scanned Hudson News in Grand Central the other day all I could think was “how can so many magazines be in business… yet Domino is unable to survive.

    Loved the post- fantastic pix! Funny enough I posted my very own homage just this morning.

    Happy to have discovered your blog… will visit often!


  2. Terri replied:

    I think it’s terribly sad that Domino is closing shop. The magazine was everything you said, but most of all it was fresh and fun whilst well-grounded in the classics. Domino has a gorgeous look, with all those punchy colours and interesting patterns and made me absolutely love pink again. It seems there was a little hot pink or vivid blue in so many of their rooms. I can never see that combination without thinking Domino.

    I just don’t get it that Domino didn’t succeed. Isn’t 800,000 readers and all those advertisers enough? I think everyone wants to be a millionaire these days and companies are constantly divesting assets that “underperform”. Too bad the only measure of success is financial. If success were measured by happiness delivered, then Domino would be as “successful” as Exxon.

    RIP Domino. Now I wish I’d bought all the issues. : (


  3. theparisapartment replied:

    julie, i went to your site and what’s amazing is that we have crossover but found such different things! your tribute was priceless i’m glad to meet you too!


  4. Kelli replied:

    I AM SO DISTRAUGHT about Domino’s closing. I can’t believe it! I wish Condé Nast would change their minds and rework the budget!!!


  5. Lucy replied:

    Hi- I can’t imagine the magazine having low readership- the shots are great (perfect lighting too). I am totally out of my mind about that pink daybed. And, the purple wall is something I would never have thought of, it looks fantastic as a backdrop to the white dining area. Great pictures and great post;-)


  6. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks, glad i’m not the only one! i totally agree terri, what’s enough to satisfy that sort machine? it’s a shame too cause they’re so influencial and have great sister magazines. doesn’t someone have an uncle or something?


    • saskia replied:

      Please encourage people to join the facebook group “bring back Domino magazine” to petition Conde Nast to revive it!


  7. Isabel ~ Maison Douce replied:

    What incredibly inspiring pictures… Now I feel like I have missed out on so much… Thanks for sharing these with us, now I am going back to study them better!!


  8. vie chaotique replied:

    I just found out and am sooo upset. If anything happens to Vogue I will die. I thought that Domino was doing great.


  9. Visual Vamp replied:

    I’m linking this great post to my blog post about Domino.
    Conde Nast is not a charity.
    No advertisers, no magazine.
    Too bad we bloggers aren’t rich, because then we could all advertise in Domino and save it.
    Thanks for caring.
    xo xo


  10. Paul replied:

    OMG, Claudia, what a selection of photos! Amazing work, what a treat!


  11. denise replied:

    I’m afraid that I am taking this Domino thing a bit personally, perhaps since I just started doing my apartment. Thanks for the tribute.


  12. petunia replied:

    I love all these pictures. I have many of them stored in my Domino file. I found out about Domino on an Australian website and her take and an Aussie publisher’s take on why Domino is gone is that Americans don’t pay enough for their magazines. If that’s the case, they should have raised the price. We’d all still be buying it! And maybe they shouldn’t have given 75% off the cover price specials. Their site will be up for a few more weeks so that we can dig around the graveyard and save all the stuff we want. I know it’s just a little magazine but it was the best escape to something actually possible and doable ever. It’s enough that the world seems to have imploded. Now we have to start losing the little things that make living in an imploded world better? I mean, it almost feels like we’ve entered an altered universe where it all looks the same but nothing is the same at all because it’s all gone out of business. I will become crazed lunatic girl if Vanity Fair disappears.


  13. Judy replied:

    Gorgeous selection of pics. I will really miss Domino. I loved it. Such a loss to the magazine world.


  14. Queen of Tarte replied:

    I am so sad about the closing of Domino. What is there to look forward to in the mail???? I have every issue and the book and am constantly looking through them for inspiration. I have had the photo of the pink daybed on my inspiration board since it was published and am working on a piece inspired by this photo! Where do we go from here???? …Cindy


  15. Victoria replied:

    The demise of Domino magazine is still baffling to me. And I agree with others that I would have been happy to pay more for the extraordinary designs and ideas they brought to us. I’m a fifty-something and my 30 something bonus daughter turned me on to Domino and now I’m rushing to their site to retrieve photos I’ve missed. I gave up other, older subscriptions that just weren’t doing it for me any more to subscribe to Domino. And if my husband thinks I will pitch any of the years of Domino magazines out, he’s got another thing coming.

    Thanks for sharing your great blog. Love it!


  16. MMW replied:

    I LOVE how you copied and pasted so many photos from their site. I’ve got to do the same before they close up shop for good. Too many great pictures to leave behind. So so so sad they’re leaving us. Thanks for your lovely tribute Paris Apt.


  17. Vicki replied:

    Thanks for sharing such gorgeous pictures from Domino. What is going on?????? I just got my niece a subscription for Christmas???? Decor magazines are my passion and how I relax…what’s a girl gonna do????


  18. cityfarmer replied:

    I’ve always loved this venue…had friends who were featured here.

    please peek in at the kitchen makeover

    missn ya


  19. Ivy Lane replied:

    Thank you for this wonderful collection of images. Many of your faves are mine too! I loved the mission of Domino and can’t believe they closed. I really hope that the staff all found jobs to go to… that would be terrible if they all were just let go…with no plan of action..


  20. Joy replied:

    “… if you get rid of some ahem, accessories you don’t need”
    Oh C, I love you!
    (you’ve mogged again!)



  21. theparisapartment replied:

    i did it for you joy!
    yeah, it’s beyond irresponsible to only look at a bottom line. conde nast will so blow it if they let this go. putting people out of work when they run a viable business. someone else should buy it up. the people? who said the bloggers couldn’t save domino? i did read a couple of places where people agreed they’d pay more for a subscription. so why not? save trees and make the magazines available to the millions who want them but now they’re actually worth something.


  22. Joy replied:

    I second the motion!


  23. Terri replied:

    I went through my issues and counting the issues I never got (but looked up online), it appears there were at least 35 issues, not 28. Still, not long enough! T.


  24. Terri replied:

    Oops, counting the premiere issue (Spring/Summer 2005), I count at least 37 issues up to February 2009.


  25. theparisapartment replied:

    oh that’s good to know!
    ok joy let’s go. maybe we should write a letter to conde nast?


  26. Chessa replied:

    I love Domino. I completely agree with what you say about the magazine, it’s philosophy, how fun and whimsical it is. I love Deborah Needlman. LOVE. I love all of them and really do hope that they spread the love elsewhere. I’d definitely put my name on that letter. I have been a subscriber since day one. I heard about the magazine in Lucky (another great love), went out and bought the first issue and sent my check in two minutes after cracking it open. I have saved every, single one since. sigh.


  27. Chessa replied:

    oh, and, btw, I just read some of the other comments, I was getting the mag for $1 an issue as a “long-time” subscriber (and, probably bc I get so many other Conde Nast mags every month). Whatever the reason, I would definitely be willing to pay more for it.


  28. theparisapartment replied:

    Ok, you’re so right with the $1 issues. i was kidding but here goes:

    Dear Conde Nast,
    We are your audience. Please raise our subscription prices so that you are making a comfortable profit and we are getting the product we want.

    …anything else?


  29. Things That Inspire replied:

    Wow, some of these images are truly iconic in the design blog world.


  30. petunia replied:

    Maybe add to the letter that if they won’t print it, make it a subscription website?


  31. Felicia replied:

    I’ll miss it too.


  32. theparisapartment replied:

    great idea, how would it work?


  33. petunia replied:

    I figure the IT people are already in place. Keeping it online has almost no overhead. And the online response on every blog I’ve seen is overwhelmingly for something to happen to keep it alive. And those people are willing to pay for it. So, will it work? I don’t know but it’ worth looking into or asking them to look into. It could be our “porn” site for fab ideas that we pay to enter. It’s hardly an original idea. Just think of how many pay to view sites there are and they are making big bucks.


  34. petunia replied:

    I read somewhere there were 800,000 subscribers. So, based on that number, if everyone one of them paid $4.99 (just a random number I am using, could be more, but can’t be less) to access the website, Domino would take in $3,992,000. annually. Not too bad for an online business. It already has built in customers and more will follow because many don’t want a magazine subscription but will pay for a site they can go to. And all the closing tributes have garnered new interest in a magazine some didn’t even know existed but now want to read. Upside for us: No more magazines to store, easier way to file ideas and images, no more mailman to wait for…you know all the other positives to this.. It should be a win/win. It -can- be a win/win.


  35. theparisapartment replied:

    brilliant! btw that 800,000 number is from the ny times. look how much they’re writing about it:
    we could beg for mercy but how do you rationalize with a company who closes vogue living and house and garden? who’s running Artful Blogger or Scrapbookers Soiree? it just seems like there are tons of small publishers out there. i wonder if the domino crew would ever do something like keep their columns going and run it themselves? they’re the ones who created it!
    i’ll work on the letter anyway…


  36. theparisapartment replied:

    this is the only place i’ve found so far to email them in any way.


  37. petunia replied:

    This is my last thought, well, last thought for tonight! I think they should give us six months to make it work.


  38. Carolyn Green replied:

    Loved your post ~ so many inspirational rooms, colours“ and ideas, thank you.
    Also like the Domino’s Manifesto.

    Have a great week.



  39. petunia replied:

    Not done thinking yet! We don’t rationalize with them. We bring them numbers. A couple of ways that can be done is through a link to a website where supporters can register their e-mail address or link a post of support from their blog. It could be done with something similar to what The Inspired Room is doing with her Friday post links. Another way the numbers could be collected it through a blog button people can post on their blogs sidebars. When clicked on, it could take each person to a petition that could be forwarded to Domino. Maybe others have a better idea of how to capture the numbers? But, it will come down to dollars and numbers. I think, as I read across blog-land, that the interest is there. Now it is time to put our names where our complaint is and show them that the blogosphere is a powerful force. We are the face of today. We are interconnected and I believe if we band together, we can and will be heard. Our numbers will bring views to advertisers who are smart enough to join with us and advertise on the Domino site. We can feel bad and just let this happen or we can feel bad, get mad and try to do something historical all in the name of a little jewel on the crown of the magazine world.


  40. theparisapartment replied:

    petunia, we’re soul sisters! i’m not sure why we’re so passionate and truly believe it can be different but we are and do! thanks for the letter you composed. i’ll post it today if anyone wants to print it out and send it to conde nast all they have to do is push print. maybe it will be like the letters to santa in ‘miracle on 34th street’ if enough of us send it in!


  41. Tricia replied:

    Oh, thank you for standing up for Domino magazine!!….. I was so sad too when I found out it was shutting it’s doors.
    Thank you for posting so many gorgeous photos. Pure delight and inspiration!


  42. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    great post and great ode to this fantastic magazine !
    this is a great lost


  43. Toe replied:

    I love all those Images. Such eye candy I’m drooling on the keyboard. Good stuff!


  44. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    great post and great ode to this fantastic magazine !
    this is a big lost


  45. the bridal wishlist replied:

    have no clue is an understatement. i looked at my current issue and sighed. thanks for the post. i am also all for raising the subscription price if it helps. :-(


  46. SHARON replied:

    Great post! The room with orange walls, and the one with the fuschia chair, and orange and pink curtains – my favorites!


  47. cassandra replied:

    such wonderful images – and so many of them i had forgotten about! i’m going to have to spend an entire day on their site, just downloading them to tuck away for future posts and inspiration. thank you for such a lovely tribute to my favorite mag! it will be missed.


  48. Betsy replied:

    I started a blog to save Domino! Please join me in my personal crusade to convince Conde Naste to save Domino!! Tell everyone you know – we have to stop this!!



  49. Karen replied:

    I had an old Domino magazine ad I was keeping . I think it was from Sept or Oct of 2005 . It was on a postcard in the magazine . It showed a dining room painted blue and brown . I think it was a paint advertisement . Sherwin Williams paint maybe ? If anyone can recall that ad , please let me know . I am searching for the colors & picture . Thank You


  50. carrie @ bloomacious.com replied:

    I’ve heard a rumor that Domino is coming back – (I always thought they would in at least digital form) – has anyone else heard anything?


  51. jngignac replied:

    love this post. i didnt read all of the comments, so im sure ill repeat some of the aforementioned sentiments, but this truly was one of the best home/decor publications-actually it was one of THE best magazines on the market. i did read the first girl’s comment and totally agree, how can so many horrible magazines (does rachel ray ring a bell?) survive and not domino. i religiously follow design*sponge, which was founded by grace bonney (a former domino employee) and i am constantly impressed by her taste, style and ability to find so much inspiration online. but while i do love an online blog, sometimes it is nice to step back from the computer and crack open a new mag. just joined the facebook group ‘bring back domino magazine’, so if you really want to see it again PLEASE join me in trying to create a loud cry for this magazine to come back to newsstands!


  52. Xiomara replied:

    I loved reading every little bit of this Domino homage. I had subscribed to Domino since it started and grateful that I have all the issues. I have friends who wanted to borrow them but I’m glad I refused and just made scans of pages they wanted ;-) I know how friends can misplace the stuffs they borrowed from you.

    Domino helped me decorate my house. It’s a mix of traditional Asian styleinfused with Japanese anime pop. I’ve had that idea for a while and reading Domino told me that it was OK to mix things up ;-)


  53. Small Bathroom Inspiration | therecomesayes.com replied:

    […] from top: Lonny / Domino via The Paris Apartment / […]


  54. channing [channingosity] replied:

    … and, domino is back!! although it is in ‘special edition’ form for one spring issue, i am still so excited! just heard about this today and came across your blog when searching for more details!

    it’s called “domino: quick fixes” + is scheduled for publication on 4.17.12 – http://www.dominomag.com/

    looks like there is another special edition coming out in the fall too, as shown in this press release: http://curbed.com/archives/2012/02/07/domino-will-officially-be-reborn-in-newsstand-only-form.php

    your blog is gorgeous + fab. love it!

    yay + cheers!


  55. Hattie replied:

    Since this area is not visible to the eye, chances are that you can rip off the wooden bottom of the cushion and not worry
    about how it looks. Sewing Can Create Unique, Beautiful
    Designs:. STEP 5 – Paint the chair with the color of your


  56. Oh…OH…AUBERGINE!!! Purple’s Sexiest Hue Warms Up Rooms for Fall » Home Glow Design replied:

    […] Domino Magazine via The Paris Apartment […]


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