quel difference a few days make

it’s fading fast, the memories of that eternal city. i’m just not sure how it gets in so deep but it happens in a flash. going through all my papers and info, i realized all i got was a book, a postcard and two love letters. guess i shouldn’t say all i got cause it love em a lot!

truth is i got tons of info too, below are a couple companies i found and loved


just little details and stuff that’s at the local Macy’s or Target (aka BHV, but the website’s awful)

the stickers there are really sophisticated, if you want the skyline you can have it. in any color!


just silly fun but j’adore le whimsy! more en route!

November 2, 2008. Decorating, Design, Paris, Paris Trip.


  1. Paul replied:

    What a great eye you have!


  2. betsy replied:

    Love letters are a wonderful treasure to leave Paris with. It seems so perfectly French. I am in love with the stickers of the Paris skyline. I must have them. No, I will have them. Thanks for the link!


  3. My Mélange replied:

    Nice Claudia. But remember, you’ll always have Paris- even if this time it was only for a wee bit :)


  4. theparisapartment replied:

    ahh c’est vrai…i’m already planning the spring trip, back to looking at apartments this morning. and glad paris will always be there for us all!


  5. Lauren replied:

    I have enjoyed your travel posts so much, and thank you for sharing this company with us!!!


  6. kayellen replied:

    Oh it’s great Claudia! Very eye catching.
    Happy November:)
    Finally a cool day in Southern Cali!

    Can’t wait to check out the vendors you listed…very cool!



  7. Di Overton replied:

    On my last trip to Paris I bought a piece by Koziel which I am sure you would love, they are at koziel.fr, take a look they are so unusual.


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