i can’t go on


hi friends, hope you’re enjoying a night of fun filled blogging visits and cheer!me? i’m still running ragged in ny and leaving for miami in the am.

if you’d like cheery, tonites’s just not the night. it’s bit of a dramatic title but truly my work/life has got the best of me right now. i desperately need to comprehend a few major lessons so i can move on. stop repeating mistakes and do what it’s gonna take to stop butting my (ram) head.

at least there’s an end in sight just knowing that.

this was me at my big client’s clients’ place. it made him look bad and that’s the worst.

i just want to learn to do things the best way, from old mistakes not new ones.


i wish i could show you something beautiful from the exquisite apartment, i took amazing shots today. being the bad part of it was devastating.

please, may this be a catalyst that incites change on all levels!

the good news is i have one more shot…

December 30, 2008. Architecture, Design, Dreams, New York.


  1. Mimi replied:

    Try to keep it in perspective, hard though it may seem right now. In 10 years time, will it even matter at all?

    Find some space to take deep breaths, and focus on something good. There is always some hiding in there, somewhere.



  2. AP replied:

    Whatever you decide I am sure it will be great! I will miss your inspiring images :-)


  3. Laura Ingalls Gunn replied:

    The mirror, like life looks salvageable. It is still beautiful even with all the cracks.

    Be well and blessed and may the new year present itself with calmness, health and happiness.


  4. theparisapartment replied:

    you guys are so eloquent! thank you so much, you know, i’m feeling better already!! i love you!!!!!!


  5. Joy replied:

    I love the catalyst reference Claudia. I just love the fact that you can make a positive out of a negative, that you will move forward and learn. That is such a wonderful attribute and why you’re such a force to be reckoned with!

    All the best for 2009 my dear!



  6. Joy replied:


    Friggin’ mirrors!


  7. theparisapartment replied:

    yeah no kidding! forget it, i’m so done! cashmere and coconuts all the way! thank god my blog friends understand :)


  8. Heather van Breda replied:

    Those days are the worst!!! But we all have them, and we always live through it. Sorry yours was today :)


  9. theparisapartment replied:

    you can’t have sun without rain but dang that hurt!


  10. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall replied:

    You know, no one said it would be easy, did they?!?!? Having a successful business takes A LOT of hard work, and only those who work hard will be truly successful. It wears you out though, doesn’t it.

    BTW, you’re such a teaser with your pictures. Sure would love to see some:)

    Hope you have a very Happy New Year!


  11. Judith replied:

    Uggg! Hate those setbacks and those days! I feel your pain! I agree with the beautiful comment above, the mirror still looks beautiful and like life able to be salvaged! Maybe you can design something fabulous because of these setbacks! When I have a tough day I often look at your photos from the design show, they inspire me. Maybe they can inspire you again too! Sending you good thoughts!


  12. Bonnie replied:

    Oh no…. how frustrating! Funny, the first thing I noticed was the pretty building, a pretty mirror and the reflection of the pretty chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

    We can look in a mirror and see its cracks, what needs to be fixed, what we can do better, what we must accept and can not change, and what’s good. Given it isn’t a one of a kind antique, it can be fixed or replaced. This one was just not strong enough to hang up and thank goodness did not come crashing down on someone later on. It’s a mirror… not a broken heart because someone died, or a devastating disease that has no cure.

    Just like you said, it seems like a sign saying focus on what’s important, create time to reflect on all that is good, and make sure you like what you see happening each step of the way. You have been given another chance to make things right too and that’s a beautiful reflection on you!

    Bonnie :)

    ps. I have a huge one of a kind antique venetian mirror under my bed that is broken (the frame though, not the glass part). One day I hope to have it repaired, I just don’t know how.


  13. Di Overton replied:

    Whoops! Good things always come from bad things. Happy 2009 (I have written a post on how to survive it)


  14. My Melange replied:

    Everything happens for a reason C. Just remember that!


  15. Lisa & Alfie replied:

    Thank god 2009 is just around the corner Claudia. Now, that mirror didn’t break from your hitting your head against it in frustration did it? No? When then, it’s not really your fault is it? Call it a fractured art piece reflecting the chaos of every day life! Happy New Years kiddo!
    Lisa & Alfie


  16. Jill replied:

    One thing I’ve learned throughout my design career is that there are no design emergencies. No matter how dramatic the client is acting. My husband is an ER doc. Life and death equals emergency. Broken mirror…shit happens.


  17. Gina @ Six in the Country replied:

    I hope you have a safe trip. The year is almost over, now. Time for renewal and new things to come. Happy New Year!


  18. Jackie Von Tobel replied:

    My Dear Claudia,

    I feel your pain and I know exactly what you are going through but don’t despair. Just realize that because of all of your life’s lessons every time you are presented with a problem or are overcome by frustration you can handle it better than the last time. Just don’t take it personally and don’t let your clients abuse you. Remember that old saying – Shit Happens! It’s how you react to it that counts!! I’m sending you good thoughts :)


  19. Carol Rochon replied:

    Hey Claudia, I know how much you just want to rewind (yah, I’m there too). Thing is, it may have been pretty damn painful to have to go thru, but you know you’ll go on. The things that count are that no matter how sucky it gets, you have the talent, the love and adoration of your family and friends and your guy to help you move forward (oh yah, maybe a gin and tonic wouldn’t hurt either):)! So march on girl, you got it goin’ on! And like Jackie said, shit happens. Whattayagonnado?



  20. Kathy Jacobson replied:

    Oh Claudia, I am so so sorry! Carol mentioned “rewind” above…wouldn’t that be nice if we were all allowed…say…3 rewinds per year?

    The new year is right around the corner ~ it won’t come with rewinds, but it will come with unlimited possibility.

    Wishing you love and happiness ~ Happy New Year!



  21. Joni Webb replied:

    I’m going to assume the broken mirror is not a metaphor….because glass breaks, it’s called an accident! you didn’t do that on purpose, of that I am utterly positive. If your client and their client doesn’t understand that glass shatters, well – they should! you have done nothing wrong, nothing that is not to be unexpected, but cautioned against. Good luck to you, but chin up!!! You are a huge talent – just remembering the vision of your gorgeous booth is proof of that for moi.

    Happy New Years to you and yours!


  22. theparisapartment replied:

    hi gang
    thank you for your words, you always know what to say, even when it’s ‘claude, shit happens’! i did use the mirror as a metaphor cause it just embodies all that’s been done wrong whether it’s business practices or manufacturers or just follow through. i’m back in miami now thank god and promise to change this post today! i’m not feeling better per se but really do want to make major changes this new year! ps i had no idea the AD show last year made such an impression! thanks for remembering it, i’ll take a look at the photos again myself :)


  23. Kimberly Ryan replied:

    Hi C! Goodness…I know the feeling of broken mirrors,so sorry this happened to you. How about everything Lucite, no mirrors :)Hugs to you Sweetie and Better days ahead!! Hugs, Kimberly


  24. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks kim and the gang! jill, i hear you about the ER. my guy’s mom still works in the ER after 30 years. trouble is at this level i’m like the surgeon who left the scalpel in the VIP patient! how do you rationalize that?


  25. Joy replied:

    ‘The proverbs of Solomon, the son of David, kind of Israel; To know wisdom and instruction, to discern the sayings of understanding, to receive instruction in wise behavior, righteousness, justice and equity; to give prudence to the naive, to the youth knowledge and discretion, a wise man will hear and increase in learning, and a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel, to understand a proverb and a figure, the words of the wise and their riddles. The fear of the Lord is the biginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.’ The book of Proverbs has enough wisdom for 100 lifetimes.


  26. sonia roselli replied:


    I feel your pain. Sometimes we take better care of others than we do ourselves. Besides, if running a biz were easy everyone would do it!

    I always allow myself to have “those” days. Days where i feel l just can’t go on. Days where I feel like the entire world and life force is against me. And then when I have really good days where I feel hopeful, I cherish those days and even tell myself at the end of the day “today was a good day”

    Just be good to yourself the best way you know how. I have had to learn really hard that I can’t be everything to everybody and I can’t allow my business to RUN me .

    Feel this pain, even embrace it, and then wake up tomorrow, dust yourself off and kick life in the shin. Then take what is rightfully yours.



  27. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Chère Claudia ,
    I can feel your pain but I’m sure 2009 will be great and calm ! I wish you the best for this new year


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