kitten confidential


hi all! just rushing out but wanted to say hey! i’m a bit scarce cause of dealing with an eviction notice left on my door last night (after coming home early from Paris to make a damn deal)! and trying to be sure i stave off the sheriff. my pittbull instincts are in full effect.
there’s a million other things closing in, including a deadline for producing a pair of chests that have to be sheer perfection for a certain ‘design star’ judge, tomorrow. *suddenly develops a twitch*

anyway it’s been hairy, thank god for this little creature with gummy bear paws who makes it all ok.


November 13, 2008. pets, Real Estate.


  1. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall replied:

    Oh no, what a bummer! At least you are busy with work, and you have that cute little baby to cuddle with!


  2. Bonnie replied:

    Such a cute kitty!

    You have a lot going on… Is there is anything I can do to help even from afar in LA? At least you know the notice isn’t because you did anything wrong… Still it’s not fair that somebody elses peoples problems have a domino effect on you. Just think of the bright side, you will eventually have another place to decorate!

    Good luck with your furniture for the stars too! I’m sure it will be spectacular!

    Take time to do what you gotta do… there is plenty to look at on your blog!



  3. Kelli replied:

    Take care of yourself C! I love his little paw, too adorable!


  4. Judith replied:

    I’m over here in LA keeping good thoughts for you, I hope it all works out. Have you named your little friend yet or is s/he just Cat like in Breakfast at Tiffany’s!?! Stay strong & positive~


  5. betsy replied:

    I love kitty paws! I hope everything gets resolved quickly for you. It’s all nasty stuff. And you knwo they judge will love your work! If she doesn’t she has no taste…you could tell her that if she’s mean!! HA!


  6. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage replied:

    Aren’t those tiny little pads just the best stress reliever ever? There’s nothing better, that’s for sure!


  7. Lisa & Alfie replied:

    Whew Claudia,
    After reading the last two posts, all I can say is just remember to breathe! And that adorable little furball is just the right thing to remind you. Thank God you don’t have far to move. Best of luck!
    Lisa & Alfie


  8. Claudia replied:

    and, exhale! thanks gang! they made it but there was a chip. total bummer but not tragic and can be fixed easily. by the by, the chests weren’t for a woman!
    ps i guess the cat is like breakfast at tiff’s cause we still can’t narrow it down to one name!


  9. Joy replied:

    Put that ‘twitch’ to work girl! I know you can do it!


  10. The Deco Detective replied:

    Dear Claudia, I hope everything works out for you and Cat, who is both cute and beautiful – at least you’re not allergic to cats like I am (and I love them so much). So you’ve got some soft, furry, fun company when the going gets tough…
    Best wishes for you!


  11. Belowen replied:

    Eek! Good luck hun! <33


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