unexpected joys of decorating


hi everyone! hope you’re kicking back to enjoy the weekend. i know i am. leaving for ny in a couple of days and trying to help lz get her house ready for the holidays before i go. i’m a little anti holiday decorations since i’ve always been around an abundance of them my whole life between mom, gram, aunts, et al, so shopping this afternoon I was surprised to find all these beautiful temptations! one of my friends asked what i would do for the holidays so tomorrow i’ll post some things i’d buy if i were decorating my own place. liz went for a sort of organic theme which i’m really liking. i’m a fool for these vintagy houses, they remind me of grandfathers’s train he’d set up each year. there were trees and houses, and i guess that little town just did it for me! come to think about it, i do love those old decorations that have gone up each year since i can remember.

ok well, i’m hoping to come and visit but the first glass of wine has been poured! xoc

November 22, 2008. 1930's, Holidays.


  1. amberrenee replied:

    Mmm wine. How lovely!
    I’m going to an International Festival this weekend and I’m pretty excited. :) It’s said to have an international wine and food tasting that’s quite something!


  2. Viera replied:

    Have a great weekend. I hope this one will be nice and peaceful.


  3. theparisapartment replied:

    ah with the wine i curled up with an old movie and was asleep before 10. what a forgotten luxury to go to bed early! i plan on enjoying a VERY calm weekend, thanks Viera!


  4. Joy replied:

    A few weeks ago the thought of decorating my house for Christmas seemed a world away. Slowly I am starting … this year won’t be full blown … my heart just isn’t in it! ‘Less is more’ will be my motto… :)



  5. Di Overton replied:

    I love to get old decorations out each year. each piece has a story and a past


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