my mom doesn’t know


i talked to my parents last night and was surprised when mom said she has no idea what i do in florida! it made me realize that i may blab a lot, but maybe not about what i’m actually up to with the biz. sooo, for starters, mom, these are the latest in our Helena line of lucite chairs and stools. They’re inspired Helena Rubenstein’s own collection and love of acrylic furniture (even her bed)! even tho lucite’s making a comeback, it’s been around for decades. take a look at our girl’s place in the 30’s:


and her new york apartment, shot for elle decor:



the early days in nyc, 635 Park Avenue designed by J. E. R. Carpenter. Madame Helena Rubinstein’s triplex penthouse, view of her foyer


searching around led me to some other wonderful memoirs of her life, like this portrait

and art she collected


but it always leads back to paris, doesn’t it? this was shot by Richard Avedon in her apartment on Ile St Louis in Paris, 1947


ok, i’ve gone and opened a can of it now, take a look if you dare! so…we’re officially off the topic. it’s so easy to get lost so i’ll sign off now. have a great sunday!


ps i couldn’t resist looking one more time and found this photo: F.S. Lincoln captured a quiet moment in the garden of Helena Rubenstein’s Paris penthouse for the January 1938 House & Garden. The apartment on the Ile Saint-Louis overlooks the Seine, with a distant view of Notre Dame.


she was one grande dame!

and mom, the tables were for jonathan adler, my idol, and it’s been stressful to say the least. so just wish me luck!

November 16, 2008. 1920's, 1930's, art, Decorating, Design, Fashion, France, Furniture, Helena Rubenstein, Projects.


  1. Judith replied:

    Wow! I love this post! The images are beautiful~ I can’t wait to get searching. Thanks Claudia!


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    Judith! I just clicked your name to visit your site and OMG you might have created the most delicious post of all time!


  3. lynn replied:

    FAB Claudia! That collection is stunning! You are by far a gifted gal!!!


  4. franki durbin replied:

    isn’t it funny how we have blind spots like that? I realize that I too sometimes don’t tell my family precisely what I’m up to with work… or maybe parents of business owners don’t quite “get” that their “little girl” is busy running a business or two. LOL! I’m inclined to this that latter.

    The Lucite collection is just so fun! So very fun. Keep up the impeccable work!


  5. maryam in marrakehc replied:

    oooh, i adore lucite. how very cool!!!

    And Johnathon Adler….? That’s incredible!!!


  6. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks you guys, you rock! and frankie, what a great way to put it. i guess i felt like i was summing life up in a blog post. maybe i could go a little more in depth. but blogging takes time and so does living!


  7. iwc replica watch replied:

    lovely post


  8. Marie Antionette replied:

    Hello Claudia,Thank you for stoping by.I also have enjoyed my visit here.You are very gifted.Your work devine and your pictures a thrill to look at.Parents are always the last to know what their children do.Its been that way forever.I think it goes to the rule,see what we can get away with.But your grown now and doing well for yourself,so its time for them to know a little more of you.They won’t be so worried.Parents worry,I still worry about my grown daughter,and we are very close.But I do know she still keeps things from me.Oh well thats life.You keep doing us proud in Paris you hear!!! Keep safe.Hugs Marie Antionette


  9. Samantha Enslen replied:

    FYI, the photo of the woman looking into the mirror is actually Dorian Leigh, one of the very first “supermodels.”


  10. Kelli replied:

    Congrats on the furniture line! We want to see more when you are ready to share! Exciting times!
    The 2nd to last photo is SO BEAUTIFUL! Fun, vibrant, gorgeous, elegant, charming! I love her gown, hair and her drop dead gorgeous look!


  11. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    I love your furniture line !
    You are right Helena R was a grande dame


  12. Fifi Flowers replied:

    GREAT post and FAB photos!


  13. Paul replied:

    Fabulous series as always, Claudia! I love the last shot – what a place to have an apartment!


  14. the paris apartment replied:

    […] you want to carry the paris apartment collection in your store, let me […]


  15. where there’s smoke there’s mirrors « the paris apartment replied:

    […] katie and helena hi mom! […]


  16. Appartementvermietung Javea replied:

    Thanks for your suggestion. I have asked about negotiating the rent and I’m waiting to hear what they come up with.


  17. Sleigh Beds replied:

    french design has always had that something extra and this post really nails it! I keep looking bcak over the images and wishing I could really be there. Nice work, keep it up.


  18. Ernesto replied:

    I LOVE Madame’s creativity with fashion and decorating. Her apartments and houses were absolutely MAD with art and precious objects, of which she was one as well! Thanks for the pic of Madame on her roof top terrace in Paris…did you know they are building an addition on top of that lovely building (24 Quai de Bethune). It is a shame that that terrace (which was called the most expensive view in Paris) is gone forever.


  19. no end to the trend – The Paris Apartment replied:

    […] […]


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