the sound of silents

garbo talks! was the 1930’s headline just after this film, ‘the kiss’. it was her last silent and she speaks volumes without saying a word.

i’ve never been into silent films but turner ran some last week and i recorded them with the dvr (love that feature)!

not only did it have some sumptuous apartment scenes

(and some sad ones at that),

it also had classic shots of her with powder puff at the vanity, which is a great cherry for the ‘boudoir noir’ book!

so as with charle chap’s silents i discovered last week, here’s another a whole new collection to explore! with titles like the temptress, flesh and the devil, love, a woman of affairs, the single standard, wild can you resist?

silence is great in any language!

August 10, 2008. 1920's, 1930's, Deco, Films.


  1. sonia roselli replied:

    How funny you post this! I just watched a lot of Garbo’s movies just this week as TCM had a whole day of Garbo.

    I thought about you a lot! I just watched the Divine Woman last night actually! HE HE!


  2. livinglocurto replied:

    I love those movie posters! Classic. I wanted to stop by and say hi! Have a wonderful vacation!

    Your lil designer friend,
    Amy in Texas


  3. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage replied:

    Don’t you just love the sets? WOW! And her dresses… her hair… all divine!!!



  4. Paul replied:

    I love vintage poster art!
    Nicely put together, Claudia.


  5. Ana Carini replied:

    Hi there!
    I am here to introduce myself. I am new to the Blog community and would like to meet new people. Your blog attracts me, so I posted a link on my site. Stop by and say hi sometime~


  6. stljoie replied:

    My father used to say he didn’t know what was so special about her…I don’t know what his problem was.


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