ringing in a new new year


mondrian miami tonite should be fun

hi guys. thanks so much for the support on a couple of real tough days. you totally understand and no, it’s not a mirror. it’s a lifestyle. i just don’t want ’09 to go as just another year with more resolutions and not real changes. one thing i know is my best days start when i do yoga or meditate even for 30 seconds. if i can get on a little (any) routine it would be really helpful. my next 30 seconds i’ll play with the kitten! (who’s now a tween princess)

anyway that’s the plan. to take life in 30 second intervals. just be really aware and breathe deep.

happy new year everybody and so sorry to worry any one and be dramatic. guess that’s what it takes tho, hope i’m ready to dive in and stick to really focusing on life itself!

not sure what this looks like in person but i like it anyway


liz says there are dolphins so i have to go out! (i still haven’t gotten my 30 seconds in yet today so it’s a good excuse to grab my mat, pvcs and all :P

hey i’m back for a sec cause i just came across this and thought of you http://www.dailyom.com/articles/2008/16540.html

gonna grab a bite and get ready so have a great day and night where ever you are and all the best to you and the ones you love. thinking of you! xoc

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i can’t go on


hi friends, hope you’re enjoying a night of fun filled blogging visits and cheer!me? i’m still running ragged in ny and leaving for miami in the am.

if you’d like cheery, tonites’s just not the night. it’s bit of a dramatic title but truly my work/life has got the best of me right now. i desperately need to comprehend a few major lessons so i can move on. stop repeating mistakes and do what it’s gonna take to stop butting my (ram) head.

at least there’s an end in sight just knowing that.

this was me at my big client’s clients’ place. it made him look bad and that’s the worst.

i just want to learn to do things the best way, from old mistakes not new ones.


i wish i could show you something beautiful from the exquisite apartment, i took amazing shots today. being the bad part of it was devastating.

please, may this be a catalyst that incites change on all levels!

the good news is i have one more shot…

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Happy Holidays to You!


hello dear friends and happy holidays! i hope your day is filled with love and laughter, friends and loved ones. all the best to you today and always!

below is a glimpse of mom and dad’s tree, same ornaments, same placement and same great christmas eve for as long as i can remember. thanks guys for always making this day special, i love you! xoxoc


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