who would live here?


it’s like a utopian paradise. this place is like a dream! it’s all so manicured and pristine it’s almost surreal. it’s been a couple more whirlwind days from yountsville to healdsburg, bouchon to dry creek to cyrus! it’s amazing cause everywhere you look there’s something else to do or see (come on, a hand fan museum)? and they’re dancing in the streets here on tuesday nights with reckless abandon. you just don’t see that everywhere…or anywhere i’ve ever been!

right now i have a facial (the first in years) so i have to go but just wanted to say hi! links and more pics to come!!




this just in: $1 vintage perfume labels at the corner antique store. i got you one!

August 20, 2008. California, Travel.


  1. Milda replied:

    I feel like everywhere you go you are surrounded by the most amazing light! you are making me excited for my trip to Italy….enjoy the rest of your Cali trip!


  2. My Mélange replied:

    Love that dessert. Like to share?


  3. brokencycle replied:

    Living in the Healdsburg area is a dream! I am glad you liked it? I hope you did anyway! Nice blog!


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