do you know lynn?

instead of listing all the additional 14 blogs i’ve got in store, it may be easier to do them one at a time, so it’s not so overwhelming. for you OR me!

maybe i’m the last to see it but i love this book by tim walker

i found this and so much more through my friend lynn of paris hotel boutique

i haven’t really had a chance to spend time on her blog but had the pleasure of meeting her in her home in san fran a couple years back. when i went today i was blown away by her stacks of stuff! her house is amazing too…i’ll get pics of that later. a bungalow in cali to do die for!

this is the kind of cool stuff she finds. early hotel engineering. who would have thought it could be so glam?

going to her site and blog was so uplifting! she specializes in old hotel ephemera, a fascinating and endless hobby and what makes for great collecting! lucky for us she sells this stuff too!

more on her to come!

August 5, 2008. Blogroll, Books, California, Deco, Designers, Fashion, Hotels, San Francisco.


  1. a. replied:

    Love Lynn’s site and blog! I was so excited that she posted Tim Walker’s book because he is one of my favorites. I ordered the book on the spot.

    Hope you are well – I’ve been reading :-)


  2. My Mélange replied:

    Lovely, lovely!!!! I love hotel silver…and is that a Laduree box smiling at me in that photo ;) Love them…and their logo!!

    And thanks for the link….have to go check it out :)


  3. The Lil Bee replied:

    Obsessed with Tim Walker. And those chairs are amazing! I am in love.


  4. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    I love her blog ! And I think Hotel antiques is such a great ideas !!!


  5. Lynn replied:

    Miss C., did you get my e-mail thanking you for this AMAZING post? I have you in Google Reader and saw “Lynn” in the title and thought, “oh funny, someone with my name…”Was I surprised to see it was me! I’m touched Claudia. thanks so much!


  6. Elham replied:

    hi dear Claudia
    i discovered ur blog today and found very much interesting that i couldnt close te window. i scrolled it up and down many times and really enjoyed the nice photos :) u ve a nice house too :) let me wish u all the best. i m graphic designer. i ll be happy to keep in touch


  7. Miss B. replied:

    I love, love, love all of this! Those chairs are smashing and photo’s to die for. Thank you for the post!


  8. Lisa & Alfie replied:

    Hey Claudia,
    Actually, I do know Lynn! Which reminds me I need to email her as I haven’t seen her since I had to move my store from SF to Pacifica. She is adorable inside and out and so is her puppy. He and Alfie like to tussle! Glad you are spreading the love. She has hands down the best website.
    Lisa & Alfie


  9. Passementerie replied:

    Oh how delicious! I adore the chairs upholstered in sacking (and the silver of course, inevitably).


  10. calamity kim replied:

    I can only dream of owning Tim Walker’s book someday! It looks gorgeous! I shred a link to your blog today- stop by and see me if you have time. I am working on the award you so nicely bestowed upon me. I am late as usual but plan to get it finished this week- I need to think on it some more- my grandbabies and company just left town and I have been busy busy! The canoe trip looked fun and don’t fret over the construction- it always seems lots worse than it is- it may even improve the area-and there may even be some cute construction workers too- ya never know!


  11. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall replied:

    I did NOT know about this blog, but now I am adding it to my favorites. Thanks for introducing me! This pictures are just lovely, I am dying for those chairs!!!


  12. Liza Cowan replied:

    wow. thanks for the photos and the link. totally cool and fun.


  13. Myrna replied:

    I came across your blog by accident as I am a new computer user. I am a passionate fan of French decor and love your site.

    I am looking for a site I found about 3 weeks ago with picture of various Paris appartments, lovely written comments, poems etc. Can you help me find it again. It may have been picture from a book? I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I want to know where the pictures came from – was it a specific book. I looked at the pictures for hours the night before I left on a vacation. I cann’t find it now. Please help me find it again. Thank you for any assistance you can give me.

    I will visit your site regularly to see what wonderful things you have to share. Thank you for sharing. Myrna


  14. Fabulous Finds Gal replied:

    Oh, how sweet of you Claudia to spread the LOVE. Lynn’s blog and website are eye candy to enjoy! My Mom actually just got Tim Walkers LARGE book and it is TO DIE FOR. Lot of O.M.G. moments. Worth every penny.


  15. Olga Granda-Scott replied:

    Love you both Claudia and Lynn. Thank you for working so hard on your blogs!


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  17. Thank you! | Thank you! boutique | Thank you! > | Boutique Style | Fashion Boutique | Boutique Styles replied:

    […] wanted to give special thanks to my friend Claudia at The Paris Apartment for doing such a wonderful post about my blog and website. As many of you know, Claudia wrote the book, The Paris Apartment. She […]


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