fleeting glimses into paris apartments


bonsoir everyone! it’s been a busy week getting ready to leave for a month in a week or so. i’m still researching apartments, and it’s occurring to me that it’s become an obsession! i think it’s fun cause it’s so voyeuristic and the french have that same je ne sais quoi about decor as they do about tying a scarf. here are some highlights just for ambiance, colors, furniture…the details make such a difference in the character of the room. oh and the floors and views don’t hurt either!


these are looks that aren’t hard to acheive

i love these places cause they seem lived in

but are been toned down for renting


so you can really make them your own


when i get there the first place i’ll hit is the flower market


don’t you just love a mantle in the bedroom? that’s what i mean, it’s so easy to add that element

or any of these elements (except the view) to your own home


of course, i’d be happy here! who knows where i’ll end up!


bon nuit!

October 9, 2008. Marie Antoinette, Paris, Paris Apartments, Paris Hotels, Paris Trip.


  1. Lisa & Alfie replied:

    I’d be happy in any of those locations! And congrats on your In Style gig. They certainly know how to pick their experts!
    Lisa & Alfie


  2. My Mélange replied:

    I must stop tuning into this eye candy every day. This is killing me. Love them all!!!


  3. Kate replied:

    I think that I visit your site every day just have to a little escape… It’s so peaceful here. And French.

    By the way – I wanted to tell you that I hold you personally responsible for the fact that I accidentally purchased a $150 painting on Etsy yesterday. Seriously. Your fault.

    I first saw a Janet Hill image here – and have since become obsessed with her evening painting. On a whim yesterday, I opened her etsy site and checked it a few times to see if I might catch a glimpse of one of her paintings before it was snatched up. And suddenly – there it was. And just as suddenly – I somehow owned it… I hadn’t even really looked at it. Nor noticed the fact that it was larger than her usual paintings and $150! Yikes – not sure how to tell the husband… Maybe he won’t catch the paypal payment and when he sees it on the wall, I can say “what? this old thing? you’ve never noticed it?” Something tells me that my usual “I work too!” defense isn’t going to hold much weight in this economy…

    Anyway – sorry for the long comment – but I had to share. I’m actually going to do a post on her with some quotes (yes – I’m that kind of stalker – I e-mail people for “quotes”) – so you should visit my site if you’re interested – a week from Monday.

    Also – on Tuesday, I posted a great giveaway for a beautiful vintage fabric clutch. I think it’s very you. You should check it out and comment. Who knows – you may win! http://www.thebigpieceofcake.com/2008/10/as-good-as-cake-giveaway-bee-gee-bags.html



  4. Kelli replied:

    I have to agree with Kate! I think about Paris every day and your beautiful blog helps to take me back! I love the French way of living life {not to mention fashion, personal style and décor} It has been almost 3 years since I was on French soil and I miss it everyday! While it is true I have a French hubby, it is still not the same. It would be fun to plan a girls weekend somewhere {Paris???} and plan an evening soirée with everyone that shares passion for Paris!


  5. Amy replied:

    You know I love that table, but I want to jump into picture 5!

    (My journal is soon to be deleted. Who knows where I may end up. AOL at their best….Tsk.)


  6. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage replied:

    Such wonderful shots of really gorgeous living spaces. I’m so glad you compiled them. Looking over them has given me even more ideas for adding to our own “paris apartment” master bedroom. Just don’t tell Hubby. ;)


  7. theparisapartment replied:

    kate, you have to post that painting, i can’t wait to see it!
    Cindy, i’m coming over right now to see your paris apartment :)


  8. Judith replied:

    Hello! I just had to tell you what an inspiration you have been! For 10 minutes a day I am in France with your beautiful posts. I am new to the blogging world & just started my blog ~ParisAtelier~. I have long been a HUGE fan of your book & dream of going on one of those remarkable shopping trips! You are responsible for my bedroom which I dream of Paris in! Thank you! You are truly gifted and talented we are so lucky that you share with us:) Have a beautiful day!!!


  9. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    I can’t wait to see the one you will choose !
    You have such an eye to find the right place !
    I’ve been so busy these last days , I’m getting ready for a big antiques ” salon ” in Marseilles so I keep in touch with you later , ma chère …


  10. Terri replied:

    Gorgeous photos! We just got back from Paris and I am still shell-shocked from all the beautiful architecture and style. LOVE it all. Those apartments have so much charm they don’t even need furniture. ;)


  11. Fabulous Finds Studio (Julie) replied:

    Fabulous photos, Claudia. As always, I am inspired.
    Have a fabulous day!


  12. theparisapartment replied:

    i’m so happy you love these too, it’s just so much fun to get inside and imagine the centuries of lives that have passed thru. and thanks judith, that was a really great note to wake up to. all of you guys make me smile, i adore you!!
    my computer is back in the shop so i’m still at ground zero on where i’m staying and don’t even have the pleasure of surfing for the moment. i wish i weren’t so dependent on my computer but truth is, i so am. virtually, my whole biz is online!


  13. Miss B. replied:

    I am so, so, so envious! How are you going to decided Miss c.? Please take a zillion photo’s! I wanna be you in my next life…


  14. The Cwtch replied:

    Oooh I’ve just stumbled across your blog, what a beautiful post. I love the yellow doors and door frames on the one photo, gorgeous! But it’s the floor to ceiling windows which let in so much light that make all of these rooms so stunningly lovely for me.


  15. Carolyn Green replied:

    I could move in tomorrow ~ all really beautiful but I think that my favourite is the beautiful lounge with the
    green velvet suite.



  16. kasey replied:

    oooh! so lovely!!


  17. Things that Inspire replied:

    Interesting that there are so many rooms with no rugs. I don’t know if this is the prevalent style, or if this is because they are rentals! Beautiful pictures. If I had floors like these, I wouldn’t use rugs either!


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