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off the desktop that is!

hi guys, can i just take a moment and tell you how much i adore you? without you it just wouldn’t be any fun at all! thankfully you are here and please know i’ll be there to visit too, i really fell behind with the holidays and am back at cruising speed, at least for tonite.



and thank you mom and dad for all you do. i know i’m a lot of daughter. =]
i got these images with about 30 others from the manhattan picture library when i was there for the holidays. i had a big article due and my dad scanned them all perfectly somewhere between chopping wood and making the feasts. these are two i had a hard time parting with. they weren’t originals but they were really old and hand colored, really small and detailled like tiny blueprints. these pics don’t do them justice, but the scans do!


the picture library is amazing. it’s across from the main branch on 5th ave and is a goldmine for illustrations and pics from every area of life. and you can borrow them for 3 weeks! i just mailed mine back today, i loved having them around but they were due last week so i bid farewell. i can’t post any more cause they’re for an article i always wanted to write and finally finished. my editor pushed me and i bucked but am glad it’s in the can as they say! (i have a hard time finishing anything)! anyway it’s on a subject i just adore, the french salon hostesses.

these sketches weren’t salons but i imagine it did look a lot like it…this artist probably frequented a few himself


i think one’s a wedding and would love to know exactly what they say. melanie? dad? traduisez sil vous plait ;)


well i better get back to it, blogging i love but a site i must build…what with my big mouth and all. but guess that’s what it might take to finish it, just like the article! i’m leaving for san fran on thursday for the fancy food show and to see my college roomie, mb so it’s now or never with a second shift from 6 to midnite! bon nuit and sending you love, c


January 12, 2009. art, France, illustration, Life, Paris Apartments, Salon Hostesses of France.


  1. petunia replied:

    I have never heard of a picture library. I wonder if there is one in LA. I would love spending a day in a place like that. You never fail to amaze me with very cool pictures to look at and new information to think about. I love the colors in these images. Do tell us when and where to look for your article. And I want to know the final(?) name of the kitty as well!


  2. Kathleen replied:

    These pictures are beautiful! i’ve never heard of a picture library, either…awesome!
    You’ll let us know when your article is published?!


  3. theparisapartment replied:

    ok is it wrong that i still call him kitten? as for the mag, bien sur! i love seeing the layout once you give away the pics and text. it’s romantic homes and they have an amazing team of creative ladies. i know a lot of you write for them too. if not, you could always submit something! and i’d love to know if you do find there’s a picture library in LA, petunia…


  4. renee finberg replied:

    this is amazing.


  5. cityfarmer replied:

    don’t you love me anymore???

    sniff sniff


  6. theparisapartment replied:

    are you crazy? i live for you! you never put your url in your comment anymore so i can’t just click and come over!


    here it is and i’m heading over now!
    ps i just signed up as one of your followers…is it me or is the term weird? well it’s you so i don’t care! xoxoc


  7. petunia replied:

    It’s not you. Follewers sounds kinda sheep-ish to me. “My List of Readers” might be better or “Loyal Peeps”?


  8. violette replied:

    Lovely pictures that I would actually see printed on fabrics !

    Wish you a great year !
    Hugs from France !


  9. cybill replied:

    I agree with violette, I’d just love to see these pictures printed on fabric, that would be brilliant. I love the first image and the handwriting underneath is just great.



  10. Isa replied:

    Oooo these are so dreamy! I’d love to know if there is a picture library in LA, too! I could visit that one!
    Is that a peacock feather tree in the wedding one? I could stare at these for hours. I’d have a very difficult time returning them. eep!
    xo Isa


  11. Claudia replied:

    oh i had the hardest time returning them, especially since a lost picture is only a $5 fee!
    It’s a great idea to print them on fabric, make soft linen pillows or something, i do have the scans, so now i just have to figure out how to print. why that seems daunting i’m not sure…


  12. petunia replied:

    Nothing wrong with calling him Kitten! Maybe that is just his name. My gf had a cat she called Meowies. Some kitten names just stick! So, now we need a current picture of his little self.


  13. parisbyparis replied:

    i bought some hand colored prints from the vanves flea market last month and thought of our day there … brrrr


  14. ♥Candi♥ replied:

    Gorgeous images!!! Thank you for sharing them with us. Congrats on being featured in these wonderful publications!


  15. Carolyn Green replied:

    Hi Claudia,

    Beautiful pictures ~ I adore the soft colours.

    Thank you for sharing and congratulations on being featured in a publication.
    What is the name of the magazine you are published in?
    as I would like to look out for it and buy a copy.



  16. gerri ward replied:

    I am solely mesmerized by the beauty of these divine pictures and this amazing heavenly blog – I luv it!


  17. theparisapartment replied:

    amazing you are! and i promise new kitten pics soon! tomorrow i’m working on a styling project with liz that’s has a 7am call time. (she didn’t tell me that when she asked me to assist her)! and so to bed,
    bon nuit!


  18. Di Overton replied:

    What fabulous pictures.


  19. Country French Antiques replied:

    These are wonderful and just loving the fact that your Dad scanned them for you!
    You gotta know your loved!!
    Have a beautiful day!


  20. theparisapartment replied:

    they spoil me rotten, i gotta say :)
    can’t imagine a day without them.


  21. redefining the art of conversation – The Paris Apartment replied:

    […] […]


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