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these boulangeries are everywhere, really affordable and authentic french food. the croissant and baguette sandwiches were great!

hey guys! seems like i just got here and it’s over right this very minute! i forgot my camera on so many occasions that i almost gave up posting about san fran. but when renee called to check in yesterday she was not hearing that! she convinced me to retrace my steps. i accepted the challenge, hopped on a bus (love the one that goes up van ness. it’s $1.50 in coins), and started shooting!

on the bus i got a call from lynn who was ready to run around again so off we went on another adventure by car! these are some random hilights




market at the UN on wednesday


passing by the pretty old theaters


off the bus you can see so much more detail of course, like adorable toy stores. this was a puzzle in a train specialty shop


great displays


got off on polk street by union and ran into a great store called jak. turns out the exterior was designed by the man who did the carvings at the hearst mansion. he didn’t want to live on site so he created this little workshop that jack now rents. it’s all in the book below:





polk turned out to be a great street with lots of amazing places




swallowtail can really merchandise, making me want everything in the store


tiny crowns in ‘past perfect’ antique collective. lynn is a crown expert and i always look at them when we’re together



carol at interior visions may end up carrying some tpa stuff! glad i went back and revisited afterall and will post the rest later. and now to the airport!

January 22, 2009. Antique Shopping, Blogroll, California, Friends, Travel.


  1. szaza replied:

    Oh my Boulange!
    I just recently left SF and your photos flooded me with memories— La Boulange de Polk was my favourite sketching spot. Polk was my ‘hood for years. Thanks— you have a lovely blog!


  2. Lucy replied:

    Oh I love San Francisco! My honeymoon (almost 23 years ago)! Thanks for bringing back sweet meomories.


  3. Joy replied:

    I love seeing the world through your eyes!



  4. Fairfax replied:

    I would love to see that Julia Morgan book. I’ll bet it’s incredible.


  5. Kelli replied:

    Everything looks great there! Wish I could spend more time up north, that wonderful city has something for everyone!


  6. Jill replied:

    I adore the pagoda streetlight! Wow…


  7. Kathleen replied:

    Sorry it went by so quickly! Polk Street looks like a full day of FUN! LOVE that pink bistro set…aaahhhh! Now I want one….hmmmm….
    safe journey home!


  8. Jennifer Moore replied:

    San Fran has one of the best Chinatowns in the U.S. Actually, I am going to proclaim right now, it IS the best! : ) Enjoy the rest of your trip. Safe travels.


  9. Bonnie replied:

    I haven’t been to SF in years… I’m so glad you went back to retrace your steps and take these pictures. They are wonderful! Thank you for sharing them!


  10. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    I love the swallowtall displays . The reliquaries hearts are gorgeous


  11. cityfarmer replied:

    I’m swept away by rhinestomnes and chandeliers



  12. Elaine replied:

    San Francisco looks fabulous. I always wanted to travel there. Love the first shot of the boulangerie, great color!

    Looks like you are really enjoying your time on the West Coast! You found some fascinating places.


  13. theparisapartment replied:

    well i’m back in miami! these shots were the tip of the iceberg. for a 7 x 7 mile city it sure is packed with loot, great people and action. i’d love to move to cali for a year but have no idea where to plant roots, it’s all so tempting!


  14. lynn replied:

    Welcome Home! You must be pooped! Claudia, my great-grandfather did woodcarving for Hearst Castle too. He lived there for awhile and worked with Julia Morgan. Here is a post I did.
    I never knew about that building in the City. I’ll have to check it out!


  15. Chessa replied:

    you said you forgot your camera but I love what you’ve captured! I love the details of shops like this. I can spend hours in a tiny corner just examining and loving all the items. sigh.


  16. Linda replied:

    Makes me want to book a flight to SF right now. What a beautiful city.


  17. theparisapartment replied:

    combine it with 70 degree weather, an inauguration and cali good vibrations and it’s pure heaven! buy LYNN! i had no idea about you grandfather! i just went and read the post and it’s amazing. PLEASE put together a book on this wonderful man, his life, techniques and accomplishments! The carvers are such unsung heroes and make so much of life more beautiful!!


  18. Carolyn replied:

    Claudia! Don’t you just adore SF?? I was there in August and miss it dearly. You should check out a little shop called Stumasa ( b/c the owner also does fabulous calligraphy ( My sister got me a stamp of my name for Christmas from her. Anyway, i miss you oodles and can’t wait for our reunion!


  19. Kate replied:

    The Julia Morgan book is well worth the read. Very interesting woman and well ahead of her time. Thank goodness people saw her vision and let her build. How I wish I could have worked with her.


  20. Bonnie replied:

    You made it to Cali at the perfect time! I don’t know if it’s much different in SF but …. it rained in Los Angeles before you got here, then the sun came out for as week of fabulous weather, and now it started raining in LA again last night… Its a (LA) cold rainy day today too. So glad to hear you had such a wonderful trip!


  21. theparisapartment replied:

    hey kate, can’t you just imagine working with her? it must have been perfection overdrive! it’s so hard to believe each of these buildings was carved by hand and laid brick by brick. so much taken for granted these days and i’m glad to share the passion with you guys! and hey catherine, when’s our reunion? bonnie, i’m still coming to LA, i swear!


  22. Ulla replied:

    What a wonderful time you had! Isn’t the blogging world FABULOUS!!!


  23. Judith replied:

    HI Claudia! How did I miss this post before! Fantastic!

    The pics of all of the shoes spilling onto the floor (fyi the shoes spilling all over my closet floor do not look half as pretty ;) are from this site Moda Pra Ler ( which is a beautiful site. I reccommend taking some time out for that one (they have photos of Worth dresses and so much eye candy)!
    I’m getting, like, 60% better about cataloging my pics! I think of you every time I post a pic…you’re helping me be more organized! I hope you enjoy the site and I’m so happy you liked my post! I think maybe we were two ladies of the court back in the day!
    Best wishes my Friend!


  24. Judy replied:

    What a stunning little pictoral view of one of my favorite cities. I wanted to be there with you to SHOP until we dropped! Loved the crown…



  25. The Deco Detective replied:

    I want to go there some day. I’m more into window shopping than actual shopping (the side effects of having a tiny apartment with absolutely no extra storage)! I loved the Swallowtail shop interior, bet they sell some extra stuff just because of the natural light from the ceiling window!


  26. YSLGuy replied:

    I love those heart jewel things. They have Marie Antoinette’s monogram on them. I would love to have one of those. I have to get to San Fran at some point. Thanks for posting.


  27. Isa replied:

    I am so glad that you went back and snapped this shots – I love San Francisco, and thank you for the gorgeous virtual trip! You photos are beautiful, and you’ve given me the itch to shop — and I wish it were on Polk! Too bad Swallowtail doesn’t have a working website. :(

    xo Isa


  28. theparisapartment replied:

    see what bloggers can do? renee guilted me into going and it was so worth it, just for the fact that you all enjoyed it!


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