it will never happen


i can’t get to LA this weekend for this estate sale (thanks, jane)! but it sure is making me want to get back there.


sometimes that’s all she wrote, right? well that’s it for me, i’m done for the day. all disasters were miraculously averted due to my dear friend and true angel who as usual, came to the rescue. without him my life would have been ruined today so, thanks god, and Tony! (i’ll sleep well tonite :)

ps, ladies, if you live in nyc and need something done whether it’s around the apt, a glitch in the computer matrix or just to fix your bike, Tony is your man! (sounds like my dad, a total renaissance man)

ok c’est tout. bon nuit, mes amis, sweet dreams!

November 20, 2008. Antique Shopping, Los Angeles.


  1. Vicki Archer replied:

    How divine is that screen – yes please! xv


  2. Judith replied:

    I love that mirror! The fabric swag around as well, how simple and yet so decadent! I wish I had a Tony around here! Best wishes!


  3. My Melange replied:

    That first vignette is delsih!! Hmmm. I am a short train ride away from NYC. Maybe I’ll have to look him up ;)


  4. lvroftiques replied:

    I would be running to that fabulous french console!! And yes if a tackle is called for…so be it!! Lol!! And are those tole flowers? I’d be grabbing the urn with those too. It looks like a wonderful sale! Wish I could attend as well. And God bless your Tony! And the many Tonys who make the world go round! *winks* Vanna


  5. theparisapartment replied:

    my friend jane is going to go so hopefully she’ll take lots of pics and score some loot! let me know if you go too!


  6. Carla Coulson replied:

    so beautiful the top picture, all that white. Looks lovely. Carla


  7. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    I love everything is this estate !
    Unfortunatly I can not go eiher


  8. Carol replied:

    Ohhh Girl! I know Tony!!!
    He is the greatest! PLUS! He is cute & he knows his stuff & he is so clean! I cannot tell you how many times he has saved MY LIFE! Everyone needs a Tony!
    We love you Tony!


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