wintertime will be a love in there


(image by darwin bell)

bon soir, gang

wish i had some energy but after an exhausting day working with liz when her assistant fell thru i can’t even look at my laptop. so i’m off to bed with a hello with the last bit i can muster. tomorrow it’s off to SF for the week and i have a couple things more to do before i pass out sitting up…sweet dreams! xoc

January 15, 2009. San Francisco, Travel.


  1. petunia replied:

    Have a wonderful time in San Fran. So much good food to eat there! I love that City.


  2. Kelly replied:

    So glad that you are visiting the city — the weather has been beautiful here this week!:)


  3. Vicki replied:

    Have a safe trip to SF and enjoy your time there!!!!


  4. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks guys, i’m excited it’s supposed to be glorious weather! kelly, where are you? we should have coffee!


  5. Kathleen replied:

    safe trip wishes to you!
    ; D


  6. Lisa Golightly replied:

    Hey Claudia ! Have a great time in the city … I’ll be enjoying the weather there this weekend as well ! 67 – 70 degrees …. woo hoo !!


  7. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks kathleen! lisa, you should join kelly and me for a coffee!


  8. colleen replied:

    Have a wonderful time, I can’t wait to see pics I am sure you will take of the fabulous stores I never get to because I am chained to mine :) If you get down the coast I’d love it if you stopped by.


  9. Kelli replied:

    Bon voyage C! Wish you were heading south a bit, would love to meet you over a drink! Perhaps next time you are in LA??


  10. renee finberg replied:

    Get rest & be good !

    : ) wink wink



  11. Jennifer Moore replied:

    Enjoy San Fran! I am always amazed at how cold SF can get at night.


  12. Tammy replied:

    San Francisco! My favorite city, after Paris, bien sur! :)


  13. theparisapartment replied:

    hey guys! i made it…we’re in a panoramic room but i just realized that i forgot my adapter for the memory card :(
    i’ll see what i can find out there. it’s gorgeous so i should go exploring anyway now instead of working so off i go!


  14. Lisa Golightly replied:

    Would love to meet you and Kelly … Sat .. Sun ? Good luck and have fun !


  15. theparisapartment replied:

    hi lisa, i’m going to email you and kelly right now and see if you want to meet in union square this afternoon. can’t wait to meet you!


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