a long winter’s day


hi guys! hope you’re cozy this wintery night! in nyc it started as a morning wonderland but as the day wore on it proved to be everything but. i have no idea how i was able to take harsh ny winters for so many years.

but, today i had a mission and by god i was gonna conquer it. i was determined to see some store windows and had a feeling bergdorf’s would inspire a little holiday spirit. when i got there i was drenched and bitter and cold but it was so worth it!


i’ll keep adding them over the evening so check back cause there are like 10!







December 20, 2008. art, Decorating, Dreams, Fashion, Holidays, Living, Marie Antoinette, New York.


  1. Carol replied:

    it was so worth it!
    you poor dear : (
    you take such great shots!
    It did turn into such a nasty afternoon, the freezing rain was so biting on my cheeks. Burr! The morning was a wonderland though.
    Have a nice glass of wine & Happy Birthday to that man of yours!!!


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks k! i’m so glad you appreciated it! xoc


  3. Judith replied:

    Oh Claudia! Gorgeous!!! As always you see the Silver lining in the storm. Beautiful, your torture is our gain :( Thank you for braving the elements.


  4. Heather van Breda replied:

    Stunning. The Marie Antoinette is my favorite!


  5. My Melange replied:

    Yep- siiting home after a trecherous drive watching the snow continue to fall- think it may be 14 inches when it finally done. Had to cancel dinner plans with my honey that I have been looking forward to for 2 weeks. Talk about bummer!

    Your windows cheered me up though- love the one with the waterfall in the background.

    warm hugs


  6. verhext replied:

    how lovely!! i’m in the wrong line of work, what a fun job.

    (actually, i almost had this job at anthropologie years ago, but the pay was terrible and you had to be there at 7am!)

    i hope you are warm and cozy now!!


  7. mere replied:

    Oh my gosh. Simply stunning again!


  8. Lisa & Alfie replied:

    Hey Claudia,
    I hope you didn’t catch a cold getting those photos for us. Just exquisitely magical! Happy Holidays!
    Lisa & Alfie


  9. Vicki replied:

    Fabulous pictures….so magical!!! Thank you for sharing and stay warm….


  10. Vicki Archer replied:

    They are beautiful Claudia – thank you. (What is inside that lovely big BG’s would be beautiful too I am sure)
    Happy Christmas and stay warm, xv.


  11. Luphia replied:

    wow, these images are stunning, it truely is a winter wonderland!


  12. kenju replied:

    Thanks for the fabulous photos! I can’t be there in person, so this is the next best thing.


  13. Kelli replied:

    C, Thanks for heading out even in that nasty weather! BG’s windows are simply gorgeous and I appreciate you sharing them with us! Stay warm and enjoy a cup of cocoa in the snow blanketed city of NY!


  14. Amy replied:

    ::GASP:: the white….so stunning. I’m actually emotional at how beautiful it is! (Am I PMSing?! good grief, I’m such a nut…)


  15. clarice replied:

    Wow, thank you for sharing. Clarice


  16. theparisapartment replied:

    aw shucks, it was nothing, YOU’RE what’s worth it! i’ll post the rest now. xoc


  17. Denise replied:

    I am soooooo happy I stumbled into your blog – I’m a painter and love the creative windows of Bergdorf but live far from NYC – thank you so much for posting these pics – and braving the snow/wet!


  18. Caroline replied:

    SO gorgeous – like a fairy tale!


  19. Elaine replied:

    Exquisite window artistry. Thanks for taking us to Berfdorf’s with you.


  20. qerat replied:

    That is so theatrical, so beautiful so detailed.
    thank you


  21. Céline replied:

    Beautiful..!Really beautiful..!
    Such a wonderful window show …Thanks for sharing…..Céline


  22. Mom Wald's Place replied:

    Thank you so much for taking the time and making the effort to share. Those of us stuck in the boonies thank you for bringing a bit of civilization and culture to our Christmas.


  23. tidepooler replied:

    So nice to be able to see these stunning windows. Thanks for posting.


  24. Sparrow replied:

    Thank you! I went to see the windows and brought my camera but my photos did not come out nearly as nice as yours. I linked to your blog from my blog, I hope you are okay with that. I am brand new to the blogging world and still learning the etiquette.

    I own your book and have been reading your blog for ages. Thank you for many many months/years of inspiration!!



  25. Gabriela Delworth replied:


    Just found your blog. Happy New Year! I really enjoyed your post about NYC store windows. Did you go along Broadway?

    ~ Gabriela ~


  26. Still Queen of Hearts replied:

    […] cake shoe & toile pillow, Giulilano Bekor photo shoot, Antoinette cake via Wedding Bee Pro, Bergdorf’s display, Marie Antoinette invitations, bridesmaids and fans, silk flower […]


  27. The one with the picture of Bergdorf Goodmans holiday window « Saffron and Genevieve Blog replied:

    […] Claudia at the Paris Apartment took some amazing pictures of the windows in NYC. To see more, click here, and here. Happy Holidays! December 24th, 2008 | Category: General, […]


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