i believe in miracles

bonsoir all, hope you’re enjoying your evening! i’ve been obsessively working on the trip and have seen about 400 apartments and hotels in the past few days for some of the guests meeting in paris.

exhausting but fun, great just to look at some of the interiors, oh so french, but then i’d expect that. and thank god! i liked this one a lot. you can see it here. it’s trop cher but the decor was fun

and absolutely anything from here practically

especially when you share them with your friends :) this one’s got goofy linens, but the view!

these were some of the priorities:

1) View and windows that go to the floorw
2) Working Fireplace
3) Immaculate bath with stand-up shower
4) Neighborhood – St. Germain, the Marais, Ile St. Louis, the old Latin Quarter
5) Terrace
6) Price – $2500 U.S. Dollars for 8 nights (can go up to $3000)
well that was a tall order but i think by some miracle we did it. (more when we book tomorrow).
this obviously was not it but somehow i love this impossibly small room. ok, buona notte!

September 18, 2008. Decorating, Paris, Paris Apartments, Paris Hotels, Paris Trip.


  1. Terri replied:

    All much, much nicer than the 2 star dive we’ll be staying in. Two stars if we’re lucky. I would die for those goofy linens compared to the burlap we’ll be sleeping on. I’m honestly thinking about bringing my own flat sheet.


    Marvellous spaces!


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    Terri, you can get the most beautiful vintage linen there for nothing! get some sheets and pillowcases at the flea!


  3. My Mélange replied:

    Though I love the glitzy french one, my heart couldn’t take the price tag. I have grown to love the small, cozy ones with charm :) Lovely pics dahling!!!


  4. theparisapartment replied:

    don’t look at the price! this one’s just for fun. i’ll post a 4 bedroom later and we’ll all split it!


  5. Di Overton replied:

    Who chose the bedding? They should be shot but what a fabulous place. Enjoy your trip :)


  6. Carrie West replied:

    Hello dear!

    Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful!!!!
    Great spaces!


  7. Visual Vamp replied:

    I am so enjoying your trip to Paris!!! Can you please send me back some chevron wood floors for my house?


  8. cybill replied:

    Oh those places are all so lovely, i’m sure they’ll be featuring in my daydreams for some time to come.


  9. Denise replied:

    Well, we have some, but not all:

    NOT a favorite neighborhood, but a great sleeper in a great central location: rue Sainte-Anne in the second. Busy during the day and evening, silent at night, even with the windows open!

    17C hotel particulier, Old Masters galleries downstairs, hand-knotted rugs, 18C maps, 2 BR, 2 baths, eat-in kitchen with skylight, ascenseur, wonderful gardienne.

    Two– count ’em– “working” fireplaces (though, of course, fires are illegal in Paris).

    Brand new upstairs bath with stand-up shower.

    Windows don’t go to the floor, but windows on three exposures, including south (in the living room) and a view of rooftops and the Passage Choiseul. And did I mention silence?

    Alas, no terrace. But no goofy linens, either! Cotton sheets, fluffy American towels.

    And your book, along with about 30 other Paris-related titles- on our bookshelf!

    Info here (please forgive the roundabout URL, as well as this blatant apartment self-promotion, as I can’t find a private email address on your site):



  10. theparisapartment replied:

    your apartment is just amazing. i sent it to the client and we’ll see if they like it. who could resist TWO fireplaces and all the french books :p


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