woman w/o a country/house

hey gang, Ça va ? i’m trying to keep up with my french but it’s fading as fast as the last days in my house. coming back to ‘negotiate’ was futile, in fact i have to leave even sooner than i thought. 2 weeks! it means shoving over to liz’s next door and consolidating my place into one room and the garage. i’m sure we’ll have fun. it will be good for us to team up for a month or two. then i swear i’m getting that ocean view!

these pics aren’t great but i’m posting them anyway…liz turned me on to a ‘bed in a bag’ (i know, perish the thought), that she got from marshall’s. it was so soft and such a great complete set i had to go out yesterday and get one too. hers is white with blue and brown borders so i had to get something way different cause we’re shooting ‘my room’ as a guest room and setting it up for thanksgiving when her parents come. (i’ll take some of hers when i go for coffee)

i’m sharing cause i’ve bought 2 sets of really bad sheets since i’ve been here, one was (nancy koltes even) but they are just not soft and even made pilled! anyway i’ve always had the softest sheets and was starting to question my own hand! so if you need a comforter, i just wanted to recommend this brand Hilcrest/Hotel (some sets have sheets included but most have shams and boudoir pillows, dustruffle, comforter and pillow inserts. anyway they’re only 300 thread count and i think THAT’s what’s making the weave so nice! oh by the by, mine was on sale for $50!

here are liz’s

November 1, 2008. Decorating, Design.


  1. Lisa & Alfie replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    Just caught up with your whirlwind of a tour. Scrumptious, inspiring photos as usual. But yikes! on the home front. Are they selling the house? Did I miss something? And good news on the O pick. I hope we get to see behind the scenes?
    Lisa & Alfie


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    hey guys! my house is for sale, the bank owns it now cause the owner foreclosed. i’m about to post some pics i took of liz’s today. it’s motivated her to step up her game and it’s been fun to watch the progression. i’ll document! xoc


  3. betsy replied:

    Great find on the bedding and it’s really pretty, as well! I’ll bet as Marshall’s goes into liquidation the prices will get even better. What a bunch of losers to not only tear you away from Paris but then to make you move so fast. There should be some emotion compensation in all of this for you, like a trip BACK to Paris to pick up where you left off. I think that might make it even!


  4. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks betsy! wait what do you mean? is marshall’s going down?
    as for me, i got a month free and a month’s rent so i could either buy it or go. i’ll miss it but i guess it’s the next chapter whether i’m ready or not!


  5. betsy replied:

    Marshall’s is closing and going into liquidation starting Nov. 10th I think.


  6. theparisapartment replied:

    wow i’m hearbroken


  7. betsy replied:

    The deals are on! My gf just got $1,600 worth of kitchen stuff for under $500.


  8. betsy replied:

    Big OOPS! It’s Mervin’s, not Marshall’s that’s going out of business! My bad…


  9. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall replied:

    So glad I read this post, found out some juicy info here. Both regarding Marshall’s liquidation, and your new home situation. Good thing you are getting the month free. Good luck with the decisions!

    Oh, love the bedding:)


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