i’m multi-tasking


one good thing about blogging daily (for my mom) is to see things morph. normally my pics sit in the camera or untitled folders for years, so this is forcing me to edit as i go.

spent most of the day bringing things to liz’s and took a couple quick shots. i’m still in my place till tomorrow a.m. and am milking it, i must say.

i stumbled on vintage curtains liz bought a long time ago and they’re so florida. since i’m making ‘my room’ her mom’s/guest room, they’re perfect, maybe cause they don’t fit anywhere else in the house. so it’s now or never to use these even if it’s just a tribute to the fact that they existed. anyway, they’re on the pop tip we’re playing with in her place.


tomorrow we’ll hit another room and get her thanksgiving decorama started since her parents will be here. and i’m going north, brrrrr!

looks like the bank is going to come thru on their offer to move me out, so i’m finishing up at my place. and the laptop’s still here and my printer…ok i admit it, the tv is too, and Roberta with irene dunne, ginger rogers and fred astaire is on! my little house is almost empty but it’s home to me for a few more hours. i still love it, go figure.


November 18, 2008. Decorating, Florida, Friends, Miami.


  1. Carol replied:

    It’s coming along nicely!
    Brrr is right, we are having our first frost tonite!!
    Keep up with all your good work. It looks great!


  2. Caroline replied:

    I’ve never seen pointed archways like those before – I love them! A nice design detail for a remodel or build I hope to do one day…


  3. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks carol. it’s ridiculous how much goes into decorating. i really haven’t ‘done’ it in years for myself now that i think about it. it’s fun to play with it again with a good friend who has great taste.


  4. Vicki Archer replied:

    Good luck with the move and once you are there it will seem like it was always meant to be xv


  5. renee finberg replied:

    you are too cute !!

    love the post and i can sooooo relate.



  6. My Melange replied:

    Home is where your heart is- and where you hang your hat. Of maybe in your case, your beret, or feather boa…

    I could go on and on….


  7. betsy replied:

    I love Irene Dunne and I really love her tiarra! I think all girls should have one. Your new place looks great! I can just imagine all the brain power going on between the two of you. What a fun adventure in decorating. I’m glad you’re keeping your Mom up to date because we get to enjoy it all, too.


  8. Kelli replied:

    I love the couch/bench/settee in the 1st photo! Your work is lovely and it is so fun to see what you are doing! Good luck with your move.


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