cleaning up my desktop


Alfred Stieglitz

bonsoir good friends! hope you’re having a good night in when you read this :)

above is nyc in winter of 1892. it’s my first out of new york in 20 years!


you know how you collect stuff every day and then start to lose it in folders and the shuffle? i’ve been tying make a couple of deadlines and focus on finishing things (my achilles heel). i keep saving things on my desktop, i have no idea where they’re from but just wanted to post them instead of filing them away. they’re just inspiration for me, hope for you too. of course there are about 100 more but i really should get back to work!


but i have the links in my history and will add then when i get a chance. right. i will try!

wouldn’t these would be cool for a coloring book? or is it just me…




goodbye to eartha kitt


louis icart

just thought you’d enjoy them before they’re ether somewhere


these are miniatures!


i do love a tiny world! check this out if you have a minute

ok c’est tout, sweet dreams!

January 7, 2009. art, Design, illustration, Miniatures, New York.


  1. Charlie replied:

    C. What an amazing photo of Eartha Kitt! She was a real beauty! Lovely!


  2. Things That Inspire replied:

    Love this post…like a stream of consciousness using images!


  3. Jamie replied:

    hello, lovely images i just saw the top image on another blog, love it!!


  4. Judith replied:

    I loe the miniatures and the Icart Beautiful as always Claudia!!!


  5. petunia replied:

    “Santa Baby” made me sad for the first time ever this year. I usually grab my favorite boa and prance around like an idiot when I hear Eartha sing it. This year it was another loss on the pile of losses racked up in 2008. I love the picture you posted of her.


  6. Vicki Archer replied:

    Love the black and white’s Claudia, xv.


  7. zelda replied:

    cool desktop ! clean more often please ;-)


  8. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    When I opened your post! I thought you will talk about snow because IT IS SNOWING A LOT in Provence( anyway no matter what your posts are about , they are always great)…The photo of eartha kitt is divine.


  9. wendy replied:

    Gorgeous images:) we would love some of that snow it is very hot in Sydney!


  10. Luphia replied:

    the miniture rooms are stunning!


  11. renee finberg replied:

    louis icart !!!
    i love him so very much.
    he was the very first thing i purchased for my 1st apt on e 58th st in nyc. it was a framed poster of the girl and the chow.
    i had nothing else but a mattress , and louis of course.



  12. Isa replied:

    Hi Claudia! I just found your blog, and it’s wonderful. Those minatures are amazing! I agree with Zelda – clean your desktop often, please. LOL.

    xo Isa


  13. Kate replied:

    what a lovely blog your have, i love your photos
    hope your having a happy new year, please ck out
    our blogs
    thanks again


  14. My Melange replied:

    stunning pic of eartha, what a beauty


  15. cheryl McCoy replied:

    It takes talent to be so eclectic! Love the images, and info.
    Thanks so much!


  16. theparisapartment replied:

    wow! i see some old friends and lots of new ones too! i’m so happy you liked the pics, scary but i have 10,000 images on my laptop so guess i know what to do with them now =]
    i plan on stopping by to see everyone’s new year’s posts so if you haven’t heard from me, you will. i’m so glad you were here, thank you for your friendship!


  17. zecourlis replied:

    the icart pîcture is very nice !


  18. Carol replied:

    Darling, simply fabulous! As always.
    NYC will look like that tomorrow, we’re expecting 4-8″ of the white stuff.
    I got lost in the miniature world, totally amazing!
    I too agree, clean that desk off more often.
    ; )


  19. theparisapartment replied:

    jamie, do you know which blog the pic was from? add labeling my photos part of my new regime. and i agree to tidy up more often. random stream of consciousness posting is fun and cleansing!


  20. Denali replied:

    The New York picture is definitely Alfred Stieglitz.
    An amazing photographer that I’m sure you couldn’t possibly duplicate.


  21. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks denali! i’ll credit him, and you’re right, those days are long gone, at least the horse and carriage. It’s actually a snow storm in the city as i type this so some things will never change. it would be cool to shoot the exact angle today.


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