keys to the castle


castle, chateau, crib, call it what you will but the good news is we’re going in! tomorrow night hgtv is going to air a new season of ‘keys to the castle‘ where they take us inside these living fairytales.


this is one they feature, i don’t know how many we’ll tour per episode but it looks like pure bliss


check out more of the gardens here (this shot from perseverando on flickr)

below is chateau brissac, another fantasy come to life


how exciting to get to go inside!



of course i got off the track researching this endlessly inspiring topic. below is chateau d’ usse, said to have inspired Jean Perreau to write fairytale “Sleeping Beauty”. i didn’t see this one listed on the series but got pulled into it anyway.


and i just fell in love with this picture of chenonceau castle by eric rousset on flickr


maybe we weren’t the lucky ones born to live in these beauties, but staying in one is closer than you may think. for a special occasion, visit castles for rent and maybe live the dream yourself one day!

ps: special thanks to bonnie for all your help on this post with links and pics! ok back to reality in sunny san fran!

January 17, 2009. Architecture, Castles, France, Hotels, Real Estate, Travel.


  1. Judith replied:

    Oh! I’m in heaven…I’m going to set my DVR right now! Thanks for the heads up and the beautiful post! You’re a girl after my own heart!!!


  2. petunia replied:

    I hadn’t heard about this show. Imagine me not knowing when castle tours would be on TV! The DVR has been set. Thanks, Claudia! Your pics of SF are great. I love the sidewalk cafes. Actually, I love everything about that city. Once I spent a whole day walking around eating a huge bag of fortune cookies I bought in China town. I had a big stomach ache by dinner time but now, the taste of them takes me right back there. It’s all good!


  3. Jamie replied:

    love the castle peeking out behind the trees


  4. renne replied:

    My God, that last castle (chateau) looks like something painted by Vincent Van Gough!


    • Monica Furniture Removal replied:

      Renne, you are so right there that does look just like one of his paintings its absolutely breath taking and wow what a program that allows one inside,


  5. renne replied:

    OOOPS…sooo sorry, that’s van Gogh!


  6. clarice replied:

    Sighhhh, I can not imagine living in such beauty and grandeur. Talk about a storybook. Clarice


  7. Paul replied:

    Wow, absolutely gorgeous, Claudia!
    Amazing photos.


  8. Visual Vamp replied:

    I’ve seen the promo commercials for this show, and i hope the show is better than the corny moats and renaissance fair decor they are showing ha ha.
    Your photo essay is beautiful.
    Wish you were producing the show ha ha!
    xo xo


  9. Isa replied:

    Since seeing a commerical on TV for this, Poor Tired Husband and I have been waiting for weeks to see this show! I’m in heaven seeing these photos as a tasty little appetizer! That Rousset photo is unbelievable! It’s so surreal. Gorgeous!
    I hope the show does justice to the properties. I have it all set to tape, so if it’s wonderful, I can watch it over, and over, over again. :)
    xo Isa


  10. The Lil Bee replied:

    OMG how gorgeous. I could get happy lost for days in a garden like that. And that top photo is enchanting.


  11. Amy replied:

    I was going to say ‘ooooooh – I’d love to live in that castle!’ but then I thought about my pets. They’d have a nervous breakdown trying to find me all the time. A Golden who already has separation anxiety when I throw out the garbage – can you imagine in a castle? eesh…LOL


  12. Y. replied:

    Incredible! I don’t think I’d want to leave.


  13. theparisapartment replied:

    hey guys! can’t believe it but they don’t have hgtv in my hotel, how bourgeois! looks like i’m gonna miss this episode so let me know how it was. if it’s not up to your standards, we’ll do our own version! =]


  14. Bonnie replied:

    You’re welcome Claudia! I just love seeing these kind of places. Everybody are you watchin it? Im watchin it right now! It’s really good, I like it! Interesting how they interview the families who live in them. Very informative too. Makes my potential renovating challenges seem like a piece of cake! My kitchen doesn’t really need renovating for another 100 years. And maybe I can just turn my water damage problems into a moat! Get some gators and that will solve my security issues… I hope they show more castles like these in a series. There are plenty of more in other countries too!


  15. Kelli replied:

    Looks like you are having a wonderful time in SF. It is truly a wonderful city!
    The show was beautiful and I plan to post a recap tomorrow. I wish we could do our own chateaux tours, that would be a dream come true!


  16. The Red Velvet Shoe replied:

    So glad I stopped by, sounds like a great way to spend some time (besides the fact we’re snowed in!)



  17. Isabel ~ Maison Douce replied:

    Oh, my goodness, I can’t miss that show… Thanks for letting us know!!


  18. Bueller replied:

    Just found your blog! Fabulous!!


  19. theparisapartment replied:

    sounds like it was as fab as we all hoped! guess i’ll be watching for it to re-run when i get back. kelly i’m looking forward to your post about it. glad you found me bueller, and stay warm michelle!


  20. The Learning Connection! replied:

    Sounds wonderful!


  21. Kathleen replied:

    I saw this last night…it was divine, wasn’t it? I love to dream of the day I’ll visit storybook castles with my Prince Charming…one of these days!
    Have a happy week!


  22. renee finberg replied:

    you are living a super exciting adventure my dearie !!!
    i am loving this post !!



  23. theparisapartment replied:

    oh you know it renee! i’m on the go go go! truth is i can’t wait to get back and sit still awhile…


  24. Chessa replied:

    I watched it! It was so great. I would feel a bit overwhelmed but I liked how one of them had separate living quarters that seemed more like a home and really down to earth. And, what would I do for that wine cellar?!


  25. Di Overton replied:

    This programme must be hugely popular in the US where you have no castles. I love to enter these places that seem to have stopped in time. We are surrounded by them in Northumberland many of which are just ruins but some that are beautifully preserved.


  26. Casey replied:

    Oh, thanks for the nostalgic smile on this very cold day. We visited both Villandry (where they have my ideal, boxwood-walled lawn) and Chenonceaux, which was just a flower-girl’s dream, and the thoughts of them fill one with a warm glow. I’m so sorry that I missed the show, but hopefully they’ll re-run.


  27. theparisapartment replied:

    i’m banking on the re-run too casey, and it seems we’re the only ones who haven’t caught it yet :(
    oh, and di, i can only imagine you living among the castle relics…maybe you should host a version in the uk!


  28. Eric Rousset replied:

    Bonjour, evitez de prendre des photos sous copyright sans demander la permission de l’auteur .Merci par avance


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