i know you know gemma

her photos are in a post from last week. we‘met’ when i discovered her blog recently. basically we fell in love and can’t wait to do a project together, hopefully in october.


below is her latest book and i just wanted to say thank you for sending it and share a little more gemma gems with you!

i have no idea if she has the time, but if you live in nyc, invest in an afternoon with her to shoot your apartment, she is amazing and can make anything look magical! she shoots for anthropologie, gemma can i say that??!

August 8, 2008. Books, Decorating, Design, Friends.


  1. Paul replied:

    I really love the shot of the bedroom. That staircase & shadows is magic!


  2. Belowen replied:

    That first picture is just beautiful. Definately my style, I love it! Thankyou for sharing Gemma’s work! <33


  3. Country French Antiques replied:

    Love the bed shot!
    I’ll be sure and visit.
    Have a great day!


  4. My Mélange replied:

    Another great link from you mon amie :)

    Will have to check her out. Will be in NYC next Friday. Maybe…..


  5. The Lil Bee replied:

    These are so so pretty. I could live in that top room forever. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a good trip to Cali!


  6. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    I love her pictures !!!!


  7. franki durbin replied:

    she’s definitely got a great eye. Those first two images are dreamy!


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