i hate to admit it

admit that i’m watching lifetime television that is. still i can’t resist either shirley maclaine or anything about coco chanel. funny that there were so few films made about her. hope it’s good, it just started. let me know if you see it!

September 14, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Amy replied:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA – I missed it??!! Dang it! I’ll have to check if they’re airing it again so I can DVR it!


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    they’re playing it back to back!


  3. Yaya replied:

    Yes, I must say I marked it on my calendar. It has almost caused me to smoke again..(okay, so I smoked again).I really enjoyed it, being that I admire both ladys very much. I also must admitt that I am watching the second show while sipping my wine.

    I haven’t had Chanel No. 5 since the 1970’s, but I may purchase a bottle soon…and, today, while at Books-a-Million, I purchased Shirley’s latest book, “Sage-ing While Age-ing”….I also got “That Summer in Sicily’….So that is what I will be reading while in Greece the next several weeks.



  4. clarice replied:

    I really enjoyed it and learn more about coco that I did not know. Clarice


  5. Bonnie replied:

    I knew Coco Chanel was going to be a Paris Apartment Must See Movie! I enjoyed it very much. I really didn’t know all those details about her life. I loved seeing the old footage mixed in with the new and how they showed the people, places and things from days gone by. And did you see the beaus and chateaus?!? (That should be a show…) Her clothes, accessories and perfume are truly beautiful classics. Chanel No. 5 is still my favorite perfume.

    I tried to watch it twice, but fell asleep during the second show. I hope they repeat it again!


  6. Laura Ingalls Gunn replied:

    I haven’t watched it yet, but will later on this afternoon.


  7. theparisapartment replied:

    you guys are too funny watching it twice…ok i admit i started to too. but i didn’t smoke!
    i love that title of shirley’s book, i will definitely have to check that out. love the beaus and chateaux (sp) tv show, great idea, bonnie!


  8. betsy replied:

    I loved the show and I love Coco! But what was up with the young Coco with the French accent and the older Coco sounding as if she was from uppercrust Boston? That was strange but the story is a wonderful one and
    Shirley a goddess of talent.


  9. A replied:

    Oh I hated it. So so bad. If it was supposed to be a comedy then ok it was funny but it was just horrible for me being a seriously dedicated fan of Chanel herself.


  10. JUST COOL Design Blog replied:

    oh darn! did i miss that! anyone know if they will have a rerun and when, so i can catch it.
    btw LOVE your blog!


  11. theparisapartment replied:

    ok, it turned out to be a lifetime movie after all…we shouldn’t have had our hopes up but at least it was pretty!


  12. Bonnie replied:

    It’s on again now, Sunday night.


  13. Sally replied:

    I liked the movie but agree with the poster who was puzzled by the non-accent of the older Coco. I don’t think Shirley M. was the right choice for the role. Bad thing about Lifetime is the number of commercials. But I enjoyed the sets and costumes very much. It’s actually the first program in about five years I’ve made a point of watching.


  14. Ruth replied:

    I caught the ad for this movie while visiting and made a point of dropping by my father’s house to watch it (I don’t own a TV)Enjoyed the customs and will now look for a biography to read – Channel 5 was my mom’s favorite and my first expensive gift from a boyfriend (30 years ago,a quarter ounce perfume I think) I must definetly buy some again- brings back great memories


  15. chicluxe replied:

    I saw the movie on Lifetime. I think the costumes and sets were amazing. I think Barbora Bobulova did a great job as the young Coco. At first, the difference in accents was distracting, but I was so into the story I forgot about it. The movie made me want to learn more about Coco Chanel’s life.


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