c’est ma vie organique

photo from allnaturalbodycare.com

thanks for your comments the other day. a couple of you cheered me on and asked about what i was doing to go organic. here are some of the products i gor for skin, hair and bod. so far the only bad thing about going organic is that you don’t have the pretty packaging.

but knowing it’s good is good enough! i chucked the pantene, aveeno, dove, neutrogena, and body butter (my true love), etc. i was smothering chemicals all over and just didn’t realize how much it had affected me till, well, i found out. so i can recalibrate now, that’s the good news, but have to readjust my lifestyle completely. it was time anyhow.

sooooo, these are my new, less toxic picks:

drbronner.com soap

beeceuticals.com shampoo and conditioner

see? totally dorky packaging but i like what’s inside and my hair hasn’t fallen out it since i started using it 5 days ago. (it was getting to be a real issue)

aubrey organics blue algae face wash

and sunscreen

for face stuff,

eminence organics

for lip gloss and everything else skin related coco butter stick

deodorant and toothpaste, tom’s of maine

and drinking noni juice

it’s still hard to believe i’m using this much stuff. if you know of any thing great that you want to share, please do and thank you :)

food is a whole other topic but i went full on there too and love my fridge now!

ps, this just in:

uber pretty packaging and good resources at flawless beauty blog. thanks yvonne!

September 24, 2008. Organics.


  1. Amy replied:

    c’monnnn…let’s see the fridge!! hee hee…


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    LOL! it’s pretty!!


  3. Gina replied:

    I’m with you Claudia!
    I was in Whole Foods this evening, just browsing the aisles trying to find alternative products (for a price, I daresay!!) and I came across several- some of which you are showcasing!!
    I LOVE Dr. Bronner’s. We have used his peppermint soap for years. Fabulous.
    (Incidentally- it also makes a fantastic shampoo for curly hair when you want a good scrub!!).
    Also, I noticed that Aubrey has a really good hair gel!! Going to try that soon- forgot my checkbook and only had enough cash on me to buy the organic/unrefined coconut oil that I am going to start putting in my hair and using on my face…
    Great post! Thanks for sharing!!
    btw- I am getting ready to email you back, as well.


  4. My Mélange replied:

    Ah, yes- natural stuff to make us feel and look good. What can be better?

    My favorite- Caudalie. I am hooked- and it smells soooooo good!!


  5. Belowen replied:

    How do you find the noni juice? I’ve been dying to try it! If you can get your hands on 100% organic juice, I suggest you try it!


  6. theparisapartment replied:

    i like the noni, i’ve just been taking straight shots every so often cause it says take 1-3 oz daily on an empty stomach. (basically between meals). i’m actually trying to physically change something and this was recommended by people it actually worked for on forums. and mel, you’re right, caudalie is the best, maybe i’ll treat myself to the grape face spray in paris!


  7. kenya replied:

    welcome to the lush world of organics for outside and inside your body! as you get more comfortable with purchasing natural lines — and need to replace key items in your regimen — i encourage you to venture beyond Whole Foods aisles.

    consult with an esthetician or naturopath or dermatologist who specializes in holistic skin care. you’ll get better feedback on products and services that help to meet your skin care (and budget!) goals. plus, these professionals usually carry lines that have higher grade packaging (glass versus plastics) and that are made in smaller batches, often with very hands-on precision. small batches are important; when you pluck something off of a shelf of a large chain, the product was usually created long ago (and must be preserved for the long shelf life) so it can be dropped shipped to a regional office where it is then batched and shipped to the store.

    after years of trying at home recipes and working with many emerging brands, here are a few of my faves:

    http://www.Bioelements.com: not 100% organic but the botanicals used in the products are, as well as wild harvested. only sold in derm and esthetician offices so you receive consultation prior to purchasing. made in the USA by a woman-run/founded company.

    http://www.myalchemilla.com: a gorgeous hand-made line from the pacific northwest. husband/wife team who grow many of the herbs themselves. their milk cleanser is divine!!

    http://www.farmaesthetics.com: the northeast version of Alchemilla; fabulous packaging, richly herbal products.

    a new line i just discovered and will be using this fall (and, closer to you Claudia!): http://skinfitnesstherapy.com
    i met the founder this past weekend and she is one savvy skin care guru. the web site is a little wonky and you have to email them to find a shop but their products are fabulous! i’m doing a fall facial/bacial treatment from them that includes red wine, pumpkin, cherry and blueberry!

    if sephora tends to be your siren call, try Juice Beauty. or Caudilie (as you mentioned). these products both tend toward high-grade ingredients with minimal fillers.

    lastly, Emminence developed its product line by backward engineering products from a family-owned business in Hungary that had been around forever. those kind of business ethics don’t sit well with me.

    and, sorry for the long post! yikes! feel free to email if you have any questions.


  8. Ms Danielle Maree replied:

    Your shampoo was making your hair fall out ?


  9. Carolyn Dickinson replied:

    Try Arbonne International’s line of botanically based products. Formulated in Switzerland, made in US, distributed by direct sales. Pure, safe, and beneficial products. Email me for more info.


  10. melody caldwell replied:

    For organic cleaning products you should try Mrs. Meyers line. The lavender all purpose cleaner is just wonderful-the smell is good, but it cleans so fantastic. Also try the Mrs. Meyers dishes soap. It even polishes silver items. You can use a few drops of the dish detergent in water and have streak free windows. The laundry soap is a bit of heaven-it whitens without the use of bleach. I could go on and on.
    But just try it. Love your blog.


  11. Yvonne replied:

    Those are all great products, I love Aubrey Organics. My search is always to find organic products with great packaging which for a price you can find for sure! I do end up always go back for more from Jurlique and Dr.Hauschka…


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