her mélange


hi all! hope you’re back in your groove and gearing up for the holidays. i don’t know why i say that cause i’m not at all. but then it will all work out, as usual. this year it’s going to be a bit on the frugal side, but bargain hunting is always fun!

well, i’m a bit embarassed (and risk potential over exposure) by what i’m about to announce, but another dear blog friend has posted an interview we did on her site:


i guess i’m in shock cause her intro made me feel, well, like i’m getting somewhere! and since i’ve been in biz for awhile, it’s really nice to have people care what i’ve been up to. not to mention making such a good friend. so thank you robin!

she’s also giving away a copy of ‘the paris apartment’ book to her readers. her blog’s filled with recipes, thoughts on travel, paree, italy and more. she’s a doll so i hope some new friends are made on both sides!

in the interview i mentioned a new line of unfinished furniture so i thought i’d share a little of that. the frames can be come unpainted or lacquered in any color or finish. endless possibilities!


this has been white washed a little above


or you can do it yourself


a classic like this could be anything!

hope you have a great nite!


December 8, 2008. Blogroll, Design, Friends, Furniture, Products.


  1. My Melange replied:

    no, you are a doll claudia! and the feeling is def mutuall on that friendship thang. with a love for paris and flea markets…I think it was destiny!!

    what I wish is that someday, sooner than later of course, we can meet up in Paris or better yet, that lovely house you redid in the South of France. Love to go on a blogger vaca with ya :) Someday…..

    And I am totally jonesing on that frenchie chaise you have up there!!

    thanks again. and i do hope your readers come by to learn a little more about you- and a chance to win that fab book of yours :)




  2. betsy replied:

    Another great interview! You deserve ALL the attention. I love the chaise.


  3. Judith replied:

    Wonderful interview!!!! Kudos! I love the unfinished furniture idea! Ideal! You give us the most wonderful gift of inspiration Claudia! I think you are amazing absolutly amazing!!!

    Ps I want in on that bloggers vaca to Paris!


  4. theparisapartment replied:

    you guys are too much! no wonder i’m addicted to our circle of friends. in fact i’ve always thought the best thing i’ve ever done was collect great friends! i guess now is the time to plan our lil rendezvous. i’ll look for something big enough to hold 10 and we can all chip in!


  5. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall replied:

    Thanks for sharing some of your new furniture with us Claudia…LOVE IT! And what a great interview too! I hope I win your autographed book:)


  6. hellogorgeous replied:

    I just found your blog the other day and loved it and added it to my blogroll. Only to come visit today and read the interview on your friend’s blog and discover that I have your book and have had it since it originally came out!!

    I was obsessed at the time (and still think about) the fish pond trompe l’oeil on the floor. Isn’t that something?

    And the Paris Salon you did with James? I just thought that was the height! I looked at it just now and it’s every bit as timeless today.

    Well, I am beyond delighted to have found you (and I don’t just say I’m delighted ever). Psyched? Beside myself? Yep.


  7. hellogorgeous replied:

    P.S. I just recently discovered the same thing about French Essence! I have a thing for France and have never been!! because I hate to fly so much. I am going to have to get over that.


  8. Paul replied:

    Wow, what a great idea, Claudia!
    I hope that this really takes off for you!


  9. Carla Coulson replied:

    I would love one of those glamorous chaise lounges in the corner of my apartment. Thanks for your lovely comment. Yes it has been a pleasure working with Vicki so much fun. Carla


  10. Ann replied:

    How do I find out more information about your furniture line?


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