can we talk?

i need a shoulder. hi alll. i have to interrupt this whirlwind trip through the state of endless charm for a moment of paralyzing reality. those of you who know me, may remember our ‘dollhouse’ wallpaper from the AD show and the dollhouse furniture shoots from awhile ago. well blogs can be dangerous if you give up too much info and now someone else is doing ME better than ME! i’m feeling guilty for taking time off when i should be working on this, it was obviously a great idea and someone else is running with it! via

not that it’s not the cutest thing in the WORLD, but…

i get too excited with new ideas and i can’t help but blog, but maybe it’s not good thing to put it all out there all the time just. truth is that it makes a girl want to just give up. i won’t but thanks for letting me vent.

and to think we almost went to burning man, now who has time?…i’m suddenly back in work mode! honestly thank you for listening, i sound like sour grapes even to myself but it’s a real wakeup call. all the projects we all have can be picked telepathically or otherwise up by someone else. the time is now!

August 23, 2008. Design Show, illustration, Living.


  1. I Doll You replied:

    I am so sorry you’re feeling disappointed and sad. Hey, it happens to all the best designers out there. I think that all people who create have to deal with the risk of imitation and blatant copying. I may not be making you feel better with what I am saying, but I know it sucks when someone takes credit for our ideas. You came up with it first, which means, they’re the mediocre ones. Also, if you came up with an idea that was worthy of being copied, it means you will probably come up with many, many more.

    Lots of support,


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    hi carolina, that does make me feel better. and you’re right, there are plenty more ideas where that came from, so thank you very much for talking me off the ledge in a very indulgent posting!


  3. Chic and Charming replied:

    Sorry darling! This is one of the perils of the internet :( I hate it when I post an excellent idea online, only to see it copied a short time later.


  4. josephine replied:

    don’t know if this will help, but i say you should carry on with your original idea. i sincerely believe if you put your heart into your work, it will stand out among all the imitators because your heart will give your work a unique voice. it will also be appreciated more by your audience.


  5. colleen replied:

    I agree with Josephine. I see my ideas all the times in magazines even years later, but the thing is, I may have picked it up somewhere without realizing it. I was just written up for using old frogs to hold pictures and I am not sure I thought that up on my own. If you do your thing with passion your own way I know it will go over well.


  6. zelda replied:

    When I was working in france I use to creat collections wish I was trying to present a exhibitions such as “maison et objects” at that time it was only (the moving) the next season all my ideas were all over the place hold by business oriented companies ,,, and I had to bear the costly prototype and no real incomes . we were their as a ‘faire valoir ‘ for the exhibition … the young talented designers , Paris capitale de la creation … bla bla bla ….. you know what ? “ why buying the cow when the milk is for free !?
    Being recognized is not about your creativity , is about who you know, and how manipulative you can be to use any opportunity .
    Creating is a wonderful and blessing talent that you have , enjoy it as long as you can , because at the end of the day , when you are a copi-past fraud designer , it will appear to the world faster then you think and at a extreme bad time ….
    There is justice after all …..
    By the way I love your blog it’s so so refreshing


  7. Joy replied:

    I love your joie de vivre when you share your enthusiasm for new ideas but hate it when you are so obviously copied. You can’t beat the original – no one can ever do ‘you’ better than YOU! That is for sure.


  8. a. replied:

    Oh I hate when that happens and I tend to hold back as well sometimes with ideas I may have for copycat reasons but what can you do? It’s a big world.

    There are so many blogs and sites out there now, there is no escaping it. It’s tough when people tell you that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery because it doesn’t always appear that way!

    I also agree with Josephine – your take on it will have “Claudia” all over it which I think is very unique. Don’t give up!!!


  9. theparisapartment replied:

    ugh! not that it makes it better that it happened to you but i appreciate your stories and encouragement. guess we all have to deal with it. but wait till you see what i found out today, way bigger and more dangerous! more on that soon. thank you friends! xoxo


  10. Amy replied:

    hey momma! how rude! big booty-faced stealer-people! You can always email me and bounce thoughts and ideas off of me – who am I going to tell…..the dog? LOL (then again, after those Bush’s Beans commercials with that talking Golden…maybe you can’t trust the dog, either.)

    I’m just getting caught up with my favourite peeps. I missed you!!


  11. Charlie replied:

    I totally get what everyone is saying but it really ticks me off anyway! For whatever it is worth..YOURS IS SO MUCH BETTER! To the point that six months later the husband and I are still having discussions about your work from that exhibition!


  12. Carol Rochon replied:

    Yah know, everything everyone is saying here is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!!!! I have a confession. When I was first starting out I was a copycat. I would look at what everyone else was doing and try to do it too. But it wasn’t because I thought I was stealing. I just loved what other people were doing and wanted to be like they were. Part of it was because I was so insecure about my abilities. I doubted myself so I naturally thought if I looked like everyone else I would be excepted. As I became more and more comfortable I became more and more bored. It wasn’t until I took a risk and did something outside of my comfort zone that I became truly excited! It was a challenge and guess what…..people ate it up. Soon people were copying me. At first I was upset. I became incensed that people would take my hard thought out ideas and try to make them their own. But I realized that although it made me feel bad at the time it truly was the ultimate compliment. And with the confidence of my abilities growing everyday I knew that I would evolve. They could never keep up with me. Yah, it hurts when an idea you came up with is stolen (especially when it means they are taking money out of your pocket)but Claudia you need to go ahead and do it anyway!!! Because I gaurantee they cannot possibly do it as good as you. They copied it from your posts or maybe they saw you at the show. Their product can never compete with yours. Because you will naturally make it even better. It will evolve and be even more beautiful. This is just a bump in the journey of life. It will be o.k. and it will make you even stronger! I promise.



  13. Carol Rochon replied:

    Just a footnote. I accidently found the blog that was touting the work of the architect that had copied your idea. I left a comment on the post saying very kindly that the idea this artist was putting out their as his own was in reality yours and what a shame this was. I promise, it wasn’t a go for the jugular kind of comment. Very tasteful and simply stated. She removed the comment within minutes of me leaving it!!!! Makes yah wonder why….I’m guessing others have perhaps left comments too. Too bad she feels the need to protect her story at the expense of true journalism. I suppose it doesn’t make a nice story though.



  14. Villa Anna replied:

    Claudia, I confess I too have blogged about this architect/designer and this salon as I was excited about it being built near my home. I noticed it had great similarities to your AD booth but I stupidly didn’t realise it was your original idea.

    Anna xx


  15. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage replied:

    How very, very sad. I’m catching up and I see that your lucite bench has been copied too! That’s horrible!!!!!!

    You know, the internet is wonderful because we can finally show our creative works without needing to know the “right people”.

    The downside is that there’s a whole strata of individuals that think if it’s out there on the internet than it’s free! It happens with people’s words, people’s photographs, people’s ideas… ethics don’t seem to exist anymore.

    I am so very sorry that it has happened to you.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage


  16. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Hi Claudia , I’m sad by reading this post …BUT don’t give it up !!
    Internet has a good and bad side …


  17. Kavin replied:

    What’s up i am kavin, it’s my first occasion to comment anywhere!


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