criscrossing cultures and continents

bon soir tout le monde! isn’t it funny how easy it is to slide from one country and culture to another, like nothing ever happened? but it did! and it was bliss!

back in the saddle again and today i worked out the house drama and spent a few hours prop shopping with a friend prepping a shoot for lily pulitzer.

it wasn’t hard to find a little paris here and there

behind beach mats

and terracotta

but then again, i’m always looking for it

that little detail…and it was great to find new resources on home turf

well, it’s easy to find it on the inside.

but out in the sun

it’s hard to deny being in the good old US of A!

October 31, 2008. Antique Shopping, Decorating, Design, Fleamarkets, Furniture, Paris.


  1. betsy replied:

    Don’t you suffer jet lag?! You amaze me! Great pictures, too.


  2. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Great pictures ! stunning pieces of antiques


  3. Paul replied:

    Beautiful, as always!


  4. Claudia replied:

    aw thanks guys…great to see you, i have to come visit! maybe tonight if liz doesn’t capture me! and no, i don’t suffer jet lag. probably cause i don’t look at the time so it’s easy to just flow back in and sleep when i’m exhausted!


  5. Kelli replied:

    Love the chaise longue! Would look great in my master!


  6. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage replied:

    Welcome back home on American soil. You’d never know it from your wonderful photo array of French inspired goodies. Guess it goes to show what a melting pot we really have in this country–even in an antique store. ;)


  7. theparisapartment replied:

    so true isn’t it? it not hard to find, the hard part for me is mixing my french love with my love of the beach. maybe that calls for a summer in marseilles to study the locals?


  8. brooke Giannetti replied:

    Wow. I love all of the old books, doors, the chandelier, those great boats!
    Wonderful photos.
    I think mixing french with beach is a great look.
    It happens to be my favorite!



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