girls plan, god laughs

oh what a day! not one thing on my to do list was done but plenty more instead. today turned out to be all biz, me running around for my guy everywhere from wolfgang puck’s to the chateau again. tomorrow we’re bringing them samples of his gourmet goodies. it could be a great ‘reason’ for me to come out here again, this time for a month. i’m thinking september or november. for me la is one of those cities that i can’t get enough of. it’s like another planet cause i have no knowledge of it at all, the hoods, the game…i’m just a fool for the beautiful architecture, and the resources! all surrounded by mountains with tiny passages in the hills we were silly enough to explore to the top! (boy did we get stuck)!

i haven’t been taking pics cause my camera is blurring out and it was becoming a real issue, (or should i say obsession), so i put it away for awhile. (hence the above are the only shots i got, can you believe)? truth is there’s something amazing on every corner and not shooting it is killing me!

August 27, 2008. Architecture, Los Angeles.


  1. Belowen replied:

    Ahh, seems so wonderful. Everything is making me want to go on vacation lately!


  2. Joy replied:

    I fell in love with Cali during my first visit 4 years ago. There is something inexplicable about that place. Something that sets it apart oorm the entire rest of the U.S. Can’t exactly put my finger on it but it has me under it’s spell….



  3. theparisapartment replied:

    that’s the perfect way to put it, the spell was cast and i’m under it too! at least we’re together, any chance of a blogger’s convention here? haha


  4. My Mélange replied:

    Oh, but as long as you are appreciating it with your naked eye…thats what counts ;)


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