stepping away from the keyboard

i think i just caught a.d.d. or o.c.d. or o.m.g!!!! i keep getting sucked into cyberspace and then wanting to post, mostly to say hello, (hi)! and also share the beauty that i can’t get over!

it starts so innocently, di from designers stops by me then i stop by her, and so on, and so on, and so on! you know how this story goes, before you know it, the day is slipping by. it’s 1:00 pm so i’m ok but am officially putting myself on lockdown. no more blogging! for a little while anyway :)

enjoy this place, it’s another of the locations you can rent in england for photo shoots. just dreamy. thank you, Di! now, FOCUS!

go visit them at air spaces…if you dare!

September 11, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. cybill replied:

    I do that too. I get lost in a world of images and before I know it the day is over. For me though, YOU are mainly to blame with all your fabulous posts and images! I adore the perfectly faded grandeur of that middle pic, I think I could sit at that table and write and draw forever.


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    WHAT! ME? a menace to society? ;p


  3. stljoie replied:

    you have done me a great disservice….now another place to explore and whhoooopps where did my day go?


  4. Joy replied:

    Seriously Claudia, you cannot leave me ‘cold turkey’ like that! Remember, everything in moderation – inclduding moderation itself!

    (LOVE this new website you’ve found)



  5. My Mélange replied:

    ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh my goodness ;)



  6. Wendy replied:

    Oh to be able to travel in Europe! These places are like a dream!


  7. Carolyn Green replied:

    I enjoyed my visit to your blog. So pretty.

    I am like you, not hard to sit down and look at all the pretty things and forget about time and what you are really meant to be doing!

    Like mundane things like hanging out the washing and
    doing dishes { sigh }

    Hugs Carolyn


  8. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    I’ve seen this place on Di’s blog .It is gorgeous


  9. Ingela replied:

    Mervilleux, I can’t get enough of your photos.
    Give me ideas I never even thought of…..Ingela


  10. JUST COOL Design Blog replied:

    do i love these spaces? YES! Why is it that worn and aged and imperfection feels so inviting!

    btw your blog has the bestest stuff ;)


  11. ...loveMaegan replied:

    it’s just so fabulous. I am loving design finally moving in a less structural/modern way to more romance .. ….I too find myself sucked into cyberville. today especially


  12. Marilyn replied:

    Your site is gorgeous! I love how you put all the images together for airspace 3. What program did you use? I’m trying to find a good collage feature for photo editing.


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