on a clear day

made it! virtual reality in a tube and presto, it’s an alternate universe. i have to make this quick cause he’ll arrive any sec. he told me a car would pick me up and take me to the hampton inn, that the best one was in SF. i thought ok, we’ll spluge on wine! imagine my surprise when it was really the mandarin oriental and i bought it!

the view is spectacular, even a partial golden gate is something glorious! well he sure wants to impress me this trip. it’s awfully sweet, but why?

August 15, 2008. Hotels, San Francisco, Travel.


  1. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage replied:

    The Mandarin Oriental is definitely a wonderful surprise! I’ll bet you’re having the time of your life. We put out the warmer weather for you in the city so you can enjoy those views. ;)



  2. Carolyn replied:

    SHUT UP you’re in SF?? i was just there!! i hope the weather is gorgeous for you as well. oh and if you get a chance, check out this little boutique STUMASA (http://www.stumasa.com/). i think you’ll adore it.


  3. Gemma replied:

    Guess what?
    I will be shooting in SF the week of 8/25.
    It continues to be a small world after all.
    Hope you are enjoying my third favorite city in the world.



  4. cybill replied:

    That sounds just wonderful, what an amazing view. It also sounds like your partner may have some ‘other plans’ – keep us posted!


  5. clarice replied:

    I was born in S F. It is a special city. Clarice


  6. Charlie replied:

    How fun!San Francisco is one of my favorite cities! Have a great time!


  7. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks guys! i doubt that anything ‘special’ will happen but we’re having fun…last night, (and even now)the view is gone and we are covered in fog. it’s completely white out there!


  8. rochambeau replied:

    I say Mr. Supersweet is up to something!
    But what do I know?
    Enjoy every minute!



  9. rochambeau replied:

    Ps. I grew up in San Francisco. My Mom and I were born in the same hospital. Her mom moved there from Norway when she was 15 yrs. I’m part San Franciscan, this place had the biggest impact on the person I am today. So when we meet, now you’ll know. San Francisco and New Orleans live in my soul.



  10. My Mélange replied:

    I’d kill for that view :)


  11. Joy replied:

    WHY NOT I say!!!

    p.s. Can you please look for my heart – I think I left it there in May. :)



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