la vie cherie


bonsoir à tout le monde! where do the days go? it’s friday night and i have a second (nano) before i have to get ready to go for dinner but just wanted to say hi cause it’s gonna be a busy weekend.

first i’d like to thank two wonderful ladies who designed yet another beautiful blog, La vie cherie. it’s a sort of modern salon/forum for the fashion challenges we all face with clothing and decor. i love the new wave of blogs that are really multi-dimensional. go on ladies and thank you so much, i’m sorry it took this long to tell you!


which brings me to my task for the weekend, finishing (starting?) my article for RH about the salon hostesses, something i’ve wanted to sink my teeth into for so long. yet these images have been sitting on my desktop for weeks


as i didn’t do it day after day… i’m also working on the site, and the line


surfing suppliers’ sites is so much fun


of course this is the tip of that iceberg


but i should do something with this hair…


so more to come! have a great weekend!! xoc

December 13, 2008. Blogroll, Design, Furniture, Products, Salon Hostesses of France.


  1. Judith replied:

    Those images are wonderful. I know I’m a freak but I have to say I absolutely love the curtains in the first! The little lamp is to die for! Your photos are always the best! Have a delicious dinner. Thank you for the incredibly kind words you left for me. You are too sweet!


  2. ...loveMaegan replied:

    yes to that couch, first pillow and lamp! adore.


  3. hal newman replied:

    where is the lamp from


  4. Jill replied:

    What a sweet little site, La Vie Cherie… thanks for stopping by my blog earlier this week too!

    Have a fantastic weekend!


  5. theparisapartment replied:

    hi guys, glad you like it! i’ll add some more…it’s all from all over, i’m sourcing stuff for my website using sites like check it out!


  6. {this is glamorous} replied:

    Oh my goodness — the little mirrored lamp is incredible!


  7. Kate Coveny Hood replied:

    I love the Hudson. My best friend used it for her wedding room block. It was perfect to come back to after the reception. No need to search for a fun after party – we were already at one! The images bring back good memories.


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