i’m dying to show you


seriously about to die about what i saw today uptown


and this shot certainly does not do it justice…in the least (obliviously)! but i went with tony to repair one of the chests for j.a. and get a shot of them since i’m in town. and, ok, and i wanted to see the place too, i admit! but i was not prepared for its magnificence! i wish i could show you the exquisite picture i took but it just seems unethical since it’s not even really finished yet, but oh, i know you would flip! the place is a knockout in every detail, the rugs, the lighting, every surface, color, the view! it’s an absolute dream. i’m going to ask to photograph it once all my products have arrived and are in perfect order! (one more mirror to go, please god, no chips)!


there were so many exquisite things there including this throw folded over the back of sofa and it looked amazing! ( i went to the website afterward :)

it was an absolute visual feast in every way with hints of turquoise, periwinkle, silvers, black, white, blues, grays…yummmmmmmmm!


well, we’re gonna hit the town now, so, happy thanksgiving if i don’t get to tell you tomorrow! i love and am thankful for you, hope you know!


ps: found this pic on jerryandmartha.com

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i’m gonna miss that little minx


leaving for the airport in a few minutes and kind of glad to get away. all morning long i could hear buzz saws next door at my old place. they chopped down the all the trees and bushes. ripped out everything I had the privilege and joy to watch grow and bloom over the past few months. it was such a dream to live there and now with the devastation it’s hard to look at. why do they do that? not to be a bummer but i just had to tell someone and i knew you’d understand! at least there’s the kitten

are you sick of me talking about him yet!?

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lazing on a sunday afternoon


the best part about holiday decorating was watching the kitten play with it all


it’s the first time liz is hosting a holiday so we got the basics for the table festivities, so it will go from thanksgiving to an early christmas soiree while her parents are here.


pour moi, leaving for ny in a couple days seems incomprehensible, it’s a million miles away, (and cold) but it’s the holidays and i live and die for my family, i know you do too!


ok well i need to really focus on my website for the few hours i have while watching The Lady is Willing (Marlene Dietrich & Fred MacMurray, sounds like a bit of an odd match but maybe that’s the point) and so, off i go! hope you’re having a great sunday afternoon!

November 23, 2008. Decorating, Holidays, pets. 10 comments.

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