i wish every day could be like this


hello chère friends! i hope your week is going well and that life is taking it easy on you at the moment. they can’t all be great days but this one started very early and i was up for 3 hours before checking anything electronic! it meant sunrise, a long bike ride and yoga on the beach. yesterday an important lost receipt led to a full blown coma-ending blindness about the state of my files. suddenly all i want to do is be organized and not just at the end of the year. i spent all day yesterday on tedious book keeping.

anyway, the best part was that it gave me some free time and finally the chance to accept the honor of a blog award from my friend, petunia with out having internet guilt. soooo without further ado, i get to tag some for same honor! i just randomly chose a few blogs off the recent comments and i could go on and on! some are friends and others my first time visiting. i have to get back to micromanaging but i hope some new friends are made today!


the first picture and these shoes are from her blog. need i say more?


oh yeah, and you can fantasize about the real estate she finds…go back in the archives!


then there’s the talented lisa golightly who i met in san fran last week. her work is so beautiful. so is she! hey girl! can you believe i left the paper we bought on the plane?



i’m not a josephine lover per se but was glad to get to this new land



i mean, she had this shot too, come on…


oh and nicole was a new and exciting discovery. her portraits are magnificent!



another new friend with pretty things to say. and edward at the helm




oh and isa! great to meet you too, these photos are spectacular!



well this is zara home but it’s from her blog


another of my idols, vicki is coming out with a new book soon…



carolyn and i met in paris for some blogger fleamarketing between groups last year. we had so much fun! hang on there you little tomatopie!



and i guess it’s not hard to see why meeting samantha was wildly cool. check out Angry Women in Party Dresses



and of course a great big thank you to petunia for bestowing this just when i needed it, i was really feeling like the girl she featured below but thankfully now feel like the girl above. nothing’s changed but perspective so it wasn’t too hard! xoc



January 28, 2009. awards, Blogroll, illustration, Paris, Photography.


  1. Judith replied:

    Claudia! Thank you so much! :) I am so glad you visit my blog let alone mention it on yours! And, this company, I am thrilled! Thank you so much and I wish everyday be as perfect for you as this one!


  2. Vicki Archer replied:

    Thank you Claudia – you are an angel, xv.


  3. theparisapartment replied:

    geez i should do this more often =]


  4. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Thank you for sharing these blogs with us. Some are new for me and I already love them.


  5. Kathleen replied:

    Hi Claudia! I can sooo identify with you in the “emergency state dis-organization” especially in my office right now! I must get in there and purge!!!
    Can’t wait to go peek at these blogs!
    Love that doorway at teh beginning fo your post…I’d like to start everyday seeing that!
    xo Kathleen


  6. Lucy replied:

    Thank you so much for placing me with such great company! Some, I’m pleased to already know very well, and now, thanks to your links, I’ll get to know the others as well!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Claudia. Please come again. I love your blog;-)


  7. theparisapartment replied:

    oh this is really fun, i want to do it again and again!


  8. petunia replied:

    Hi Claudia!

    I love this post with new links to new blogs I haven’t seen before and I love your blog every day! Thank you for giving so much.


  9. theparisapartment replied:

    hey lady, now you have to do it too!


  10. Di Overton replied:

    Congratulations – well deserved. Looks like I am going to be tied up visiting these links they are so tempting – thanks


  11. Isa replied:

    Hi Claudia!
    I’m beyond honored for you to put me in such beautiful company. I was quite shocked to see my blog listed here, and I thank you for the mention and for taking the time to come and visit me in my little corner of the world.
    Your blog is spectacular and it inspires me and brings me joy on a dailly basis :) I can’t wait to explore all these treasures I haven’t seen before!
    xo Isa


  12. Lisa Golightly replied:

    Oh my gosh … how sweet are you ? I’m just scrolling down drooling over one pic after another… la dee da …and there I am ! What beautiful company too ! Bummer about the paper … you made some flight attendant in Miami very happy I’m sure ! XOL


  13. lora replied:

    Hi Claudia,

    I hate to say that I’m usually just a lurker, a sucker fish, a leach really. I love my blogs and appreciate the photos and information and chattiness in them, but never comment. I’m shy.

    But I sooooo love your blog and appreciate the time and energy you put into finding such delicious photos. I just had to tell ya. Thanks ever so.


  14. szaza replied:

    Hi Claudia!

    I’ve been drooling over your blog for about a year now— imagine my surprise when I saw my drawing on your post! Thank you so much! I feel honoured :)

    How you find such gorgeousness to share with us is impressive and truly appreciated.

    Thank you.


  15. theparisapartment replied:

    you guys are so funny! i’m thrilled we’re all connected and know that it’s gonna bring good things!


  16. bangkok apartment replied:

    hi Claudia!

    Thank you so much!



  17. myfrenchawakening replied:

    Hello Claudia,
    It’s wonderful you’ve found your niche and still wanting to improve all the details daily. Inspiring to say the least and very generous with other people’s skills and crafts I see. I love the honesty in your work.Also about your organized existence…life’s spontaneity and messiness can lead to great experiences!All the very best, Therese


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