good morning starshine

that is to say good am to you my dear and wonderful blogging friends/family! today like so many others i woke up feeling better because of you and just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for always being there, supporting me, just being a friend. if you EVER need anything i’ll be there for you too, i promise! and i can be a real pitbull! ;p

well now that i’ve had my little tizzy it’s back to enjoying the trip. NOTE: I took down the post that this one is referring to). again on our way to the airport we had a change of heart and stayed on longer under the premise of business. the idea was that we could visit some chefs for jw (for me it’s a great way check out all hotels and restaurants)!

we’re staying at the infamous sunset tower hotel, which has some fond memories for me, one of the best being that i met the talented cathy delgado of vintage weave. do you know of her store? it’s incredible and so is she! when we met a couple years ago, she was considering changing careers. since then she’s opened a store, creates gifts and goodie bags for hollywood events and bought an apartment in paris! she’s one of my idols and i hope to surprise her in the next few days.

for sunday brunch we went to the legendary and ethereal chateau marmont, (we can see it out our window)!

it’s yet another castle with charm and crazy history. it’s just as fab as you would imagine, full of tales of hollywood mayhem. check out their silly and adorable video:

chateau marmont video

taking pics is way verbotten apparently, guess with it being LA and all, no one needs to worry about paps at a place to chill like this! but i got a couple, you know me…

as a hotel junkie i’m fascinated by these old places, the decor, the architecture, details, dramas. when i was looking for a pic just now i found this link with so many tempting terraces…i’m thinking about spending a month out here working with jw which would mean going to ALL these places talking tea and truffles. a departure but way fun!

so again, TY and no, i won’t give up, and will let you know what happens when i stop by the store i tripped out about yesterday! xoc

August 25, 2008. Hotels, Los Angeles.


  1. Country French Antiques replied:

    Sounds like you are having a great time! Love all your photos and I can’t believe you met Kathy!!!
    I would love to meet her someday and you too!
    Wish I was there !!!


  2. Alison Wallace replied:

    If you looking for a reference for paris hotels you can visit my website where I also includes great restaurants.


  3. Di Overton replied:

    Someone ripped off my designs when I was a knitwear designer. I was furious and spent a fortune stopping them. Now I just take things like that in my stride and see imitation as a form of flattery – it’s much better for your heart :)


  4. Joy replied:

    Your ‘hotel junkie’ status still makes me think you could take one over and totally give it the Paris Apartment treatment…a girl can dream, huh?… ;)



  5. Ann replied:

    Cool photos. The ‘Good Morning Starshine’ phrase reminded me of my maternal grandmother, she’s so sweet.


  6. theparisapartment replied:

    i’d love to give the cm a makeover, hey you never can tell!!


  7. Villa Anna replied:

    I stayed in the Chateau Marmont once, on Oscar night of all nights. It was so much fun watching the movie stars partying around the pool from my bungalow balcony.

    Anna :)


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