they worked it

hi everyone and happy sunday nite! i just got a new toy (ok, book) and couldn’t contain myself. i had to share! it’s all about deco in france and the us. for me the 20’s and 30’s are like a dream…the women and the way they dressed, the elegance, the glamour! of course they would have inspired the most gorgeous backdrops!

they played the part to the tee, whether in illustration or the real deal

they dressed to the nines, ready at the drop of a hat to answer the door or dance the night away. both were important events

from simple bedrooms to grand department stores, the message of chic sophistication was the same. originality and innovation. it was a time for experimentation and excellence was rewarded as in this small article:

‘Paris awards Bonwit Teller for the ability ‘To Create the New so that it neither Reproduces not Adapts the Old, but Serves as a Creation of Beauty, Independent in Form, yet Unquestionable in Taste’

of course these are only a few of the tons of images in this wonderful book all about deco called Paris/New York, Design, Fashion, Culture.

having my idol, josephine baker on the cover was the pièce de résistance i couldn’t resist!

September 15, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Di Overton replied:

    Your are invited to spend a weekend, with me, traveling around my home in the beautiful Tyne Valley, Northumberland. Enjoy!


  2. My Mélange replied:

    Bonwit Teller….now there is name I haven’t heard in a while ;)


  3. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks di, i think i will! maybe we can spend a few days in paris? i’ll be there for a month oct 18-nov 20.
    melanine, didn’t you love bonwit teller? iused to go in philly with my mom. i still love the purple and green flowers…


  4. sd replied:

    Gorgeous, Thanks for sharing!


  5. Easy and Elegant Life replied:

    Whew… my book budget is strained with recent purchases, but this looks too good to be true.

    (Mrs.E. and I caught the Josephine Baker show at the National Portrait Gallery a couple of years ago. Great footage of some performances and wonderful book, too!)


  6. theparisapartment replied:

    oooh that sounds like a great show, i wonder if it’s still traveling?


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