where was i…

how hilarious is this?

i’m finally back online thanks to mom who found me an incredible new laptop and dad who reprogrammed it just like i like it, then shipped it out all in a day. what they accomplish puts me to shame! love you both more than words!

well, the time is drawing near and we have to choose a place. all the apartments on this post are from a great site. i’ve mentioned it before: iloveparisapartments.com.

but with my guy coming to paris, the first 10 days of accomodations will be in his choice

that means lots of stars and an internet connection that will work at all times.

he’s not as bohemian as i am

looks like we’ll be in a hotel in the 1er

my childhood friend is coming in november and staying at the ritz

i love luxe as much as the next gal

and it will be the chance of a lifetime to stay there. but you know where my heart is.

by the by, do you know this blog?


October 15, 2008. Blogroll, Design, Furniture, Paris, Paris Apartments, Paris Trip.


  1. Linda Crispell replied:

    The sartorialist blog has the most fantastic pics! You are so lucky to be in Paris, sorry about the foreclosure mess though. The Sheriff’s Office in Chicago has stopped enforcing all bank evictions because of the very problem you encountered. Renters have no clue that the owner of the property is in foreclosure and they were being evicted without notice.


  2. Sherri replied:

    Love that Blog link C – also hugs for mom & dad who got you set up with a Laptop in a day!! I’ll just sit here dreaming of Paris…….All your photos are gorgeous! xoxo


  3. Amy replied:

    ::GASP:: That iron gate! omg. just omg.


  4. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks linda, i’m not sure of the rules around here, but it’s a bad time to be on the fence with a trip a couple days away…


  5. Asiye Ivedi replied:

    i just discovered your blog, through sofia kemm. loving it! hope you will find yourself a great pad.
    and am greatful your parents sent you a new laptop :) since i wanna read more about your adventure in paris


  6. betsy replied:

    You can try to make a deal with the bank to stay put and pay the rent directly to them. Banks don’t like houses sitting empty right now and many will let the renter stay so long as they continue to pay. Lots of angels in your life right now, girlie! Liz, your parents…for all you give, you deserve all you’re getting right now and no doubt there is so much more to come. How wonderful to be able to stay in Paris all the differnt ways a person can stay in Paris and all in the same trip! I do love all those stars but funky is very fun, too. Enjoy it all…as if you wouldn’t! Thanmk goodness you can blog when you have time over there. I’d be lost for a month!


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