i’m gonna miss that little minx


leaving for the airport in a few minutes and kind of glad to get away. all morning long i could hear buzz saws next door at my old place. they chopped down the all the trees and bushes. ripped out everything I had the privilege and joy to watch grow and bloom over the past few months. it was such a dream to live there and now with the devastation it’s hard to look at. why do they do that? not to be a bummer but i just had to tell someone and i knew you’d understand! at least there’s the kitten

are you sick of me talking about him yet!?

November 25, 2008. Living, pets, Travel.


  1. Jane replied:

    Never! Never! Never! I love that little face!


  2. Tracey replied:

    We now own a house in the same neighborhood we were renting in. The old house had huge mature trees and beautiful bushes that we had planted when they were babies and had grown to probably eight feet tall. Our landlords sold it when we left and the new owner ripped out the bushes and had the trees cut down. :( WHY? I don’t get it.

    And whatta cute kitty!


  3. betsy replied:

    When I decided to down size a year ago, I left a large beautiful yard that I had spent many years and many hours in creating my lovely gardens. First thing that happened after I left was they were all bulldozed. Gone! Just like that. What?! Anyone would have loved moving into that house with ready made fabulous gardens and all fairly easy to maintain. I was heart sick and horrified. But, in the end, I planted them for myself and loved, loved, loved every minute in them, looking at them, tending them and planning them. Can I help it if some people are just plain dumb? No. So, while I was there I took care of them and they took care of me. I was lucky to have that time. When I moved on, the house had to move on, too. But, that still does not explain stupid people to me. And the kitty? I will never get tired of seeing her/his picture! She? is a special little being sent to enrich your life and ours.


  4. Carol replied:

    You’re coming back to NYC!


  5. Houppette replied:

    I could never get sick of such a cute little kitten! He’s adorable. What is his name?


  6. noodlegirl replied:

    Oh my never the kitty is so adorable!


  7. kayellen replied:

    Just stopped by to say Happy Thanksgiving to youuuu!!!

    Your kitty is adorable so please share more pics ;-)
    I could never get tired of seeing such a cute adorable kitten!!!!
    Makes me want to get one!!!!
    Take Care,


  8. Bonnie replied:


    I’m so sorry you had to experience this sadness. Two different major tree cutting “incidents” occured in my life in the last 7-8 years that are so upsetting to me I can’t even write about them.

    Planting a new tree helps a bit… not completely, but a little. Think of the new life that has come your way… the cute playful kitten! I love the pics of her playing with the Xmas decorations! Wonder what she’d do with a Christmas Tree? :)

    Hang in there and have a safe trip home.



  9. Joy replied:

    That kitten is a star! ;)


  10. Janet replied:

    Have an utterly fabulous trip, Claudia! Joy & I will be in touch for Launch Date!


  11. theparisapartment replied:

    Ugg! i think if i’d planted the trees and flower bushes myself i would really freak. i don’t know how you held it together. as it was i was a psycho, taking pictures and threatening the police, karma, anything i could muster!!
    and about the kitten, we still haven’t named her/him, we don’t even know the sex yet, NO ONE can tell! Is that weird? officially it’s ‘Summer’ (of Love, Thomas Obama, Kung Fu Panda). you asked!


  12. Paul replied:

    The kitten is a doll!

    I don’t know why they have to tear down trees whenever there is construction, either. You’d think people would know by now that we need the oxygen that they give off & the shade that they provide.
    I hope that you have a great Thanksgiving!


  13. Gina @ Six in the Country replied:

    He is so adorable! Talk away, he’s just so sweet you can’t help it!


  14. Vicki replied:

    Your kitty is adorable….have a wonderful Thanksgiving C!!!!


  15. Passementerie replied:

    The kitten must stay! We have huge trees in our garden that I have become quite attached to, despite the fact that they aren’t terribly attractive. I have been adding to them with a tiny little Japanese maple and 170 daffodil, tulip, hyacinth and crocus bulbs… I can’t wait for the spring…


  16. SilverDot replied:

    Your kitty is so cute. I’m also in love with that silver chest – just gorgeous.


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