life in a photo op

no matter where i go

there’s something happening

every detail

has been considered

the fleamarkets are full of history

the shops can’t help themselves, they’re just classic


window displays

and the windows themselves

we’ve been up one side and crossed the other but haven’t even skimmed the surface. tomorrow we’re going to look at some real estate

just for fun. what else is there in paree but fun?

October 27, 2008. Architecture, Design, Living, Paris, Paris Apartments, Paris Trip, Real Estate.


  1. Tanya replied:

    Such yummy pictures! Eye candy for sure.


  2. Michele replied:

    I’m in awe of all the architectural and artistic details you photographed. Wonderful! Oh, how I wish I were there too!


  3. Carol replied:

    Such wonderful eye candy!
    You are really honing your skills!
    Bravo, my dear. Bravo!


  4. My Mélange replied:

    Ah, yes. One of my twin passions. France. Paris. I’d recognize it anywhere.

    Hope you are having a ball. Wish I were there :(


  5. C. Andrako replied:

    I think I’ve been on this page for twenty minutes! I just can’t stop looking. I keep hoping the pictures will come to life and I can jump in and be in Paris! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


  6. villa anna replied:

    Oh Claudia, thank you thank you for all the time and trouble you are going to to take these AMAZING pictures for us. I can’t stop smiling. You have sent me into dreamland. Paris is just simply all about these details, and the details are PERFECT!!

    Anna :)


  7. Kelli replied:

    Gorgeous photos! I miss the amazing charm that Paris embodies! I LOVE the fleur-de-lis in the window display photo!!


  8. kayellen replied:

    Oh you know I am loving every single picture!!!
    Wonderful Claudia:)
    Looks like an amazing time in Paris…
    The windows are breath taking,

    Thank you for the Parisian inspiration!


  9. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    I love the photo of the parisian upholsterer ( tapissier ) . It made me think about my dad


  10. Julyman replied:

    I love their architecture. I have construed my home after it.


  11. Tanya Whelan replied:

    Oh my goodness, are these apartments actually in Paris? Cause 315,000 Euro which is about $402,000, I think seems incredibly affordable, compared to NYC anyway. Makes the dream of moving there seem a little more realistic!


  12. Paul replied:

    Beautiful Claudia, you really make it look like pefect!


  13. Amy from Texas replied:

    Your photos are amazing! I dream of going there:-) My last trip to NYC, my friend made fun of me for taking photos of window displays. Funny, out of all your Paris shots, the window displays were my favorite. So cool!


  14. Keryn replied:

    Beautiful pictures, sometimes I feel just lke that, everywhere I turn, my eyes frame another photograph, a tiny detail, some eye catching paint, a beautiful smile. Life really is one big photo opportunity! Thanks for sharing the lovely Parisian images.


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