thanks for the memories

i just wanted to thank you, you were all so helpful giving me suggestions for my cali trip. (it got pushed back two days, just as i suspected it would…)

i compiled everything here so we can follow the trip you designed. hope there’s time for everything, i had to abbreviate it as it is. so here’s what i hope to fit in to our currently scheduled itinerary:

]osephine said:

if you and your man are into food, (we are), try point reyes and cheese at cowgirl creamery

hmm, ok why not?

Kathryn suggested:

The new Ferry Building is wonderful – so much fun to walk through, and you could stop in at the

Slanted Door for lunch

Go past the Golden Gate Bridge, up to the Marin headlands for view you soon won’t forget.

A mud bath in Calistoga

Linda said:

I ate at the Alice Water’s restaurant in Berkely. It was wonderful. looks it


Love Napa as well and had a great meal at Mustard’s many years ago. omg

Discovered Cakebread wines in Napa and love their wine.

kayellen said
Just coming back from Laguna Beach…I would have to say it’s one of my favorite destinations…So many artists in the city!

colleen replied:

I live in Santa Cruz, but I love to go up to Rutheford (Napa Valley) to Auberge de Soliel, (i have a feeling this is gonna be good)

sit on the deck at sunset and have a few cocktails.

stop by Chateau Sonoma

and then have a bite outside at The Girl and the Fig.

Of course you are most welcome to stop by my shop if you make it to our sunny beach town. yes of course, where is it?

this just in from colleen, a definite must

I live in the redwoods! Search it in

Bonnie suggested:

go to Carmel. I’m sure you’d love it with all the “fairy tale cottage homes” art galleries, quaint shops,

and great little restaurants.

You can take a stroll on the beach too. Another beach, yay!

If you really want to dazzle your eyes, take a day and see William Randolf Hearst’s Castle!

these were some of the early guests. i can only imagine the raucous days and nights this place has seen!

Lionel and John Barrymore
Charlie Chaplin
Gary Cooper
Joan Crawford
Dolores del Rio
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Greta Garbo
Cary Grant
Jean Harlow
Buster Keaton
Carole Lombard
Errol Flynn

David Niven
Norma Shearer
Barbara Stanwyck
Clark Gable

ok well that about does it, i have 4 hours to get some shut eye and get to the real thing! good nite!

August 15, 2008. Blogroll, California, Friends, Life, Living, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Travel.


  1. clarice replied:

    Oh yes you have to go to both Napa and Carmel, I miss it all soo much !!! Clarice


  2. colleen replied:

    omg you found the best pictures of these places! I have not even seen these views. Sorry I did not leave my shop info, I did not want to be presumptuous. In mid-town santa cruz at 910B Soquel Ave. 831-462-4506. Have a great trip!


  3. theparisapartment replied:

    hi colleen, thanks! i can’t wait to visit your shop, definitely tomorrow or sunday, will you be there?


  4. Scheharazade replied:


    wow these pictures are so beautiful… I wonder to go in travel …


  5. colleen replied:

    Hi Claudia, oh, darn it! I was open on Saturday but closed and working on antiques all day Sunday. I’m so sorry I missed you and hope you enjoyed the area. Maybe you’ll stop by on the way up from Carmel, I’ll be in all week. Can’t wait to see more great pics!


  6. Fifi Flowers replied:

    Your trip looks marvelous! Great photos!


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