criscrossing cultures and continents

bon soir tout le monde! isn’t it funny how easy it is to slide from one country and culture to another, like nothing ever happened? but it did! and it was bliss!

back in the saddle again and today i worked out the house drama and spent a few hours prop shopping with a friend prepping a shoot for lily pulitzer.

it wasn’t hard to find a little paris here and there

behind beach mats

and terracotta

but then again, i’m always looking for it

that little detail…and it was great to find new resources on home turf

well, it’s easy to find it on the inside.

but out in the sun

it’s hard to deny being in the good old US of A!

October 31, 2008. Antique Shopping, Decorating, Design, Fleamarkets, Furniture, Paris. 8 comments.

took the long way home

hi everyone! thank you for your sweet comments, i can’t wait to come and visit every one of you. that’s probably going to be the best thing about being home.

last night it was virtual reality to arrive back in surfside, so i made a frenchy bed to feel paree

and today i’m sorting out my mountain of sources (another good thing about being back is that i’ll actually have some time to do it).

oh and by the by, o mag likes liz’s house so we’ll be documenting that…another great reason to be back. so it’s already not so bad! thank you for the love!

October 30, 2008. Life, Living, Paris, Paris Trip, Travel. 15 comments.

c’est la vie, c’est la guerre

it was a day that started out so bright

breakfast at laduree, while the sun beamed down

all was bliss, until i got word from home

that chaos is at my door

i have to leave paris


i am so not ready to go

i could cry

October 28, 2008. Paris, Paris Trip, Travel. 26 comments.

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